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Facebook COVID-19 information center

Facebook adds a new bookmark related to the COVID-19 Information center for everyone. User can follow for update and notification and furthermore to offer help or request help and support from others.

This information is helpful to everyone, as it showcases the recognized health organizations list to follow or visit their official website. Furthermore, the latest updates around the world and at your region at one corner. These latest update and stories are systematically select to display it to you.

For the latest stories, the editorial guidelines used by the team to manage and select the stories. However, the user will always feel it timely and accurate stories from different range of topics and publish contents.

Facebook find and share support with people COVID

Apart from the recognized world health org, the official local and regionally recognized health organization displaying to learn more locally. Mostly the showing the state and countrywide health organization within each country.

People Requesting Help

In this corner, you can request help from others. To request help, click on the Request Help button and select the type of help you need. There are different categories to select such Baby supplies, business support, food, information, supplies, toiletries, transportation, volunteer work and more.

COVID-19 Help Categories

Furthermore, there are filters search nearby area within specific distance/range that near to you. And the post type distinguishes offering help and requesting help. However, the type of category to select the type of help you need.

People Offering Help

It is an support that you offer within your area to other people. User who want to offer help can create a post to interact with others. Others people need help will see your post offering help.

Request or offer help Facebook

User can add text to offering help post, photos and select tag to help people easily find your post. Tag are categories such as baby supplies, business support, food, other supplies, information, volunteer work, transportation and others.

After that, the user can choose the location where offering help and select a contact method. Contact method is optional to choose WhatsApp or Messenger. Furthermore, the privacy option available if the help post to select public, Friends of Friends and Friends.

Create Post Coronavirus Facebook

Ways to deal with staying home

More tips for the users to deal with staying home issues. Offer card view display info-graphic details that sources and refer by who.int. Emphasize the sleep hours at least 6 to 8 hours. To avoid stress and anxiety, it is advising by WHO to find ways doing healthy activities. The outcome is to enjoy and activities feed good relaxation and exercise.

Further fun activities to enhance such as keep in touch with family and friends. Voice and video calls that let you feel together if family and friends are far away. The hourly daily plan to ensure all activities conclude within a single day. Including healthy food, exercise, social platform, sleep and wake up schedule.

It is also suggested to consider taking breaks from the breaking news or not always in touch with the latest news on coronavirus COVID-19. Always watching similar news can addict you to keeping it watching daily and then even hourly.

For the student, the screen time on multiple devices increases with multiple hours available. And consecutively, no activity other than to stay home with these devices. Focus on the study, some times seem impossible. For a student, it is suggested to breaking every day into chunks and get engage in different activities.

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