Five Mistakes a Web Designer Should Never Commit –

Either you are a beginner or already a professional, the pieces of information that I am going to share in this article will definitely help you a lot. Why? Well, you will see in the lines that are to come a few mistakes that web designers should never do, in case they want their careers to be successful. The point is that once you accept the fact that you still have some things to improve about your work, you will be able to see your errors and to correct them in time. Therefore, sit back, relax and try to realize if there is something wrong with your job; and if there is try to make amends.

1. Lack of interaction

It doesn’t matter if you are shy or if you simply don’t want to make new friends. When working on the Internet, you will have to leave these things aside, because these will only hold you back. Therefore, the first mistake web designers should avoid is not engaging and interacting with their visitors. Be more sociable and you will see that this new attitude will only bring you advantages. For instance, your readers will trust you, once they actually feel your presence. Not to mention that if you will interact with your audience, they will start recommending you and thus you will have numerous projects. So, the mouth-to-mouth advertisement could be one of the advantages that interaction could bring to you.

How can I correct this mistake?

So, if you have acknowledged the fact that you spend little time interacting with your viewers, then you are one step closer to changing this. If you would like to leave this behind you, then you should create a beautiful portfolio that will represent your work. This way, you will have something to show to your potential customers; and besides that you will also let them know that you are a professional who is always ready. Apart from these things, creating a rich and complete portfolio will be the foundation to your work as a web designer, so make sure you won’t skip this process.

Also, you could create your own blog, where you will be able to offer some help to your readers. Not to mention that, if you would like, you could join some online communities, where you could make yourself and your projects known to the world. So, forget about the lack of interaction and mystery, because instead you will gain an addicted audience.

2. Extremely determined

Usually, when one starts a new path, one is too determined to accomplish various tasks. Being determined is great, but one should never set too many goals, because in the end all these could fail. Therefore, being too eager or enthusiastic about completing several activities all at a time won’t bring you success. On the contrary, this might signify a huge drawback in your career as a web designer. But, this mistake could be corrected, if you will listen to the following pieces of advice.

Ways of fixing this error

If you are aware of the fact that you might commit this mistake again, then you should have a look at the following suggestions. Every web designer should think about organization, they should try to bring some other skillful members in their team (if they can afford it) and they should always keep things clear between them and their clients. These people should let them know if they won’t be able to deliver in the expected time, otherwise the customers will lose their trust in them.

3. Lack of determination

One should understand that when it comes to efficiency and determination, one should be in the middle of the chart. Being too determined will result in failure, whereas lacking enthusiasm will lead you to ruin your career. Therefore, try to be more optimistic and put your mind into it, because there is nothing you cannot do.

How to get over this?

The lack of determination is generally the effect of some previous unsuccessful activities. The thing is that there are some people who might have troubles in finding their way back, once they had some unpleasant experiences. However, there are a few things a web designer could do, in order to get his or her confidence back and to boost the creativity. For instance, you may focus on the thing you love the most about your career and you can write an eBook or make some tutorials, which you could sell to other web designers. Or, if you hate working alone, maybe you could find a group of people who share your interests, together with you will create your own crew. This way, you will feel more secure and safe, knowing that the weight of all responsibilities does not rest on your shoulders.

4. Inability to accept criticism

It is only natural, in your career, to interact with people that will critique your work or reject some of your projects. However, the way you deal with these things plays an important role in the well developing of your career. There are some people who will get in fights with whoever believes that their work is not right, not taking into consideration the fact that this might affect their connections. On the other hand, there is the other category of people who might burst into tears, when receiving bad revisions. But, showing that you are too emotional will definitely cause you to lose your contracts.

How to deal with this matter?

One way of dealing with this issue would be by controlling your emotions and by accepting (right from the beginning) the situations in which your customers might refuse your ideas and ask for something else. Do not think too much of yourself, because this is usually the thing that won’t let you accept other opinions. And, the most important of all, always listen to what your clients want from you, in order to understand their projects.

5. Unwillingness to learn new things

Nowadays, things around us evolve at a rapid rate; therefore, web designers should also bother to learn new things, in case they want to be hired. However, there are some people out there, who prefer just to focus on one thing, thinking that this won’t damage their career at all. But, actually these days, employers want their web designers to have the whole package, so that they won’t lose time hiring more people.

How to fix this?

This matter could be solved if you, the web designer will take your time and you will get acquainted to new things, such as: HTML5, JavaScript, or CSS3, besides learning how to code. In addition to this, the web designer should read interesting blogs that will keep him or her updated. Therefore, learn, learn and learn some more, because this is the way you could become really successful.

So, these are a few mistakes web designers should pay attention at, in order to make sure that nothing will damage their careers.