Find the total number of images in Google Photos

find total number of Google Photos items

You keep uploading and backing up your photos from a smartphone but don’t know how many photos? Here you can find the total number of photos uploaded to this date. The backup of Google photos is taking backup of all the images and videos from your smartphone. Similarly, the user can’t find a number of videos uploaded to Google Photos (GP). It is because the product itself not providing the information on the web or using App. However, there are alternative ways to find it from Google account other options.

People capturing hundreds of images and videos on a daily basis, and free up storage using Google Photos option. It deletes all files when finishing back up of files from gallery. The gallery is just uploading files from the camera folder, but you can select multiple folders. For instance, the user also receiving images and videos from other social platforms. And these files are separately taking storage on different folders within your device.

Google photos allow users to select multiple folders to start uploading and back up. Once finished, the phone is ready to empty and delete already upload files. After that, the files to view from Google Photos App or using web Using it for years, you might wonder, how many images and videos are there in the cloud. It is the best online resource and data storage because the high-resolution upload is free for lifetime. It taking Google account storage only when user select to back up original size video and images.

All images items album Google photos

Methods to find a number of images on Google Photos

Google Photos itself not showing any option to see the total number of images and videos. However, the alternative methods of Google account will work out to view. There is also conflict to view the difference in total which is the fact that somewhere it also count duplicate.

Find number of Google Photos images from Google account dashboard

Google dashboard of user account feeds all the information of other Google products. Similarly, user can see a total number of images and album from Google account dashboard.

  1. Sign in to your Google Account from a browser
  2. Go to
  3. Scroll down to Your Google Services
  4. Check for Photos tab and expand from drop menu
  5. View all Photos, Album and most recent content date.

All images items Google photos

For instance, the user of all photos items (including videos files) are more than 200k items. And the exact number of items showing on the dashboard product page. The product item is to click and expand to see further more details. More details list show Photos (All items) including sign-in, unlisted and public items. Furthermore, All Albums that create while grouping some photos. Similarly, it also shows the unlisted and public Albums on the account.

Last upload date or more recent upload date to check from Google Dashboard (myaccount) page. It shows the most recent upload date along with time of upload when expand photo product to see more details.

Find number of images and videos using Gmail attachment

Alternatively, using Gmail App on your smartphone will let you know the total number of images and videos within Google Photos. All you need to use a method of composing a new message and try to attach a file and select Google Photos (as an attachment). It will indicate the total number of contents within Google Photos.

  1. Open Gmail App on your smartphone
  2. Tap on Compose then tap on an attached icon to attach a file
  3. From the menu (Open From), choose Photos
  4. Select Photo option shows All items within Google Photos

For instant guide, refer to the following screenshot illustrating the method to use Gmail App. Using the Gmail App to attach a file and check All items within Photos.

Some user Questions:

Is there an option to view all number of photos and videos?

No, currently there is no option within Google Photos product on the web and App. However, there are alternative ways to check from Google Dashboard (My Account page) and using Gmail App attach file option.

I want to know the number of photos and videos upload to Google Photos

The product itself is not listing and hope to see a similar feature in the near future. However, use these methods (Dashboard & Gmail App) to see a total number of items uploaded to Google Photos.

How to access my Google Account Dashboard ?

To access your Google account Dashboard, you need to sign in Google account on the browser and use this directly link

I want to know/view my recent upload items to Google Photos

To view recently uploaded items, visit this to show most recent upload items. Very recent images and photos showing on the top to view.

Some Photos are missing, how to find it?

If you can’t see and believe there are missing images, then try looking it in the Archive You can select image and video and click/tap option to unarchive it.

How to view my Album Archive

You can simply click on Album to view all Albums within App and browser. Or use a direct link to the Album Archive or

There is a discrepancy on Google Dashboard and Gmail attach a file (total number of photos).

User can clearly view discrepancy in a total number of items within Google Photos between Google dashboard and Gmail attach file. Google Photos team are not interested yet to develop a method showing all Photos. However, based on the user research, Google Dashboard includes all items including duplicate images. It is recommended to use the Gmail App method to find the exact number. A top contributor explains the issue here.

How to get Google Photos account?

To get Google Photos account, the user must have Google / Gmail account. If you don’t have, you can create a new Google account for yourself here.