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Do you know how to access Mbasic Facebook messages? Let’s guide you about the use of Mbasic basic and light versions of Facebook. It is the best choice and great to keeps the activities very simple. The Mbasic version of Facebook is very quick to load and the easiest way to get connected with friends.

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In this article you will learn about different features like how to set up of Basic version of Facebook is called Mbasic. Like how to use the Mbasic version of Facebook on Smartphone and Computer, view and delete messages. Also, ignored, spam, view filtered, archived, messages requests, unread messages and how to view active Facebook friends. So continue to read the below post to learn how to do it.

Tips to Access Messages Feature on Mbasic version ofFacebook

If you want to approach and manage messages on MbasicFacebook on your Mobile or Computer then follow the below-given steps:

  1. Click on the Browser to open it on your Mobile or PC
  2. Go to the Address bar and type the and press Enter
  3. Select the Messages option at the top
  4. Scroll down to View and Manage all your messages in the basic version of FB
  5. It will redirect you to Messages inbox in the Basic Version
  6. Click on the Person Name to view a conversation
  7. You can send Stickers, Likes, Add images and Refresh the conversation

Open Mbasic Facebook and Go to Messages Feature

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How to Find and View Message Request

When you receive a message on Facebook from someone isnot your friend. Then Facebook saves those kinds of messages automatically in ahidden inbox named Message Requests. This is an amazing function when you areusing a standard version of Facebook Messenger. However, FB permits you to viewyour message requests in the Basic version as well:

  1. Open the Mbasic Facebook
  2. Select the Messages option in the top of your screen
  3. Go to the bottom of the Messages page
  4. Press the View Message Requests option
  5. You will all receive Messages Requests from the Unknown people
  6. After that, you can Leave or Accept the message request (depending on you)

Go to View Message Requests

However, if you view or see the message no one will know that you have seen or view it until you send it to respond to them. You can find and view recent messages by reading the below step.

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How to Find and View Recent Message

Once you receive a message on Facebook from your friendsrecently then it will save in the Recent message automatically. This is thebest feature because it will make easy to keep top up the recently receivedmessages on the old ones. Let’s find out and view the location of the recentmessage on the basic version of Facebook within a few steps below:

  1. Simply visit your Basic version of Facebook on your browser
  2. Click on the Messages option from the top
  3. Go down and click View Message Requests
  4. Scroll down you will see the View Recent Message and click on it
  5. You will redirect you to the Recent messages window
  6. Finally, you will see the recently received messages at top-up other messages
  7. Press to open one by one and will be a move to read messages

View Recent Messages option

View Unread Messages

You can find those messages which you received before andyou didn’t read on time because of some reasons. Anyways whatever the reasonsbut now you want those all unread messages and want to find how. Let’s show howto find and view an unread message in few steps in the Mbasic Facebook version:

  1. Go to the Messages option on Mbasic Facebook version on PC
  2. Scroll down to the More option
  3. Then select Unread Messages option
  4. You will see all your Unread Messages list with a time of receiving
  5. Now it is after you to Read one by one or Finds the one you want to read
  6. You can select Mark as Unread, Delete, Block, and Leave the Conversation, etc

Select the View Unread Messages

Find and View Spam Messages

Spam messages are those which you received from theunknown person with any name and look like spam as per showing in thescreenshot. Let’s find out and to delete from your inbox page in the followingsteps:

  1. Open the Mbasic Facebook and Go to the Messages option
  2. Go down to the More options and select the Spam option
  3. Then you will redirect to the Spam messages page as shown below
  4. Select to open the Conversation it will show more option like you want to Block, Delete, Mark as unread, Ignore, Not Spam, Delete Selected, Report, and Move to Done
  5. Now it’s up to you which one you select in the above option

Click on the View Spam Messages

How to Ignore & Undo Ignore Messages on MbasicFacebook

Ignore and Undo ignore messages on Facebook is the best feature on Facebook Messenger. It is an amazing option to prevent getting messages notification from unknown FB friends. Further, this is a great opportunity from Facebook to adding this function in the Mbasic version of Facebook. Let’s teach you how to ignore messages on the basic FB version and then unignore or undo these messages.

