How do I Create Facebook Page Username

Every new Page in Facebook assigns with a unique URL Prior to assigning a username. Facebook page allowing owners to decide the username later on with few easy steps. The automatic URL is also known as your page unique URL and ID of your page.

To create a username; the first step to check availability if not taken by someone else or other business pages. Usually, a specific user name makes it easier for your customers easily get you in search or remember your page URL. The initial unique URL or a random bunch of numbers which is not easy to remember.

You can follow the steps to create a Facebook page user name for both personal or Business page. Personal including community, cause or any purpose.

Assigning username to Facebook Page

  1. Open your Facebook Page and click on the Create Page @username
  2. Type username name to check the availability first
  3. Click Create username

Note: Make the user creating a user name is following Facebook Terms or learn more about choosing a username. You can check out the video tutorial here for easy steps.

You must have a Facebook page to create a username, Learn here how to create a new Facebook Page.

Why I can’t create a Page username?

There are possible reasons that you can’t create a Page user name:

  1. Only Admin of the page can create a username.
  2. Username allowing only alphabetic and numerics such as (a-z, 0,9) and dot “.” between user name characters.
  3. Domain extensions are not allowing by after dot such .com or .net; so you can’t get a personal domain name for Page as a user name.
  4. Make sure the username is minimum 5 characters long and not max than 50.
  5. Sometimes very recently page can’t be assigned a username.
  6. If you created too many pages recently then it is holding you to get the user name right now and to wait for it.

Create Page username

You can view this option from your Facebook Page under your profile logo. Under your page name, you are getting the option to click and check the availability to choose.

Check username availability

Name choose and availability here. In case the name already is taken, then you need to try suggested or try choice differently. You can see the green tick identity when the choice is available.

Username created for a Facebook Page

You are all set now. The name is available and set for your page. More information and benefit describing when people interacting with your page.

Maximum characters for the username

The maximum characters allowing for Facebook Page username is 50 and minimum 5 characters long.

Dot and capitalization difference in the username

Facebook doesn’t count any capitalization in Alphabetic characters. Usually, URL is differentiating capitalization but not in page URL Such as ABC = abc and not applying any difference. Similarly dot (Period) between is also not countable such as A.BC = ABC = abc.

It’s easier for people to find your Page in search when it has a unique username. Pages with user names can also create custom URLs that let people quickly visit and message them.

Unique user name getting it easier for a fan to reach on your recent posts and remember to share your page further. If long URL; then might hesitate to take more time and search your page instead people will start ignoring and would have a less sharing rate. The fan will get notifications unless you push some new posts or updates.

Ideas for choosing Facebook page username

You need to identify the cause and or business that you created the page. Getting into similar name might take already and making it hard for you to choose a user name. Thus you have the only option to shorten your business page username. No worries as the name of the page showing completely as of your cause or business name.

A long cause name can be shortened by getting first characters from all the words and get into the unique name. Sometimes adding number considering zip code OR last digit of the business contact is a good idea. Hope you get the required username and best luck.

Can I request Page username for a Business page?

Yes, you can request user name for both business page and your personal page.

The username is not available

If the user name is not available then it is likely someone else already took it before you. You have to choose another username.

What happened to my URL

When you assign a user name to a new page, the URL is getting change resembling your page name. The automatic URL is a combination of numbers and characters which is not easy for people to remember.

What is the benefit in a unique URL?

People can easily remember your URL. Search option allowing easy search and people can easily identify you.

Why can’t I change the URL?

Make sure you are the Administrator and owner of the page. If you are assigned as Administrator by someone else then it is likely there is no permission to change it. You can request the page owner to allow you access to change.

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