How do I Enable or Disable JavaScript on Google Chrome Browser

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All the Internet Browser has JavaScript installed and turns on by default. Several features of websites are enhanced or made possible by JavaScript programs that run in your browser. If you want to disable JavaScript. You may surprise how a site looks with or without JavaScript and the website may not function as intended. Let’s show how you can disable it fairly fast to see what as without all the moving parts.

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Why should I Disable or Enable JavaScript?

  1. Nowadays most of the websites have several moving parts and almost every online blog and magazine run ads to support the site’s staff. With JavaScript language enabled, you are able to view these ads (and support the site as a result).
  2. Most of the websites needed JavaScript to turn on for all its whistles and bells to run or work properly, too. For example, if you disable JavaScript in your web browser, you can say goodbye to automatically update timeline on Twitter. With the help of JavaScript enabled, you can take advantage of most of the functions and features that make websites around the web great.
  3. There may be a time come though when you need to stop or block ads on specific sites or view how a website looks like without JavaScript turned on. In Google Chrome browser you can turn off JavaScript completely, or on a per-site basis. If you have a changed mind, later on, it is easy to turn on or re-enable JavaScript.

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How to Disable (and Enable) JavaScript in Google Chrome

Let’s show you how to disable and enable JavaScript in Google Chrome’s settings. Using the direct link or using the old fashioned manually way to disable or enable JavaScript. You can also Allow or Block JavaScript on Specific Sites. Using Chrome DevTools for Testing & create a shortcut icon to disable specific sessions of Chrome’s JavaScript.

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Disable JavaScript in Chrome’s Settings

Some of the people may publish websites that use the scripting language maliciously though. For you protection, you can enable or disable JavaScript in Chrome within a couple ways.

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First Way: Access JavaScript in Chrome Using URL Link

Let’s show the easiest and shortest way to access the JavaScript options menu on Google Chrome. Just enter this URL in the Chrome address bar.

  1. Type or copy URL or Link Chrome://settings/content/javascript and paste in the Chrome address bar
  2. Now hit the Enter Key on your keyboard and you will redirect to the JavaScript
  3. Now move the Slider next to the Allowed (recommended) to the left from the right to disable JavaScript and the JavaScript by default is enabled or move the Slider back to enable JavaScript.

Enter the URL or Link in the Chrome Address bar to Open JavaScript

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Second Way: Manually Access Chrome Settings

Another way to access is the old-fashioned way. You will go manually to Chrome settings to enable or disable JavaScript for Chrome browser:

  1. Click to open a Chrome browser window on your computer
  2. Select the Three-Vertical dots or Menu icon from the top right corner
  3. Click the Settings option from the drop-down menu that display
  4. Select the Privacy and Security from the left side panel
  5. Then click the Site Settings under the Privacy and Security
  6. Scroll down click the JavaScript than in the Permissions group
  7. Now move the Slider next to the Allowed (recommended) to the left from the right to disable JavaScript and JavaScript by default is enabled
  8. If you want Enable JavaScript back then follow the above steps and the last step move the Slider next to Allowed to the right from left to enable JavaScript

Open Google Chrome, Select Menu icon and SettingsClick Privacy and Security and Site SettingsSelect JavaScript in the PermissionsMove the Slider From Right to Left Next to Disable JavaScript

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Allow or Block JavaScript on Specific Sites

You can allow or block JavaScript on particular sites. As we previously mentioned, you can enable or disable JavaScript for some of the sites.

  1. Open Chrome browser and Navigate back the JavaScript setting menu by using the below link
  2. Copy and paste the link Chrome://settings/content/javascript in the Address bar
  3. Under the JavaScript, you will see a Block & Allow section
  4. Select Add next to Block
  5. Enter Site URL then press Add option the site will add to block list (
  6. Now Select Add next to Allow option
  7. Then enter SiteURL to press Add option the site will add to allow list (
  8. Click on the Three-dot icon to the right side of URL under Block option then click to Allow, or Edit, or Remove from the specific blocked website.
  9. Select the Three-dot icon to the right side of Site URL under Allow option then click to Block, or Edit, or Remove from the specific blocked website.

