How Computer Animation Can Be Used in Advertising


Many businesses employ a multimedia approach in their advertising. A well-planned marketing strategy may combine elements of print advertising, television, video, and social media marketing. Computer animation can not only be extremely versatile, but it provides unique communication capabilities that make it a useful tool for businesses. Custom animation can be created for very little money in comparison to other types of advertising, and it can be finely tailored for each unique brand. The following are a few benefits of using this medium in an advertising campaign.


Summarizes Main Points of Campaign

When you need to provide a quick overview of a new product or concept, there is really no better way to do this than by using a visual to tell your story. Computer animation allows a brand to offer a brief visual summary of its most important messages, packing as much information as possible into a short advertising spot. Animation can be more visually compelling than a static 2-dimensional image, and allows you to add a soundtrack and other flashy details to grab your client’s attention.

Encourages High Concept Ideas

Using animated characters and scenery can create a whole new world for your brand, rather than relying on stock visuals. Advertisers can feel free to let their imagination roam free, as complicated ideas can be presented in a visual format. Animation tells a story, for a dynamic impact on the viewer. This is particularly useful in the manufacturing or auto industries, where complex new systems can be demonstrated using modelling programs like 3DS Max. New ideas are transformed into reality in the eyes of the viewer when they’re brought to life with animation.

Improves Communication with Clients

Incorporating special effects into your advertising strategy with the use of animation can grab your audience’s attention and showcase new products more effectively. This helps give customers a clear interpretation of concepts, for better communication. It also can help showcase new products beyond the capabilities that photography or video alone allows, before they even go into production.

Enhances Brand’s Modernity

When businesses use today’s latest animation techniques as part of an advertising strategy, they can instantly boost their high tech credibility. With a pretty basic working knowledge of computer graphics programs, designers can impart a touch of Hollywood magic into promotional materials.

Provides Cost-Effective Solutions

Animated advertisements often cost less than videos. Rather than paying actors or models and arranging for a costly film set, animation design professionals can create characters according to very specific requirements. Conceptual products or prototypes can be sold before they even go into production, with the realistic rendering capabilities of 3D software. Animation helps make products look sleeker, cooler, and more appealing to the audience, by using lighting and special effects. Overall, this may be more cost-effective.

Creating animated videos as part of an advertising strategy boasts numerous benefits to businesses. These can also easily be shared over social media networks, increasing the chances of going viral. Short animation sequences can be incorporated in the main business website, for a multi-level approach that saves time and money.

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