Gmail competitor Edison OnMail Early Access

Early Access OnMail Edison

Back in 2004 Gmail provider early access via invitation. Here is the competitor Edison OnMail offering early access. The features are unique and assuming to compete the way of web Mail we are using today. A current web-based email offering block sender after you receive a message. However, OnMail is offering notification if you would like to receive a message in the first message attempt. And similarly, there is a more unique feature integrating in a way that today competitor are supposed to schedule it. There are new feature people may find it very interested.

Onmail light fast Edison

The way Edison approach, to get only early access at this time, may curious people to see inside OnMail inbox. Currently, only a few people get hands-on, however, you can get early access request. Is it’s time to change your email?, the question mark is a slogan by Edison posting it on the top of the website demonstrating full accelerating competition in the Email market.

Let hands on this claiming email revolution theory to see how can it compete with others and attract more people.

Email photos files segregation category OnMail

How to get early access on Edison Mail OnMail

To get early access to Edison OnMail, you need to subscribe for the early access and request via Edison onmail site. Refer to the following steps to subscribe and request to hands-on OnMail.

  1. Go to
  2. Click on I’m Interested or scroll down to Sign up
  3. Enter your current email address then click I’m Interested
  4. Your email is now on the list of early access


You will receive a confirmation message with code to share with 5 more people. The redeem code by more five people will increase change to get access even more earlier.

Main features of the Edison OnMail

  1. Offering no clutter, save time, avoid to waste people time while unsubscribing from messages.
  2. Full control and feature let you freely move and don’t need to keep looking and deleting unwanted messages. Hey, you control them.
  3. Prevent tracking messages to control advertising campaign and nobody knows you if you open an email.
  4. Edison Mail user interface is attractive and already on the high star rating.
  5. Navigation design let you free access and faster than traditional Mail App. Thus you spend less time reading mail compare with others.
  6. Permission-based email let you get full control on the mail servers to choose what you need. You don’t get a message from people as it needs your permission to land in your inbox.
  7. Contact base segregation of items such is specific sender Mails, Photos and file documents.
  8. Less type or hint type get it done more faster. Instead of typing full search queries, it offers search terms and operators to suggest you and select.
  9. Block read receipt keep your privacy and your work confidential without exposing it others that you open a message.
  10. Clean design, no clutter, focus inbox and message let you feel it like a modern email and the era of future webmail.

Accept contact OnMail

More detail features and inside UI view are still awaiting. Dowpie is trying to get early access to OnMail for detail overview. The inside feature will list with the marking of unique or missing features. You can currently stay tune to wait for the access and get more updates and first look with detail review.

To speed up the early access, you can sign up for yourself on OnMail. After you receive confirmation email from Edison, you will provide with Redeem code to share with friends. When your contacts redeem the invitation code 5 times, you will get rank to get even more earlier.

Why you need to have an account on OnMail

The most popular email clients and email provider don’t are hard to find the required username. The moment, you get early access on Edison OnMail, you are getting higher chances to choose a username of your choice. And most people will try getting a similar username as on the other webmail provider.

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