How to Capture Screenshots in Chrome and Firefox's Private Tabs on Android

Do you know how to Take Screenshots in Chrome and Firefox’s Incognito Tabs on Android? Because of privacy Firefox and Chrome browser are not allowed any to take or capture screenshots in private tabs on Android. However, both web browsers allow users to lift the restriction in case they wish. In this article, you will learn how to take screenshots by enabling the Incognito Screenshot flag in these web browser’s incognito tabs on Android devices.

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Why You Need to Taking Screenshots in Incognito Tabs on Android

A private tabs’ reason is to keep your web browsing sessions private. In case you or someone else can capture a screenshot of these Incognito tabs, your session is no longer private-which defeats the purpose of incognito tabs.

However, there are times once you will want to take these private tabs. Both Firefox and Chrome browsers let you capture screenshots of a private or incognito browsing tab after you have to turn it on the feature to do so.

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How to Capture Screenshots in Chrom’s Incognito Tab on Android

You will not find the option to capture screenshots in private tabs in the Chrome settings menu on Android. But it is located in the flags menu and the flags menu has the entire of Chrome’s experimental options, and the one you are going to enable is still experimental. However, that is not to say that the option does not apply or feature crashes. According to my experience, it worked fine as per the below guidelines:

  • Tap on the Chrome browser to open on your Android smartphone to enable this feature
  • Tap on the address bar once Chrome open
  • Type the chrome://flags text and hit the Enter key
  • Then Chrome’s flags screen will navigate. Tap on the search box on this screen at the top
  • Type the Incognito Screenshot command
  • In the search results, the Incognito Screenshot option will at the top.
  • Tap on the Drop-down menu beneath the Incognito Screenshot option
  • Select the Enabled option from the pop up once appear
  • Chrome web browser will ask you to relaunch the browser to apply the changes into effect. Just tap on the Relaunch blue button in the bottom-right side corner of your display screen to restart the Chrome web browser.

Open Chrome and go to Chrome FlagsEnable the Incognito Screenshot flag

Chrome browser will no longer restrict you from taking screenshots in your private or incognito tabs.

Take Screenshot of Incognito tab

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Disable Take Screenshots In Chrome’s Incognito Tab On Android

When you change your mind or any other reason to stop capturing screenshots in private’s tab on Android. Let’s show you how to restrict and disable the incognito screenshot flag back. Here are the following steps:

  • Go to your Chrome browser on your Android phone
  • Type and enter the chrome://flags command in the address bar
  • Select the chrome://flags from the results or just hit the enter key
  • Now tap on the Drop-down menu beneath the Incognito Screenshot flag
  • Select the disabled or default option from the pop-up once appear
  • Then tap on the Reluch button at the bottom of your Chrome browser to make the changes in effect.
  • After that, you will unable to take screenshot in Chrome’s private tab on the Android device

Disable or Default the Incognito Screenshot option in Chrome

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How to Take Screenshots in Firefox’s Private Tabs on Android

If you want to capture screenshots in Firefox’s incognito tabs on Android. Firefox lets you enable this feature and it is available in its normal settings window (Not like Chrome). Here are these steps to follow:

  • First, tap on the Firefox browser on your Android device to open it and to enable this option
  • Tap on the three dots or menu option from the top right corner of your screen once the Firefox navigate
  • Now tap on the Settings option from the menu
  • Scroll down and tap on the Private browsing from the settings
  • Tap on Toggle on the Allow screenshot in the private browsings option
  • You can now capture screenshots in Firefox’s incognito tabs

Go Privacy Browsing via Firefox Normal SettingsTap to Turn on Toggle Next to Allow Screenshots in Private browsing

Capturing screenshots on an Android smartphone was already easy and simple, but now, you can take screenshots by tapping the back of your smartphone device. In case you want to take many more screenshots, this might be a convenient tricky way for you.

Disable the Take Screenshots in Firefox’s Incognito Tab on Android

You can disable or turn it off option to capture screenshots in Firefox’s private tab on Android. It is very simple just visit browser normal settings in the following steps:

  • Open Firefox web browser on your mobile phone
  • Select the three-dots or menu from the bottom right corner of your screen
  • Tap on the Settings option from the menu
  • Now tap on the Private browsing from the settings
  • Select the toggle off the Allow screenshot in the private browsings option
  • Finally, tap on the Relaunch blue button at the bottom right side to apply changes to your web browser

Disable or Default Screenshot in Private browsing in Firefox browser

In the end of the given steps you will be able to enable and disable to take screenshots in Chrome and Firefox’s private tab on Android devices.

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