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If you are reading this article then you might be interested in using paymode login. Trust me this is one of the fastest growing electronic payment networks.

Lets know more about Paymode-X login.

Bank of America has offered a service called paymode-X. Basically, it is a payment network that makes the business transition easier by replacing it from paper to electronic payments. It does business more efficiently through the streamlined card, check, ACH and wire processing.

It provides a maximum way for business to pay and get paid. That is why payment through paymode leads to maximum cost saving, security, and efficiency.

But, before using it you should log in to the paymode-x. Do you know the process of paymode-x login If you don’t know then, no worries we will guide you to paymode login. just follow the steps below

Easy Steps For Paymode Login and RegistrationEasy Steps For Paymode Login and Registration



Paymode Login – Step by Step Process

Before going to any further process, make sure that you have access to the internet and you know your username and password that you have registered.

Step 1: Visit the website via https://www.paymode-x.com/

Once you land on the official website of Bank of America paymode (Paymode-x) you can see the home page of the paymode. At the top on the right side of the navbar, you can see the login button.

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When you see the login button, click on that button.

Or, you can click https://secure.paymode.com/px/login and directly land on the login page.

step 2: Now, when you are at the login page. You can see two fields: username and password.

Remember your username and password that you have registered while creating your account. And insert correct username and password in that field.

After filing all the login details , you can click on the login button .

Also, if you have missed any of the field unwritten or you have inserted wrong information then you won’t get logged in. So keep these things in mind before you click that login button.

There would be cases when you have registered in paymode but you are logging in after a long period of time. In such cases, you might forget your password or your username.

What to do in such cases?

When you are in such situations, you can recover your password and username. Follow the password recovery steps.

Recovering Password and Username Of Paymode-X Login

On the same login page just beside the login button you can see the two options: forget your password? and forget your username?


Click on the forget your password and forget your username? if you don’t remember your password and username respectively.

paymode reset password

Once you click those option you have to give your email address. Type your email address. Make sure that you enter the valid registered email address and click the send button. If you are the user of that system then you will receive mail with your new username and password.

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Check mail and follow the instructions there to get your new password and username. And use that in your next login process. hence you have recovered your password and username.

This article might have cleared your doubts and problem regarding paymode login and password and username recovery. For any other queries or problems, regarded login then contact Paymode-X Member Services at 877-443-6944 or memberservices@paymode-x.com for further assistance.

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