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Do you know how to access and use iCloud Mail from any web browser & Windows 10? You can even access it from your Computer Windows10. An iCloud account that comes with an Apple device lets you access and use a unique email address. While you can access and use the email account in the Mail application on your Mac, or iPhone, and iPad, you can actually get access to iCloud Mail via any web browser i.e, Microsoft and Chrome.

This post will teach you how to access and use iCloud email from Windows 10 PC or any web browser.

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What is Web-only access to iCloud?

In case you do not have iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Mac, you can still able to access and use iCloud Drive, Numbers, Pages, or Contacts, Keynote, and Notes directly from This post lets you know how to access iCloud Mail on any web browser.

Linked iCloud with Apple ID or Third-party Email

You can link to your Apple ID with iCloud Mail, but only if your email ID or address ends with In case you are using a third-party email address with Gmail to your Apple ID, you will have to make or create a different iCloud email ID or address, which will then be connected or linked to your Apple ID.

What browsers are supported?

The latest versions of Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Chrome, and Opera are supports by

Access iCloud Mail from Any Web Browser

You can access iCloud with any browser on your PC using (Mac, Windows 10, or Linux) iPhone, iPad, or Android devices, or tablet. Here these steps to know how to access iCloud Mail.

  • Open any browser on your computer or smartphone (Android or iPhone and iPad)
  • Go to the Address bar and type the link then hit the enter key
  • Enter your iCloud email address here if you know. In case you do not know, then you can type to enter your email address associated with your Apple ID and hit the Enter key
  • Enter your password and hit the Enter key
  • If you want to turn on Two-Factor Authentication (2AF), enter the one-time passcode received on one of your Apple devices.
  • Now, select the Trust option so that you do not have to Two-Factor authentication yourself in that web browser in the future.

Enter Your iCloud Email Address.Type to Enter your Password.Set Up Two-Factor Authentication.Trust Browser for iCloud Mail

How to Use iCloud Mail Inbox on the Web Browser

Let’s show you to use the iCloud Mail Inbox on the web browser in the following steps:

  • Another way you can visit with any browser
  • Click on the Mail option
  • If the Mail option is not available to you here, then you did not set up an iCloud email address with your Apple ID.
  • So you will need first to set up iCloud on your Apple device like iPhone, iPad, or Mac
  • That’s it all. The option of iCloud Mail inbox will available to you on the web
  • Now you can browse entire of the email in your Inbox. You can also see your sent emails. Daily features like deleting and flagging email are also available.
  • You can compose new emails or reply to emails as well (both of the emails will navigate in new windows)

Click Mail from iCloud Website.Compose Email in iCloud Mail.

How to Sign out iCloud Mail in a Browser

If you want to log out from the iCloud Mail in a web browser then you will need to follow these steps:

  • Click on the Name option at the top-right side corner
  • Then select the Sign Out option
  • Click on the Trust and Sign Out option. iCloud Mail will let ask you whether you wish to trust this web browser or not. If you trusting a web browser allow you to log in to iCloud Mail without entering the verification code.
  • After that, you will be Sign out of iCloud Mail

Sign Out of iCloud Mail.Trust and Sign Out of iCloud Mail.

How to Access and Use iCloud Mail In Windows 10

Your iCloud Mail account is compatible with the Windows 10 Mail apps, and built-in Calendar, which lets you check your email, reminders, and, appointments on your computer’s default feature set. Here the following steps for your guidance to access the iCloud email configuration set up in Windows 10.

  • Click on the Start option from the bottom left corner
  • Select the Settings from the panel once appear or you enter settings in the search box
  • Settings Windows will appear on your screen and click on the Accounts option
  • Now select the Email and App account option in the left menu pane available under the accounts header
  • Click on the Plus icon Add an account found in the Contacts, Email, and calendar section
  • Select the iCloud labeled option under the Add an account dialog once appear to your
  • Type to enter your iCloud credentials in the fields and select the Sign-in option once you do
  • You will see the confirmation message “All done! Your account was set up successfully.” Click on the Done option to exit the Add an account dialog interface.

Go Start Menu and Select Settings.Click on the Accounts option.Select Email & Accounts option.Press the Add an Account option.Choose iCloud option.enter your iCloud credentials and Press Sign-in option.Click on the Done option.

Go to the Windows Search box at the bottom left corner of the display next to the Start button. Click on Mail: Trusted Microsoft Store app once the pop-out menu appears, found below the Best match heading. It will launch now the Windows Mail app, with your new account configured to download both your iCloud calendar and your iCloud email.

How to Delete/Manage Your iCloud Mail in Windows 10

If you want to manage or delete your iCloud Mail from your PC Windows 10 due to some reasons. Here are the following steps to do it.

  • Go to your Computer Settings from the Start Menu
  • Select the Accounts option
  • Then click on the Email and account option from the right pane
  • You will see the iCloud Mail option in the Email & accounts and click on it.
  • Here are two options “change mailbox sync settings” or “Delete Account or Remove this account from your device” choose one of them as you wish. Let’s click on the Delete Account option here.
  • Again click on the Delete option once the pop-up window appears to continuous your’s account deletion
  • Finally, your iCloud Mail will remove from your device.

Select the iCloud Email.Click the Delete Account.Press Delete option.


Here are the following frequently ask questions by different people and might you are interested to read it.

How to check iCloud email on Chrome web browser?

First, open your web browser and click on the Type your iCloud username or email address and enter your password. Click on the login arrow or hit enter key once you have done it.

How do I access my iCloud email account

Open any web browser on your PC (Windows 10, Linux, or Mac) iPhone, iPad, or Android phones or tablet. Then enter the link in the address bar. In case you know your iCloud email address, type it here.

How do I get the full set of iCloud features?

If you have Apple devices like an iPhone, iPad, iPad touch, or Mac, you can get access and use the full set of iCloud features and functions. Just log in to iCloud in Settings on your device an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, or System Preferences on your Mac. You will get immediate access and use all iCloud features and five GB of free storage space. You can also choose an extra or additional storage space plan from your device.

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