Here's How to Boost Conversion on Your Landing Page

Driving more traffic to your website, increasing leads and conversions – this is what every business wants to achieve huge success.

But wait… driving traffic with your content marketing efforts, social media and PPC is simply half the battle. All you need to do is design neat and clutter-free landing pages, or just perfect them so a visitor can make a buying decision quickly.

Designing an effective and persuasive web design that showcases your products or services in the best possible manner is something that can do wonders for your business.

Every business needs high converting website (landing pages) for more visitors, and more profit potential. The main purpose of your website design is to capture leads and encourage them to make a desired action.

Every single detail of your website design must have a clear purpose of being there – not serve as a website filler. From the fonts, colors, and size of your CTAs to the content placed in your page, everything should have a logic behind it. Once you have a specific purpose of your page, it’s right time to test it again and again to get the desired results.

Here is a quick guide to increase your landing page conversion to get more leads and success.


Stay Consistent

The information you present should be consistent enough. For instance, if your website says you have done 1000 projects, but your landing page says 2000+, your credibility will immediately ruin. Though no one bothers to think which number is right, this type of inconsistency will be a question mark for prospective clients.

In addition, the consistency in your user experience is also important. Your design should create a sense of ease for those who are visiting your landing page for the first time.

However, it is important to innovate and improving all the design elements of your landing page, a lot of changes at the same time can confuse your visitors and cause a decrease in your conversion rates.

Make Necessary Tweaks

Many businesses revamp their landing pages in a way that they totally overlook the client’s perspectives and needs. Redesigning your landing page can create confusion for your regular clients who are comfortable with your previous landing page design.

A complete landing page redesign can cause 20% decrease in conversion rates. To avoid it happening to your website, it is important to ease your users into the process with steady tweaks that provoke and educate them one thing at a time.

Gradual incremental tweaks allow you to analyze which improvements trigger an increase or decrease in conversion ratio, instead of simply predicting which elements of your complete redesign will have a positive effect.

By collecting all the relevant data and then using this information to make changes to your landing page design, it will simply help you to improve your conversion rate.

Testing is Important


The way you sell your CTA, value proposition, headlines, can either make or break your landing page conversion rate. It is important for every web design agency, SaaS startup, or business website to use CTAs wisely, not just too promotional or selfish. If you are using CTAs like “Sign up now”, “Register now”, then explainto your visitors that how signing up to your website will benefit them and what are the benefits of using your products or services.

Try to keep your value proposition as clear as possible by limiting it to only what your brand is offering. For instance, if your company is offering web design solutions, explainto them shortly how it will benefit to their business. Make sure you are offering a unique proposition that your perspectives will not find on your competitors’ website.

Using emotional triggers are also a smart choice that trigger comforting feelings. Along with using strong headlines, you can test out different design elements on your landing page. For instance, you can change the color of CTA buttons, enlarge the size of the button or change its position. These conversion psychology factors can make a great impact on click through rate.

Keep in mind the color of your CTA should be identical in order to grab the attention of visitors and lead an urge to buy.

Stick with Your Specific Objective

Your landing page must have a clear objective. Adding more CTAs will simply confuse your audience, therefore, make it as simple as possible for your prospective clients. Make sure the elements present on your landing page are relevant to the specific product or service you are aiming to sell.

Limit your value proposition in a few lines and make your content clear and brief. In addition, provide a few but effective images, and a lead form.

Avoid adding links that lead visitors to somewhere else as it will increase the chances of losing the potential client. Keeping all things in mind will make it very clear for potential clients what you are offering and what action they should perform.

Create a Sense of Urgency

Believe it or not, it is indeed a smart approach that can be implanted into your landing page. For example, “avail this limited time offer” will surely encourage visitors to make a quick action.

If your CTA offers a webinar or a free e-book by simply signing up for your newsletter, you can effectively create a sense of urgency that will lead to more sign ups as well as more e-book downloads. This compels visitors to take a desired action.

Guide Your Visitors


Since it’s quite impossible to always be there for potential clients to guide them, you can tell them what’s more important.

You can use some directional signs and direct your visitors how to read your landing page. Directional signs can be used to highlight the information you want the visitor to read and act quickly. Some studies show that focus levels significantly increase when directional hints are used on a landing page.

Use Credibility Boosters

Using testimonials and clients’ reviews will support the point you are trying to convince to your prospective clients. Usually, people are going to trust real users more than they are going to trust your brand.

So, implement positive reviews of you clients on your landing page and add a picture of that person as well to boost its credibility at its best. Avoid using clichés and use personable reviews that truly depict how your business helped your previous client.

Relevance is Key


Check carefully does the content on your landing page match the content placed in your banner ad. If your banner offers a discount, make sure your landing page guarantees the visitors that they will still find that offer after clicking.

Moreover, your banner ad must be as prominent as possible so that it can easily grab the attention of visitors.

Final Thoughts

No matter if you are a small business owner or a large corporation, use these simple tips to design a perfect landing page, optimize it and start winning over leads. Good luck getting more conversion rate on your website!

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