Here’s How Screenshots Work on Android Device

ByUmar Ali – October 3, 2020How Screenshot works on Android

Do you know how screenshots work or how to take or capture a Screenshot on Android phones? how to take or capture a screenshot on Android? There is a time to come when you really need to share what is on your Android device’s screen. you can now take, edit and share screenshots without having to use any gestures or key combinations. That is when Android screenshots come in handy. Screenshots are taken of whatever is currently displaying or showing on your device screen saved as an image. In this post, android users will learn how to take a screenshot on the recent app menu Android 11 devices. Where is the screenshot available on Android to share and edit?

Android 11 launched a number of changes, but one that might catch you off guard is how to screenshot work. The feature or functionality is mostly similar to the older version of the OS (Operating System), but Google moved things around a little. Here is how screenshots functionality work on Android.

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How to Take a Screenshot on Android Phone

Capturing a screenshot on Android 11 and the latest works mostly in a similar process as any older version of the Operating System, but one option has been moved.

How to Capture a Screenshot on Android Phone Standard Way

To take a screenshot on Android phones in a standard way is the same for all versions of android devices. Beyond holding down the Volume Down and physical Power buttons simultaneously or together, the on-screen screenshot shortcut that used to appear in the Power menu has been moved to the “Overview” menu (aka Recent Apps).

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Take a Screenshot on Android Phone Using Overview Menu

Here are these steps to follow to take a screenshot on android phone using the overview menu of your device:

  1. Swipe Up from the bottom of the screen display to access the shortcut, and pause to open the Overview menu
  2. Press the Screenshot option in the bottom left corner
  3. This will instantly capture a screenshot and bring up a preview thumbnail of the screenshot with options to Edit and Share the image.

Swipe Up from to Take Screenshot, Edit and Share on Android 11

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Where Are Screenshots on Android?

Once you take a screenshot in Android 11 and newer, it is previewed in a thumbnail in the bottom-left side corner along with the option to Edit and Share the image. After a few seconds, the thumbnails hides or disappears.

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How to Find, Share, and Edit Screenshot

Here is where users or people may become a bit confused. Screenshots images no longer shown in the notification shade. That means if you do not take action on the thumbnail pop-up before it disappears, you will have to find the screenshot image in your file manager or photo gallery of your android phone.

Typically the screenshots are saved to the Screenshots folder on your Android device. For instance to find your photos or images in the Google Photos app in the following steps:

  1. Tap to open to the Google photo app Library tab
  2. You will see the Screenshots folder under the Photo on Device
  3. Whichever File Manager or photo gallery app you use, look for Screenshots imager in the device’s root storage section

Several things got swapped around and tweaked, but screenshots on Android 11 and higher or newer basically work the same as they did in before or previous versions of the OS or Operating system. The changes may be a little jarring at first, but they should feel like second nature in no time.

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How to Record Your Phone Screen

To record your phone screen then follow these steps:

  1. From the top of your screen Swipe down twice
  2. Tap on the Screen record
  3. You might be required to swipe right side to find it
  4. If it is not available there, tap on the Edit option and Drag Screen record to your Quick Settings
  5. Select what you wish to record and press the Start option. The recording begins after the countdown
  6. Swipe down from the upper side of the screen to stop recording and then press the Screen recorder notification

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How to Find Screen Recordings

Here are how to find the Screen recordings:

  1. Tap to open your Phone’s Photos app
  2. Select the Library option
  3. Then tap on the Movies
  4. Here you will all your screen recordings

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