Fix IDM extension on Google Chrome Integration Module

IDM Integration Module extension Google Chrome

You will learn the easy and quick way to install IDM extension manually on Google Chrome browser. IDM is known as Internet Download Manager to download the packet from a different portion of a single file. However, it is famous due to the high-speed download which able to resume later. Furthermore, you can also download multiple files and locate all download files in one place. Due to upgrade and frequent updates in Chrome, the installation method manually is no more acceptable. While people can’t find it on the Chrome web store.

Usually, people can’t find it on the Chrome web store. You may see manually method illustrating in many videos and other blogs. But due to the fact, the old contents are no more useful due to frequent update. Scroll through below contents including steps wise procedure to succeed getting it ready to your Chrome browser.

You need to understand the IDM extension is not working stand alone. But the extension is actually the IDM Integration Module. You will install the Internet Download Manager first as platform and support run the IDM Integration Module as an extension on Google Chrome browser.

How to add IDM extension onto Google Chrome

To install the Google Chrome extension, you need to install Internet Download Manager on your computer first. The IDM extension actually works only which you have install copy on your computer and laptop. Simple extension without a platform on your machine will not work. In other words, the Chrome IDM extension is not a stand-alone to work without proper installation on your PC first.

  1. Install Internet Download Manager on your Computer
  2. Click the link to open IDM Integration Module (extension) from Chrome Web Store
  3. Click on Add to Chrome the Add extension
  4. After finish installation open chrome://extensions/ in new tab
  5. The IDM Integration Module extension is now ready to use

After you finish adding on the browser, you can simply start using it. However, the download option will pop with each downloadable item.

IDM Integration Module extensionAdd IDM Extension Chrome

Manually adding IDMGCExt file

Previously, after the installation of IDM on the computer, the manul extension adding IDMGCExt file. This method is no more working on Chrome. After the update, manual extensions are not allowing to protect user security. You need to add an item from the official web store.

Direct link to the IDM extension

Below is the direct link to the IDM integration module which is not searchable on the Chrome Web Store.

Why I can’t add it on the Chrome?

Make sure your browser is updated and no Firewall or Antivirus is restricting the download. If you are Administrator and using personal PC, you can check your firewall settings. Otherwise, using organization PC, you need to ask your Administrator to allow and permit adding the extension on Chrome.

How to remove IDM extension from Chrome browser

To remove IDM extension from Google Chrome, follow the steps below:

  1. Locate the extension on Chrome
  2. Right-click on extension, then click on Remove from Chrome
  3. Click Remove to confirm
  4. The extension is removed from Chrome now

You can refer to below screenshot to follow the steps.

Remove from ChromeRemove IDM extension

Best Chrome Extension

The IDM has taken its place on the best Chrome extension to have it on your browser. It quickly starts to download files. Eventually, it also reduces steps to right-click and search for the download button. It acts automatically and pops up to offer download any file on the web.

Installation Troubleshoots

  1. Check if IDM is on your computer prior to adding on the browser.
  2. Make sure the browser is up to date. Or check the update manually.
  3. Check Firewall extension and Antivirus on your computer.
  4. Ensure no restriction adding contents on Chrome.
  5. Ask the administrator to check for permission if using organization computer.