How to Add Channels to Your Roku Device on App & Website

Add Channels Roku Device web App

You can add channels to your Roku device in three ways from the device or Roku’s app or website. Adding channels to a Roku online streaming TV device is very fast and easy. You can add channels from Roku online channel store, app, or from the Roku device by yourself. Paid and free channels can add by using the same process. But paid channels only need an additional step (paying).

How to add Channel to Your Roku Device in Multiple Ways

It is very easy to add a new channel to a Roku streaming device is a straightforward way. And there are different ways to do it. You can add paid and free channels, and channels can be added in three multiple ways— from the Roku mobile app, Roku Device, or Roku’s website. Let’s show you the following three different ways to add a channel to Roku device, app, or website:

How to Add a channel from your Roku device

To add a channel from your Roku streaming device then follow the given below steps:

  1. Hit the Home button on your Remote to Go to Home Menu
  2. Scroll down to the Streaming Channels section in the left sidebar
  3. Select the Streaming Channel option to open the Roku Channel Store
  4. Select a category to browser or select the Search Channel option to find the channel you like to add
  5. To open channel details press the OK button on the remote
  6. Select to Add Channel option (free of cost channels) or Buy (paid channels) to install channels.
  7. Then you will be prompted to finish your purchase if you select a paid channel

Go To Home Screen of Your Roku DeviceSelect Streaming Channels optionSelect Add Channel optionEnter Roku PIN Code and Add Channel

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How to Add a Channel from the Roku Web

Add a channel from the Roku’s website then you will need to follow the given below instructions:

  1. Open the online channel store at with any browser
  2. Then log in with your Roku account credentials (username and password)
  3. Click the Browser Channel Categories or Select search for the channel you want to add
  4. Select the Details to read channel details such as pricing and synopsis
  5. Now click the Add Channel + icon to add a channel to your device(s).
  6. If you choose a paid channel, you will be complete your purchase process once prompted to you

Visit Roku website with Any BrowserClick on + Add Channel You want to Add

How to Add a Channel Using the Roku Mobile App (iOS and Android)

You can add a channel using the Roku mobile app available for free on iOS and Android phones and tablets. Here are the given steps to follow to do it:

  1. Tap to open the Roku app on your Mobile device
  2. Select the Channels menu option from the bottom of the app (for iPhone) or from the Top (for Android)
  3. Now scroll down through the channels categories or tap on the search to find the channel you want to install on iPhone Or Select the Channel Store from them Menu on Android
  4. You may need to login to your Roku account once prompted before continuing
  5. Then select the Channel icon to learn more about info
  6. Tap the Add Channel option to add the channel to your mobile device.
  7. If you choose a paid channel, you will be prompted to finish your purchase

How to Add Channels to Your Roku's App

Tips and tricks of Adding Roku Channels

  1. Channels added through the Roku mobile app and online channel store will not appear up in your channel lineup for 24 hrs. After 24 hr the Roku devices check for all changes. You can visit the system menu to emphasize the device to check for the new updates immediately. Any new added through the Roku app or online will then install on your device.
  2. Every time you add a channel to your Roku account, it will be installed on all your Roku devices.
  3. Your Roku account keeps track of your all channels so you can get them immediately every time you add to a new device to your Roku account or in when you require doing a factory reset.
  4. You can set up an account PIN (Personal Identification Number) or Password in your Roku account to stop unwanted and accidental purchases. The PIN will only be used for allowing added channels or purchase to be performed in your account.

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FAQ-Frequently Ask Questions

Here are the following frequently asked questions by different people related by add channels. To Roku’s device, Roku’s mobile app, and website.

How to add channels to Roku TV?

To add channels from your Roku TV device is very simple. Just hit the home button on your Roku remote. Then scroll up or down and press Streaming Channels to open the Channel Store. At the top of the Channel Store is a list of features, popular and new categories to explore. You can enter name or keyword in Search Channels to find desire based on the title of a channel. For more details, you can follow the above ways to add channels.

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Why Roku Unable to add channel?

If Roku is unable to add channels “RokuTannerDF” wrote. Unluckily, the online Roku Channel store is not available in all regions. You will search directly on your device for any available channels.

Roku add Private channel

A private channel or Non-Certified channel can only be installed on a Roku device. But you will need to use the channel’s dedicated access code (e.g.FG324) provided by the developer of the channel and therefore are not found in the Roku Channels Store. These Private or Non-developed channels may be used by channel developers for limit access or testing to their channel to a smaller set of our users. Users should take care of when using private or non-certified channels.

Important Note: Keep in mind that Roku does not provide support or review for private channels or non-certified channels.

How do I add a non-certified channel?

You can download and install a private or non-certified channel on Roku in the following steps:

  1. Visit with any browser on your smartphone or computer
  2. Login to your Roku account once prompted
  3. Select the Add channel with a code under manage account
  4. Then enter your channel access code received from the channel provider and click Add channel option
  5. Acknowledge the warning notification message that appears to you
  6. Read the warning message be careful and consider the term and conditions and otherwise if you violate then your account will be blocked by the Roku.

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