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DesignByLuigiDecember 20, 2013

Being a smart shopper is a must during the holiday season. Original gift ideas are perfect for those who are looking to give away that certain creative something. The right tips will save you time spent finding inspiration in your gift giving endeavors.

If you’re a web designer or developer, you might very well know what to give to your co-worker, but average internet users have no idea which gift their friends will like. What will it be? Should it be a practical gift or just fun? Expensive or not, what’s?

Let this post be your gift guide that will help you choose the very products that will provide the “wow” effect to the receiver. Items from this compilation will be extremely useful gifts for web designers. At least, they will be a great source of inspiration like the Typography Calendar for 2014. All items are subdivided into 4 categories:

Devices – the newest and coolest design-oriented gadgets that will call interest of most guys working in this sphere

Accessories – useful items that will facilitate work.

Books – must-read recently published books for those who want to look deeper in the world of web design.

Inspiration? – these gifts look like average ones, but each of them contains some triggers for web designers. All these products scream “Gift” at you. Guys who might hesitate to get these products themselves, will be extremely glad to receive them as gifts. Have a look at all of them and choose the desired ones.?

I wish you an easy shopping for a perfect gift!


Wacom Cintiq 13HD Interactive Pen Display

Wacom Cintiq 13HD Interactive Pen Display

Consider this graphic tablet with interactive pen display to enjoy drawing directly on screen as you do on paper.

Wacom Intuos Pen and Touch Small Tablet

Intuos Pen and Touch Small Tablet

This tablet allows you to edit digital photos and draw with a pressure sensitive pen. To scroll, zoom, rotate you can use multi-touch gestures.

Cardboard Radio

Cardboard Radio

Nice environmentally-friendly gadget that can be used as a radio itself or for playing your iPod or MP3. This simple card structure can be easily recycled when is needed.

Polaroid Instant Digital Camera

Polaroid Z2300 Instant Digital Camera

The usable camera of compact size with 10 MP sensor is what you need for instant bright images. It works with premium ZINK photo paper.


Sensu Artist Brush & Stylus

Artist Brush & Stylus

Use a brush and a stylus combined in one pen for drawing, painting, navigating on such devices like iPad and iPhone.

Smart Stand for iPhone

Smart Stand for iPhone, iPad, Notebook

This silicon pebble stand will prevent your devices from getting new scratches.

Wood USB Portable Speaker

Wood USB Portable Speaker

Bring your favorite music everywhere with an eco-friendly (is made from zebrawood) portable speaker.

Duo Black Stylus Pen

Duo Black Stylus Pen

Welcome a stylus pen with 6 mm microfiber tip that allows the stylus to function at any angle. Use it for working with iPad, iPhone, Kindle Fire, Samsung Galaxy tablet and other devices (see the list on the Amazon page).


Adaptive Web Design

Adaptive Web Design

Progressive enhancement is known to be one of the best approaches to web design. Read this book to understand its principles, learn more about its origin, philosophy and the ways you can apply it.

Content Strategy for Mobile

Content Strategy for Mobile

“Mobile first” is one of the main principles of today’s web design. Find in this book everything you wanted to know about how to get your content onto various mobile devices.

The Anatomy of Type

The Anatomy of Type

Here is an ultimate guide to hundred typefaces that reveals their anatomy, key features and information about their origin.


2014 Typography Calendar

2014 Typography Calendar

You’ll draw inspiration from this calendar each day of the next year. 12 months – 12 typefaces carefully chosen by guys from Alliance Graphique Internationale.

Eco DIY Collection

Deer LED Table Clock

Environment-friendly gifts for web designers are extremely popular this year. Consider this one that is made from recycle paper.

HTML T-Shirt

HTML Rocks T-Shirt

HTML rocks! Be trendy, choose t-shirts with cool prints.

These truly amazing gifts for web designers will make their virtual hearts joyfully sing. Besides, the affordable price of each item will not disappoint you. Also, there is always an opportunity to give a virtual gift of 21st centure create a website for your friend, so he can earn some money onlin or simply blog about his hobbies!

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