Press the Add option Next to Block and Allow optionAdd Site to Block or AllowSelect Three dots to Allow, or Edit or Remove Block SitesPress the Three-dots to Block, or Edit or Remove the Allow Sites

The site will now appear in your block or allow list meaning that next time you visit that site JavaScript will enable or disabled respectively.

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How to Disable JavaScript With Chrome DevTools for Testing

If you want to test a specific website for the disabling of JavaScript while using Chrome Developer Tools. The JavaScript enables by default on Google Chrome. If you want to view and check what particular website looks like without using the setting menu. You want to use Chrome’s Developer Tools to disable JavaScript while you are on that site. This should use for testing purposes only, though, as JavaScript will be re-enabled on the site when close DevTools.

  1. Open the Website first in Google Chrome
  2. Select the Menu or Three dots from the top right corner then More Tools and Developer Tools
  3. You can also right-click anywhere on the site and select the Inspect option from the
  4. Alternatively press the Ctlr+Shift+3 or Ctrl+Shift+I (Windows) or Command+Option+3 for Mac Keyboard shortcut keys
  5. When the Developer Tools open then press the Ctrl+Shift+P(Windows) or Command+Shift+P (Mac) to open the Command Menu
  6. Go to Command Menu, then type JavaScript in the Search bar
  7. Select the Disable JavaScript option then hit the Enter key to run the disable JavaScript command

Open DevTool on Chrome BrowserType JavaScript and Press Disable JavaScriptSelect the Sources Tab at the Top

After that, JavaScript is disabled for this website. If you want to verify JavaScript is disable then hover over the yellow warning icon next to the Sources tab.

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How to Create Shortcut Icon to Disable JavaScript

Let’s show how to create a special shortcut icon that easily disables JavaScript for certain browsing sessions. You can use the –disable-javascript switch. Users of Windows can follow the below steps to create a special icon for disabling JavaScript:

  1. Just Right-click on their Desktop
  2. Go to New> in the menu
  3. Select the Shortcut option from the submenu to create an icon that
  4. Type the location of the item in the given box as per screenshot or item location

C:UsersyourusernameAppDataLocalGoogleChromeApplicationchrome.exe -disable-javascript

Create Shortcut to Disable JavaScript

Important Note: For some of the reason it seems that using this switch does not completely disable JavaScript.

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Frequently Ask Questions-FAQ

Here are the following frequently asked questions by different people might you interested to read.

Disable JavaScript chrome extension

Open the Chrome browser and select Three Vertical dots or Menu option from the top right corner. Select the Settings option from the drop-down. Then Go Privacy and Security then Site Settings select the JavaScript option. Then Move the Slider from the right to the left side to disable JavaScript.

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How do I turn on JavaScript in Google Chrome?

Open the Chrome Browser on your Android device to Turn JavaScript On / Off in the following steps:

  1. Tap to Open Chrome app on your Mobile
  2. Then tap the Menu icon or three vertical dots icon
  3. Go to Settings
  4. Select Site Settings
  5. Now tap JavaScript
  6. Tap to Switch the JavaScript Turn on or Off.

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How to disable JavaScript in chrome windows 10?

The way of disabling JavaScript in Chrome windows 10 is similar to other windows. Simply open the Chrome Browser>Enter Chrome://settings/content/javascript in the address bar. Then Switch to from the right side to the left side to disable JavaScript and you can move back the Slider from left to right to Enable JavaScript.

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How do I disable JavaScript in Chrome iOS?

You can disable or enable JavaScript for all websites in the Chrome browser for iOS. Open the Google Chrome browser. Type the chrome://settings/content or tap menu or three vertical dots> Settings> press Site settings in mobile phone on iOS/Android. On Chrome for the desktop version, you will need to show advanced settings first, then tap the Content Settings option. Then scroll down tap JavaScript and tap the toggle to switch off next to Allows sites to run JavaScript. If you want to re-enable then follow the same steps above and switch the toggle back to turn on.

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