How Brands Use Pinterest to Get Customers


Are you looking for some artistic ways to build a stronger connection with your customers? Do you know how well social media channels can help brands to make a prominent presence and create long-term customer engagement?

So, are your pinning? Does your brand exist on Pinterest, if not, get it. For these days, it is one of the powerful tools for sharing your work and influences the organic growth. With sponsored pins, you can keep customers focused to your pins.

How to promote pins


No doubt, Pinterest is an excellent way to promote your brand and get traffic which is done well with promoted pins. These pins look the same but have increased visibility. With the simple steps, learn how to promote pins,

  • Select a pin you like to promote and add terms.
  • Select the audience with whom you want to share the pin.
  • Set your CPC bid, campaign and your budget to promote the pin.

Do’s of promoting:

Pinterest allows brands to promote their content but with few limitations which are,

  • Promote authentic and good
  • Avoid pushing spam stuff.
  • Use URL of a strong landing page.

Track your success:


Promoting pins is how well you can reach your customers, but get it right by measuring your activity. Identify the pins that reached and engaged the customers the most and the ones which did not show enough impressions.

How to create engagement

The apparent goal of brands is to aware customers and let them call your brand name when they see something related to it. With few tactics, you can learn how you can create customer engagement with your brands.

Create contests on Pinterest

Sell your products on Pinterest by creating contests and engaging pins. Contest are pretty standard tactics to engage the customers with your brands. Create pins that motivate your audience, trigger their mind and creates a thinking process for them. It helps people to think about and talk about your brand.

Re-Pin others’ pins:

One of the coolest ways to get followers to your brand is looking for pins that are liked by your target audience. Re-pin it to get noticed and followed by your audience.

Pinterest Analytics


As a marketer, you need to worry about the marketing efforts that you put on Pinterest. An analysis of Pinterest can get you insights of the customers’ preferences, habits and trends.

In essence, by analytics, you get an overview of all the numbers related to your boards. You can assess the figures and derive any ideas from it.

Moreover, by this data, you would get a viewpoint over the market functionality and the required efforts you need to put in your content. Giving you an opportunity to study and assess your target audience, you will learn about the content you need to improve and promote more.

Metrics of Pinterest:

  • Impressions tell you about the number of times your Pin appeared in the home feed and search results.
  • Clicks are the number of times your pins are clicked.
  • Re-pins tell you the number of time your pins got saved.

How brand uses Pinterest to make money:


The social platform has moved far more than just simple pins; brands are generating revenues by selling their products in terms of pins.

You can sell,

Physical products

Businesses are making money by promoting their physical products by taking pictures and pinning them. As of the year 2016, there were 150m Pinterest users who show that brands have significant markets to which they can market their products.For brands that serves women that gets a good response, as 60% of the Pinterest users are women. So head on and make a productive use of Pinterest.

Digital products

It is the time of digitization and people are looking for digital products over the Internet. Pinterest is one of the best medium to send your digital work and media which could be e-books, online course, tutorials.


You must be thinking how services can be promoted at this social network. Not a big hurdle, have a look at design companies. They have been selling their logo designs, website template, icons designs and mockups over Pinterest. Not only companies, the logo designers and web designers are individually making the most of their revenue through Pinterest. They showcase their work, tell their stories and earn well by getting design orders over this network.

Create boards

Develop a common thread or strategy for telling the story you want your customers to engage with . Consider their interests, preferences and look how you can relate your product or service with it. Keep pinning, that increases their level of interest subjected that it looks relevant too.

Wrapping up,

How can you make the most of it? Know your goals, create appealing content, measure it using Pinterest metrics and pass it through test time. Look up for pins that stood the test of time and the one that needs improvements.

Use Pinterest Ads Manager to create multiple campaigns, edit it and track your success, Since it’s a do-it-yourself ads tool, you can target keywords and customers database targeting which helps the brand to reach their existing customers while they are looking for new ideas.

What are you up to? Are you actively using Pinterest and promoting your pins? If not, try it and see what you can make of it with this simple social platform filled with ideas.

Loius Martin

Loius Martin is an experienced Marketer at Invictus Studio, a logo design company. He has taken the company to a higher level of success with his consistent efforts and dedication. He likes sharing his knowledge with guest and official blogs which are quite instructive and help readers to improve their digital marketing expertise.