How to Add Someone to Facebook Messenger

Do you know how to add someone or anyone to Facebook Messenger? Do you how to add friends to Facebook Messenger? You do not even have to be FB friends first. Facebook Messenger is one of the famous messaging platforms around the world, and it is the best free messaging app to get in contact with friends and family fast. Users can send text, voice messages, photos, videos, and make audio, videos call with other people. In this article, you will learn about adding people to the Messenger app that can be confusing, especially for those users who are not already Facebook friends.

Let’s show how to add anyone or someone to Messenger in different five ways. Here you will learn the different ways or methods to add anyone or people on Messenger.

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Method # 1 You’re Already Friends on Facebook

The very firststep is to add friends automatically to the Messenger app of Facebook Friends.Whenever you log in to your Messenger with your Facebook account credentials andyou want to start chatting with a Facebook friend in Messenger in the followingsteps:

  1. Tap to open Messenger App on your Android or iOS device
  2. Open a Chat from the Chat Screen
  3. Then tap on the Compose Message icon on the chat screen (Pencil icon on Android and Square icon with a pencil in iOS apps)
  4. Now Select or Type a contact’s name to open chat
  5. Write your message in the text at the bottom
  6. Finally, tap on the Send icon

Add Someone you’re Already Friends on Facebook

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Method # 2 Youare Not Facebook Friends, But They Use Messenger

In this way,you will add those people not friends on Facebook but both of you usingMessenger. So you can exchange username links to start a conversation onMessenger with each other. Let’s followthe step to send your username link:

  1. Open your Messenger App
  2. Tap on your Profile Photo
  3. Go to the Username link and tap on it
  4. Then tap on the Share Link option from the list of the options that display to you on iOS or iPhone or Copy Link option on Android device
  5. Now select the way to you want to share your Username link (email, text, etc)
  6. Then send to the Person you want to add on your Messenger
  7. When the Recipient click on your Username link then his Messenger app will navigate with you user list & the can add you quickly
  8. After that, the recipient would then select Add on Messenger
  9. Finally, you will receive a Connection request to add them back

Add Someone You are Not Facebook Friends, But They Use Messenger

Method # 3They’re Stored in Your Device’s Contacts

You will needto sync your phone contacts list with Messenger to start the conversation withthem in the app. In this you will enable to Contact Uploading in Messenger appin the following few steps:

  1. Open your Messenger App
  2. Tap on the Profile photo
  3. Select People option
  4. Then tap on the Upload Contacts option to enable continuous uploading of your phone contacts

They're Stored in Your Device's Contacts and upload to Facebook Messenger

Method # 4 You KnowTheir Phone Number

If you don’t wantto sync all your contacts with Messenger app or you have anyone’s phone numberor mobile number is note down. But they are saved in your device address orphone book; you can add them to Messenger app with their phone number in thefollowing steps:

  1. Open your Messenger app
  2. Go the Chats
  3. Tap on the People option in the bottom menu
  4. On the next screen tap on the Add People option at the upper right side of the screen
  5. Next, tap on the Add option or Plus sign
  6. Tap Enter Phone Number when prompted on your screen on iOS device
  7. Now type your Mobile number or Phone Number and tap on the Save option iPhone or Add Contact option on Android. It will show you the corresponding Messenger user listing if Messenger detects one from the Mobile number you entered
  8. Select the Add on Messenger option to add them

Add Someone to Facebook Messenger You Know Their Phone Number

Method # 5 Meet Upin Person

If you meet up aperson face to face and want to add each other on the Messenger app. Then youcan use one of the above steps to add on Messenger. But you can take advantageof the Facebook Messenger’s user code function which makes it easy for you toadd friends very quickly and easily.

  1. Tap to open your Messenger app on your iOS and Android device
  2. Go to your Profile by tapping on Profile Photo at the top left side
  3. You will see User code with unique blue underline and dots that encircle your profile photo
  4. Ask your friend to Open Messenger and open to the People tab
  5. Have you friend select the Add option or Plus sign from the top right and followed by the Scan Code option
  6. Tell your friend to Open and Hold their camera over your device with your user code opens automatically scan
  7. Add you to Messenger app
  8. Then you will receive a Connection request to add them back

Add Someone to Facebook Messenger with User Scan Code

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