How Functional Animations can improve UX of Your Mobile App? -

The visual image puts a definite impression on mind. In an app, the primary impact is cast by user interface. In case the UI/UX is uninteresting, complicated, or not user- friendly, then the chances that a user will be attracted to that app diminish tremendously. On the other hand, if mobile UI design is eye-catching, informative and user friendly, it augments the appeal of the app.

Now, the primary question which crops up is how do you make the user interface attractive?

A sure shot way to achieve this aim is by infusing animations in the app. Animations can range from simple to highly complex ones. These animations enhance the overall appeal of the app and make it user friendly. This draws traffic to the app and as a result your app will earn loyalists. A well-designed mobile app development defeats all competitions and surges ahead in the race to earn revenues.

What do you mean by Functional Animation?



The subtle animation which is embedded in UI design as part of the process is functional animation. Functional animation has a clear logic behind it unlike animations in computer games or those created by Disney Studios which are present without much reason. The main aim of functional animation is to dole out design concept by bolstering the solution which app wants to offer. Functional animation is an important strategic tool in UX design store. If any animation has no justified reason behind it, it cannot be regarded as functional animation.

How does animation enhance user experience and put into action various tasks?

There are several ways how animation leads to a superior user experience and puts into action sundry tasks:

  • It bolsters the app to furnish instant response to whatever user does on the app
  • By making better interactions taking place within the app and also enabling the user to get accustomed to the app
  • Providing complete information about system as well as status of user
  • By augmenting overall appeal of app so that it makes a mark against the competitors
  • Animations go a long way in developing customer loyalty

It is very important to follow proper code of conduct of User Interface design so that animations within the app are executed in a proper way.

What are prime facets of well-executed animations?

OS requirements should be borne in mind while incorporating functional animations

It is vital that animations are incorporated in accordance to OS requirements. This is to ensure efficient usability of app on mobile platform. The apps should not be complicated but relevance should also be given to novelty and innovation.

Developing clear and apt animation

Apart from following innovation, it is vital to concentrate on precision as well as insight. The apps should be designed in a way that there is no distraction from the UI and the key facets of the app. A user can get irritated in case the app is not user-friendly and complicated.

Make use of carefully planned as well as expressive animations

Apps need to be planned in a manner that navigation is easy. Only meaningful animations should be used in the app. should. Animation of such elements should be such introduced which make navigation of the site easy and convenient.

Because, of all above mentioned reasons, use of functional animations is vital for any app as it helps build attractive as well as trouble-free UI/UX. Make sure the animations follow way to enhance user friendliness of the app otherwise the entire purpose of incorporating an animation is defeated.

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