Five Great Fractal Art Tools You Should Use Today

0 Five Great Fractal Art Tools You Should Use Today

You’ve probably heard about fractals before, but you might not know very much about them. They sound a little scientific, and a little mathematical, which may be why you have stayed away.

However, fractals can be quite artistic. Fractal art is a form of computer-generated art that uses an algorithm to create repeating patterns in which a magnified section of the image looks the same as the image itself.

Fractals occur in nature all the time, and computer programs can mimic them to create their fractal patterns.

Fractals are aesthetically pleasing because they subconsciously make sense. They may look random, but underlying them is nothing but numerical order and symmetry.

Five Tools to Help You Create Stunning Fractal Art

So how do you create fractal art? You need the right tools, which means you need the right programs.

Creating fractal art is so popular that you have a whole range of options to build it with. From free apps on your phone to expensive computer software, there are many options to choose from.

Here are five great software tools to help you create your fractal art.

1. Frax

This app costs about a dollar, and you can use it on your phone, or tablet to create and explore stunning fractal art. The ability to use it on a touchscreen allows you to explore fractal worlds, and get inspiration from them. With just the tips of your fingers, you can zoom further and further into the mesmerizing images that you create.

The app makes it easy to add texture, color, and depth to your fractals, and you can easily save the high-quality images to print later.

2. Fraksl

One drawback of many fractal programs is they tend to be highly technical. Since fractals are computer-generated algorithms, you’ll often find that you need to know a lot about both math, and computers. That’s what is nice about the app Fraksl. It is a simple, user-friendly, free app that can help you as you get your feet wet creating fractals.

Using your touchscreen, you can create, and modify fractals using mirror techniques, and filters, and you can even use your phone’s camera to help generate images. You can share your creations with friends, and you can export them as large, printer-friendly files.

Fraksl gives you the ability to create intricate fractal designs on your phone and turn them into art that can hang on the walls of your home. That’s pretty cool for a free app.

3. Ultra Fractal 6

If creating fractals is more than just a hobby for you, then you need professional software with better, and faster capabilities. Ultra Fractal 6 uses 2 GB of memory, meaning that it can create, and store more intricate and larger fractals.

You can zoom in quickly with faster processing, and you have more control over the creation of the image than with some other less expensive programs.

4. Fractalizer

Up until now, most fractal programs were interested in creating geometric patterns. Fractalizer is a little bit different.

Instead of using shapes, the app uses your photos, and it lets you turn them into fractals. The results are sometimes stunning, sometimes a little frightening, but always worth a conversation.

It’s a great app to use to illustrate just what exactly fractals are and what they do.

If you have trouble staring at a bunch of shapes, and tracing a pattern, you might have more fun looking at the repetition of a single, distinguishable object.

For example, with Fractalizer, you could use a picture of yourself. As you zoom in and follow the repeated pattern of your face, you might start to understand fractals more, and you might begin to realize how mesmerizing they can be.

5. Amberlight 2

Amberlight 2 is a computer software program that can help you create fractals that look as though they are from another world entirely. Many of the programs that you find online to build fractals do so in a very flat, strictly geometric sense. This program takes fractals and breathes life into them.

While Amberlight 2 has many advanced capabilities perfect for a professional graphic artist, it also has fun animation features for even a beginner to use. Whether it’s for work, or for pleasure, you can create a whole other fractal universe that has depth, dimension, and limitless possibilities.

Using Technology to Enhance Your Fractal Art

Using computers and smartphones to create art is just another way that technology can enhance the way you live.

Instead of spending time on the complicated math it takes to create algorithmic art, you can spend your time concentrating on the aesthetic of it.

With all that extra time and these incredible fractal tools, you can create enough fractal art to fill a gallery or at least your home walls.