How To Capture A Visitor’s Attention In 8 Seconds Or Less –

Extensive studies show that the average visitor to a website stays approximately less than eight seconds. Yes, seconds! Crazy, isn’t it? With the fast paced speed of the internet these days and the sheer amount of web pages available to the public, people have evolved to eight second snap judgments of sites. That means that you have to make sure that the reader understands what you’re doing on this website and what you want them to know in a fraction of a minute.

However, all is not lost, don’t despair! We’ll cover the basics in how to capture a visitor in eight seconds or less, and keep them coming back for more.


Keep it Snappy!

Grab your visitor’s attention by illustrating exactly what you want them to know in a short, but informative snapshot. Show them quickly exactly what you want them to stay for. Come up with a punchy, but effective, quip about your company or products that will draw in your consumer base and make them want to stick around for a while. If you have something you want them to click on and check out, make sure it’s at the top of the page.

Your Website Must Load Quickly (and Reliably)

Capturing someone’s interest in less than eight seconds means that your page should load quicker than eight seconds. A slow loading page is a very quick turn off to many who come by. So, if you’re worried about how quickly your page is loading, try resizing any pictures you may have on your site so that they don’t slow down the process. Gifs are also on the list of things that can slow it down, so try to minimize them to quick files that don’t take up too much space, if you use them at all. If you’re looking for other ways to optimize your site loading time, here are some tips and tricks.

In order for your site to load correctly though, make sure that your site will load at all, and exactly when you want it to – which is immediately. You need to make sure that your host is reliable. If your site is down, visitors will associate that with the company being unreliable or may simply forget the site exists and will move elsewhere to find what they need. Make sure you have a host that will actually ensure your reliability in eight seconds or less. This site gives a comparison of several different hosts so you can make sure that you have one that will suit your needs.

Make it Pretty

Okay, so that’s a funny way of putting it, but it’s proven to work. If your web page design is visually attractive, people are more likely to stick around. Landing pages are actually quite useful for this, as they offer you a simple page to display an idea in an aesthetically pleasing way, while offering more information beyond the cut. However, if you do decide to make a landing page, make sure it matches the rest of your website. If it feels completely different it can leave the visitor feeling a bit discombobulated, unsure if they clicked the right link or if they were redirected somewhere else they did not want to go. For some great examples, have a look at designrfix’s article on website design.

Make it Easy to Read

People prefer their information in short, easy to consume blurbs now rather than a monster of text. Try eye-catching headlines that lead to longer articles where they can “read more” if they so desire. It makes it easier for users to scroll down and see what else they might like about your page. Try bullet points on the front page, concise and to the point, making sure your audience knows precisely what you and your business want to convey.

Line breaks are also helpful – people like white space, it helps them absorb what they’ve just read. See what I did there?

People Like Statistics and Safety

Not the dry, bland kind. Colorful charts, percentages, things that make them feel safe, like they’re making the right decision. Well over 80% of general users want to know that whatever they’re buying or looking at has a guarantee of being trusted. Therefore, while they’re looking, make them feel at ease by letting them know that this is a trustworthy organization. Customer reviews, testimonials, and even security logos, can help people feel better about your business while browsing your site. It is a much better alternate to them being unsure about the business, especially if it is a new one they haven’t heard of before.

Make Sure the Phones and Tablets Can Handle It!

Optimizing your site so that it is compatible with most smart phones and tablets is one of the best moves you’ll make. You’re trying to grab up their attention regardless of where they’re logging in from, so make sure that your site loads quickly and reliably on other platforms than simply just the desktop versions. Since smart phones and tablets are on the rise, it’s best to keep yourself and your site safe by having a responsive design that they can easily navigate via their tablet or phone without confusion or frustration.

That’s All it Takes!

By using these fundamental rules, you too will be able to create one of the few sites that keep people hanging around for more than simply eight seconds! Do you plan on using these techniques for your site? Tell us about it in the comment section!

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