eLearning:’Train Simple’ Adobe Photoshop Training Bundle – Just $55


Never touched Photoshop at all and looking to brush up on the basics? Train Simple offers the highest level of training, which you can access anytime on their website. Their courses are broken up into several videos, which can be viewed from start to finish, or with their QuickFind search you can easily find and watch just the movie you need.

Their Technology Tracks give you the ability to take courses in a path that they’ve setup for you. These paths group courses in logical order, and quiz your knowledge. Complete a track and become certified in that area of study.

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Conquer the Photoshop Learning Curve w/ Lifetime Access to 8 All-Level Courses + Bonus Tips & Tricks


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Product Details

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Photoshop CC Fundamentals Course

Learn to Create Superior Images & Artwork

By Train Simple | in eLearning


Never touched Photoshop at all or looking to brush up on the basics? This course will put you on the path to creating impressive artwork, and give you the skills to add some creative fire to your resume.

  • Get acquainted w/ Photoshop basics w/ 6 hours of video content
  • Effectively work with layers, blend modes, smart objects & masks
  • Learn to navigate the interface with ease
  • Utilize the selection tool
  • Copy, straighten, transform & scale images
  • Adjust layers w/ basic tools: curves, hue/saturation, vibrance, filter & more
  • Retouch photos w/ tools & brushes: tone, spot heal, patch, sharpen, etc.
  • Play & record actions

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Photoshop CC Selections Course

Take the First Step to Becoming a Photoshop Pro

By Train Simple | in eLearning


Advance your Photoshop skills by isolating and perfecting specific sections of your images. This course will introduce you to the multitude of tools available to you while using the selections functionality.

  • Effectively create selections with 2.5 hours of video content
  • Understand basic concepts like feathering & anti-aliasing
  • Study techniques like Color Range command & nested masks
  • Apply targeted adjustments
  • Make compelling photo composites

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Photoshop CC Camera Raw Course

Every Photographer’s Must-Have Photoshop Plug-In

By Train Simple | in eLearning


Master this powerful plug-in to start making professional adjustments to your photos. Raw is a vital tool for any pro or budding photographer, and this course has everything you need to get started.

  • Explore tools & options available w/ 3 hours of video content
  • Understand the advantages & fundamentals of Raw
  • Crop, rotate & straighten images
  • Perform basic adjustments: balance, exposure, clarity, saturation, etc.
  • Use advanced panels to enhance & add effects
  • Retouch images, remove blemishes & red eye
  • Create presets to become more efficient in your editing

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Photoshop PSD to HTML Course

Seamlessly Go from Photoshop to Web-Ready Content

By Train Simple | in eLearning


Why auto-export PSD files to HTML in outdated formats when you can learn to position your content with CSS? This course will introduce you to concepts required for seamlessPSD conversions.

  • Convert a design to a HTML/CSS document w/ 4.5 hours of video content
  • Get set up properly
  • Analyze the layout
  • Learn to code all sections of your PSD piece by piece
  • Test your design across different browsers

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Photoshop CC Color Management Course

Create Visual Consistency with a Predictable Color System

By Train Simple | in eLearning


A wide variety of factors in the digital world can inevitably cause colors to be reproduced differently. With this course, you will learn to set forth a predictable process for color reproduction across your work.

  • Establish a predictable process for color reproduction w/ 2.25 hours of video content
  • Understand why color management is crucial
  • Manage your color settings & advanced controls
  • Calibrate & profile your system
  • Assign & convert profile commands
  • Study soft proofing & printing in Photoshop
  • Gain a solid understanding of various color spaces like sRGB, ColorMatch RGB, ProPhoto RGB, and others

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Photoshop CC for the Web Course

Essential Skills for Web Designers, Professionals, Bloggers & More

By Train Simple | in eLearning


Photoshop is more than a tool for photographers, it’s used daily for a variety of business functions. Learn to create wireframes and complete site mockups, vital tools for all modern professionals, with this detailed course.

  • Learn Photoshop skills for professionals w/ 3.25 hours of video content
  • Understand web color
  • Create wireframes using grid systems & templates
  • Add wireframe elements
  • Make a website mockup: choose colors, typefaces, UI elements, etc.
  • Optimize your images for the web
  • Create an animated GIF
  • Explore image slicing, sprite sheets, and more
  • Speed up your workflow w/ automation tools

Photoshop CC Portrait Retouching Course

Make Your Models Look Picture Perfect

By Train Simple | in eLearning


The secret’s out: celebrities are constantly being Photoshop-ed to appear flawless. You can do the same for your photo subjects with this in-depth facial retouching course.

  • Retouch eyes & eyebrows w/ 2.5 hours of video content
  • Remove blemishes
  • Soften or add texture to skin
  • Remove dark circles under eyes
  • Study frequency separation
  • Learn to enhance facial features under a variety of conditions

Photoshop CC Working with Type Course

Utilize Photoshop’s Robust Typographic Control

By Train Simple | in eLearning


Photoshop’s type options may seem limited, but this course will teach you to optimize all the customization tools available. Create styles to save time, and see how to apply effects that will transform your work for the better.

  • Learn to control your type in Photoshop with 2 hours of video content
  • Review powerful features such as Tracking, Kerning, Hyphenation & Leading
  • Apply effects using layer styles & filters
  • Adjust character, paragraph format & more

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