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Steps To Ignore Messages on Mbasic Facebook

  1. Open your Basic Version of Facebook
  2. Then click on Messages option
  3. Click on the Messages/Conversations you want to ignore
  4. Go to the bottom of the conversation
  5. Next, click on Ignore Messages option
  6. Confirm your action again click on the Ignore Messages option from the pop-up window

Find and Open a Message You Want to IgnoreIgnore Messages on Mbasic FacebookConfirm your Action and click Ignore Messages option

In this way, you can ignore or specific chat notificationor a conversation from an annoying friend or person on the Mbasic Facebookversion. Pro-tip for you doesn’t block your friends on Facebook due to blockingsomeone is unfriend a person. So this is the way how you ignore the messages ofthe annoying person instead of blocking him. But here one question comes out that how to unignore or undo thoseconversations or messages? So continue to read to learn the way to undo ignorein below steps:

Steps to Un-Ignore Messages on Mbasic Facebook

  1. Go to your Basic Version of Facebook
  2. Then click on Messages option at the top of your screen
  3. Next, at the bottom click on Filtered Messages option
  4. Click on any Messages or Conversation open it to unignore
  5. Now start a Conversation or Send text in a message and press Reply
  6. After that, the message will be Unignored and move to your Primary inbox

Un-Ignore Messages and Select Filtered on Mbasic Facebook

Note: Remember one thing that there is no specific undo ignore option or the particular link. The step includes above is the only to not done ignored conversation or messages in the light of the FB version.

How to See Active Friends and Active Status on MbasicFacebook

The basic version of Facebook has the same features as we have in the standard version FB. But we need to learn and find these functions and methods of using them. You can view the list of active friends and manage whether to enable active status on or off. Let’s teach you first how to find out the list of active friends in the following steps:

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Steps to See Active Friends List on Mbasic Facebook

  1. You will need to visit Mbasic Facebook
  2. Then click on the Messages option at the top
  3. Scroll down of the page and you will see Active Friends option
  4. Then click on the Active Friends option
  5. You will redirect to the complete Active friend’s list on Facebook
  6. Now to know your Active status go to the top of the active friend list
  7. Then you can Turn on or off here
  8. Refresh your page time to time for updating the active friends of FB
  9. Click on the Name of any personal profile to start chat or conversation

You can see more two sections of More Friends and Chat. So if you do not find someone in both of More Friends or Chat section. You can manage whether you appear you active status On or Off then continue to read the below post.

How to Turn On or Off your Active Status on MbasicFacebook

  1. Open the Basic Facebook version
  2. Go to your Messages option
  3. Scroll down and click on the Active Friends option
  4. You will see your Active Status at the top must be on or off
  5. If the Active Status is On or Off then click on the Active Status option to Turn it On or Off

So in the above method, you can see the list of activefriends and change your status to turn it on or off. Let’s continue to show yousome of the other features, for example, you can create a new group and canalso compose a new message in the basic version of Facebook.

How to Create Groups and Compose New Message and DeleteMessages

You can find all the options in the same place to create a new group, a new message or delete chat or conversations. Let’s scroll down one by one to know how to do:

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Create a New Group in Mbasic Facebook

You can create a new group in the basic version ofFacebook in the following steps:

  1. Open Basic Facebook Version on any browser
  2. Click on the Messages option from the top your screen
  3. Then click on the New Group option
  4. You can select from the Suggestions or Search for friends
  5. Finally, add the recipients to your group and then press the Done option

Send and Compose New Messages

If you want to compose new messages then you will need towalk on the given instructions:

  1. Navigate Mbasic Facebook version
  2. Then click on the Messages option
  3. Click on the New Messages option
  4. Now select a person from the Suggestion or Search for a friend
  5. Hit the Done option
  6. Now you can type your Message and Add files or Images as you wish

Delete a Conversation or Chat

Here you can delete a conversation while using the BasicFacebook in the given below steps:

  1. Go to Messages option on the Basic version of Facebook
  2. Then find and click on the Conversation you want to delete
  3. Go the bottom of the conversation you will see to two options Delete entire conversation or Delete selected messages only
  4. Click on the Delete option to delete the full conversation
  5. You can click on the Delete Selected option then click on the Delete option next to the each single message

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