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ByUmar Ali – May 28, 2020Google Play authentication error fix

Do you know how to fix Google Play authentication is the required error? The most commonly used Google product for downloading and installing a lot of apps and games on Android devices. This is a surprisingly general problem on Android devices. It makes you realize just how much you rely on Google products for your mobile phone activity, especially the Google Play Store. The great thing is that it is very easy to issue to fix. In this article you will need to follow the instructions provided for your guide below.

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Here are several various ways to fix the Google play authentication error. To solve this problem from just data clearing to the factory reset as a last option. Let’s show the outlined the following ways below for your information.

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Different Ways to Fix the Google Authentication required error

Uninstall Play Store updates, Simply remove your Google account, Try fresh sync, Clear Google Play Store data, Use your mobile browser to download the app, and Last resort: the factory reset

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To Uninstall Play Store updates

Sometime the error is not with you login credentials but the Google Play Store itself. You will need to uninstall the Play Store updates the following below steps:

  1. Tap on the Settings icon from your Mobile
  2. Then Apps & Notification option (Apps)
  3. Google Play Store option (b careful tap Google Play Store not services)
  4. Select the Three-dots option from the top left side corner
  5. Tap the Uninstall updates option
  6. This will bring you back to the original version or old version of the Play Store that was installed on your mobile device.
  7. Then all you will need to do to fix the problem is to download and install the latest version of the Google Play Store

How to Uninstall Play Store updates

Remove your Google account

The problem or error maybe just be a login or sign in issue, which sometimes happens when the Play Store is updated. Then you will need to remove your Google account in the following steps:

  1. Go to your Mobile device Settings
  2. Tap on the Accounts option (Maybe Accounts & Sync on some devices)
  3. Select the Google Account
  4. Then tap the Remove option to remove Google account that is getting the authentication is required error”
  5. When you are done with this you can re-add the Google Account again and it should work just fine
  6. You can Restart your Phone device before re-adding just in case

How to Remove your Google account

However, you may be required to perform this next step along with the second step below.

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Try a fresh sync

May be it is possible that things are not syncing for some reasons, and just required a little push in the following below steps:

  1. Go to your Phone main Settings
  2. Then tap the Account option or Account Sync option
  3. Find and tap on your Google Account
  4. Now tap on the Account sync option
  5. After that, open your Google Play Store app
  6. See that the Authentication error message is gone or still available

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Clear data from the Google Play Store

To clear the data from the Google Play Store in the following these steps:

  1. Go to your Phone device Settings
  2. Tap on the Apps or Apps & Notifications
  3. Find and tap on the Google Play Store
  4. Scroll down and tap on the Storage option
  5. Then tap on the Clear data option ( You can also try just clearing the cache option first, if you select the clearing data option then it will clear the cache as well)

How to Clear data from the Google Play Store

If the previous way of the fresh sync did not help you to fix the issue then try again after clearing cache and data – it cloud has better results.

Download an app using your mobile/desktop browser

This way will workaround bypasses the malfunctioning Google Play Store application completely.

Download An App Using Your Mobile Web Browser
  1. Open Google Play Store Website with your any web browser
  2. Try downloading an application directly from there rather than through the Play Store app.
  3. Simply login or sign in to your Google Account with your web browser
  4. Then tap to Install the selected App
Downloading App Using Desktop Web Browser

You can also do this process on your desktop web browser in the following steps:

  1. Open Play Store with any browser
  2. Sign in to your Google Account
  3. Then tap on which device you would like to download and install the app to
  4. But for this your tablet/smartphone must be connected to the internet the download should start almost immediately
Then walk through These Steps Again

After the above process and various steps your problem is still valid. Then walk through them again in this order,

  1. restarting your mobile device between process of remove Google account,
  2. reboot, uninstall updates
  3. Install new Play Store
  4. Reboot, add account and so on

Just keep continue trying until the issue or error goes away.

The last resort: factory reset

If you tried all the above steps and still could not get solved the error messages. However, the last resort worked: a factory reset. Then you will need to follow these given steps:

  1. Go the Phone Settings
  2. Scroll down the tap on the System option
  3. Find the Reset option or Backup & Reset option
  4. Then tap on the Erase all data (Factory Reset) option or Factory Data Reset
  5. Finally, tap on the Reset Phone option
  6. It will ask you to Enter your Password and then to Erase all the things
  7. When you did then tap the option to Reboot your phone
  8. Then you can restore your Phone’s data

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