Google Chrome Bookmarks Backup and Restore

Bookmarks backup and restore Google Chrome

Maybe you know that bookmarks in Chrome are everyone favourite place (websites) at the Internet world. Most people do worry for Google Chrome Bookmarks backup. If you like to keep back up all your Chrome bookmarks on a daily basis and then easily restore or you’re to send these to another browser. Google Chrome gives access to export bookmarks locally. However, you can also restore other browser bookmarks backup to Google Chrome. So here are how to back up and restore your bookmarks.

You can also sync your Google Chrome profile data between multiple devices. However, for multiple accounts, you can get back up manually and import in another account. Similarly, using same account just to use sync option on PC and smartphones.

How to Back Up Your Bookmarks

Most of the users are not familiar with their bookmarks back up in the browsers. If you want to back up your bookmarks on the Google Chrome browser, easy steps to follow below.

  1. Click to open your Chrome browser
  2. Then go to click the Three Dots or Menu from the upper right side
  3. Select the Bookmarks option from the menu
  4. In the submenu click the Bookmark Manager or simply press the Ctrl+Shift+O keys on your Keyboard
  5. Click the Menu or Three dots from the Bookmarks Manage and then choose the Export Bookmarks option
  6. Choose the location to keep your exported bookmarks in a safe location and then press the Save option

Chrome Menu and BookmarksChrome Menu and BookmarksThree dot and Export BookmarksChoose Location and Save bookmarks

Important Note: Allyour bookmarks will save by Google in HTML format. You can import thesebookmarks into another browser or view its contents by double-clicking the fileand opening it.

How to Restore Your Google Chrome Bookmarks

When you back up yourbookmarks and want to import them back into the browser. Then Google Chrome hastwo ways to restore the exported bookmarks. So both do essentially the samething, to do for this you will use the Import Bookmarks and Settings tool. Hereare the steps to restore the exported Bookmarks

  1. Open your Browser you want to restore your back up bookmarks
  2. Click the Menu or Three dots option
  3. Select the Bookmarks option
  4. Then the click on the Import Bookmarks and Settings option from the submenu
  5. Go to Drop-down menu and choose the Bookmarks HTML File and then select to Choose File
  6. In the File Explorer, Open and click the HTML file that you exported before and then select to Open
  7. If you want to be shown your bookmarks in the bookmark bar, confirm the Toggle OnShow Bookmarks and the click Done option

So finally, check all your bookmarks will be available after closing the dialogue box, the bookmarks folder will be on the Bookmarks bar. If the Bookmarks Bar is disabled then it will be in Bookmarks Manager and the labelled imported.

Alternatives Ways to Back Up and Restore

Here are some of thealternatives ways that how to back up and restore chrome bookmarks in anotherbrowser or computer. So follow the below

How do I backup Chrome bookmarks and settings?

Let’s show how to export and backup Google Chrome bookmark in the below methods

Method One manually

  1. Open your Google Chrome
  2. Click the Google customize and control menu
  3. Then select Bookmarks
  4. Next click Bookmarks manager
  5. Select the Organize and then Export bookmarks to HTML file
  6. Choose the location where you want to save and then click Save

Method Two Auto back up

  1. Install EaseUS Todo backup and press the File Backup option
  2. Choose to select the Chrome bookmarks by the click Computer> System C> Users> Username> AppData> Chrome and finally choose the location you want to save the bookmarks
  3. Choose the schedule to set up the backup frequency to auto backup chrome bookmarks

Are Chrome bookmarks stored locally?

When you want to restore the exported Chrome bookmarks store locally, so follow the steps below and the file location in your user directory in the path, click AppData> Local>Google>Chrome>User Data> Default. For some causes, you want to delete or modify the bookmarks file. You need to exit the Google Chrome browser first. Then you will be able to delete or modify both Bookmarks.bak and Bookmarks files.

How do I transfer my Chrome bookmarks to a new computer?

You can export ortransfer your Chrome bookmarks to a new system or computer. So follow the belowstep

  1. Open your Google Chrome
  2. Login to your Google Account to get access the Google Toolbar
  3. Click to open the Menu
  4. Select the Bookmarks option
  5. Then click the Bookmarks and settings option
  6. Choose the Bookmarks HTML file from the drop-down menu
  7. Click to Choose your File

How to sync Bookmarks between different devices?

To sync bookmarks on Google Chrome across different devices follow the steps.

  1. Sign in to Google Chrome with Google Account
  2. After complete sync, open another device
  3. Sign in with similar Google Account
  4. Sync between devices enables now

You can now find easily any bookmark in a similar folder in another device using Google Chrome. However, this is possible only when you are using a similar Google account. You can learn here how to create Google Chrome profile.

In conclusion, and to summarize, you can easily take favourite on your Chrome browser. Either switch browser to import and export. In other words, you keep data for the backup purpose to utilize in future.

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