Goodbye to Adblocker after YouTube Terms update

AdBlock YouTube account termination

Using Google account and YouTube product, you must receive notification of Changes to YouTube’s Terms of Service. The updated terms are getting into effect on 10-Dec-2019. These contents are not shedding light on all the YouTube terms. However, you will see the most important part to avoid YouTube account suspension and Google account termination. Yes, YouTube new terms of use taken then the authority to terminate you from a product or all the products. After if, YouTube believe that you are no more commercially viable to them.

Using Adblocker extensions and another third-party app is causing a huge loss to all parties. These parties including Advertisers, publisher, YouTube and Google. A single extension is giving damages to all the parties involved in the business. Similarly, every business has the right to protect their property from the damages. The previous calculation might a portion, however, if the terms are getting into effect then it looks like a huge loss. Thus the protection and implementation are now already starting to avoid more damages.

YouTube Account suspension and Termination terms update

YouTube provides a link to their updated terms to all the users via email. The following quote from terms regarding commercially viable. In other words, you are not more beneficial to Google or causing damages to their property. the terms damages mean, using free service and no return or exchange offer.

YouTube Termination

In the light of the above update to the terms, YouTube has the right to termination of services. However, further decision to consider one or more product to ban access. And this is if they believe that services offering to you are no longer commercially viable.

To simply that statement, suppose you are using adblocker to block ads. After that, you are no longer viable (commercially). And keep using the AdBlock, the anti-block undercover policy could take your account.

YouTube terms of services update email

What is AdBlocker?

Adblocker plugin and extension is restricting ads code from the back-end of the web page. If the AdBlock is active, you will not see any ads on the page neither popup ads and notification. There is a number of Apps using externally on a computer or specifically for each browser. User can add plugin or extension on their browser and start surfing the web without ads.

If the user watching contents on the web without ads, then it like they are not paying anything back for free services. Keep using free services it like overheating the server for no profit. Thus a small portion of anit-AdBlock will recover some profit once again.

Who is effecting with Adblocker

Previously, the advertiser, publisher and partner effecting with Adblocker. After the update of terms and condition, the user using services with no commercial viable, then user account gets effecting. Since YouTube get the right to block the user for a similar condition. To protect the advertiser and publisher community.

To protect yourself, you need to un-restrict the ads on YouTube. And sometimes, you don’t even sign in to your account. But this can’t work if cookies storing your login details. Sometimes, you use a separate browser without login details. All you need to ensure your account safety. What if you lost your account with huge data of Gmail, Drive and Photos. Furthermore, a YouTuber and creator can lose access to all their videos. It is always recommended to carefully read the terms and condition. People ignore the terms of use and later claiming nothing done wrong. However, the terms could not explain properly the NO USE of anti-ads and lawfully explain the terms commercially viably.

How to keep safe your YouTube account

Your YouTube account is a Google account. Allowing access to all other products and free access to storage and services. User is not paying any instalment or yearly sub subscription. But view ads and click on their interest. You need to follow the terms if you want to use any service.

In conclusion, and to summarize, you must say goodbye to AdBlocker extension, plugin, Addon and external Apps that may affect ads. No following the terms could ban the use of services to you for one or more product. Furthermore, it can also affect your Google account which could lost your access to all the services.

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