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You can deactivate or delete permanently Facebook account whenever you want to delete or deactivate. If you are going to deactivate your account for deleting or hiding your conversation don’t do this. Because deactivating can’t hide or delete your messages conversations you have done before.

Deactivate your account will temporarily disable your profile andName as well as photos. Also, hide some posts and information you have sharedbut not all of them completely. But some of them will remain visible to yourfriends and public.

If you want to deactivate your Facebook account might help you injust one thing to stop or hold your activities on Facebook. Yes, this processis better for temporarily disabling Account Name, Profile, and Photos, etc.Also some other information and posts you have shared with friends or publicly.

How to Deactivate a Facebook Account on Android App

Deactivating your FB account is very easy to do and can bereversed by mere login into your App on Android devices. If you want to holdyour activities on Facebook account or temporarily delete your account. So hereare how to deactivate or temporarily delete

  1. Tap to Open your Facebook App
  2. Then Tap the Menu Bar and select the Settings option
  3. Under the Account Settings tap Account Ownership Control from Your Facebook Information category
  4. Next tap the Deactivation and Deletion option
  5. Then Check the Deactivation Account option (Deactivate your Account can be temporary)
  6. Next tap to Continue to Account Deactivation button for further process
  7. Enter your account Password and tap to Continue option

Facebook Main Menu and SettingsAccount Ownership and control from Account SettingsDeactivate Account Temporary and Continue or Delete PermanentlyEnter Your Password and Tap Continue

How to Deactivate a Facebook Account using PC

You can deactivate your Facebook account temporary while usingyour PC with sign in to your Facebook on a web browser. So follow the steps todeactivate your account temporarily

  1. Open your Facebook Account on a browser
  2. Click the Arrow from the main Facebook page
  3. Select the Settings from the menu list
  4. Next Click on Your Facebook Information
  5. Click the View option beside the Deactivation and Deletion
  6. Check the Radio box of the Deactivate Account and then click the Continue to Account Deactivation button at the bottom
  7. Next, it will ask you to Enter your Password and click to Continue

Select Main Arrow and SettingsClick Your Facebook Information from the SettingsClick the view beside Deactivation and Deletion optionDeactivate Account Temporary and Continue or delete permanentlyEnter your Password and continue

How to Deactivate Facebook Account Temporarily on iOS or iPad

If you want to deactivate your Facebook profile temporarily, thenyou need to sign in to the app or browser. Here are the steps that how totemporarily delete or deactivate your account

  1. Open your Facebook App on your iPad or iPhone devices
  2. Tap on Three Line bar or Menu button to open
  3. Select the Settings option from the menu
  4. Then tap the Account Setting option once appear in the menu
  5. Select the General option from the top your screen
  6. Next, tap Manage Account option
  7. Under the Account option tap on Deactivate option
  8. It will ask you to enter your Account Password and then tap to Continue

It is all depending on your changing decision and you would liketo be reactivating on your Facebook Account. When you decided to back thensimply sign in to your Facebook account on any app or browser and your Facebookprofile will be the same as you left it.

How to Delete Permanently Your Facebook Account

If you want to delete permanently delete your Facebook accountbecause you don’t want to continue anymore. So here are the given steps thathow to delete your Facebook account permanently

  1. Open your Facebook account with any web browser and then sign in
  2. Click Delete your Facebook Account Permanently
  3. Tap or Click on the Delete My Account button
  4. Then your account will be Scheduled for deletion
  5. Before going to delete Download your Facebook Data to an archive

Delete Permanently Your Facebook Account

Note: In an opportunity will give you be the Facebook to you to change your mind during 14 days period and cancel your deletion. If you sign in to your account from any app or web browser during 14 days period then your deletion process will cancel automatically. Remember one thing more if you want to continue the deletion process properly than log out from all devices android, iPhone or iPad apps linked to your account

STILL can’t Delete Permanently your Facebook account? Here’s the fix!

According to the media source that some Facebook users have hadissues of the password during the deletion of their Facebook accounts. Thereare a lot of notifications from Facebook to the users that the given passwordentered is wrong.

Steps to Fix Password Issue

So to fix this issue of the password is simple and as easy as fromresetting your password. So here are the steps that how to fix the passwordissue

  1. Open your Facebook app
  2. Tap the main menu like More or Three bar lines
  3. Select the Settings option
  4. Then Tap Security and Login option
  5. Under the login, section tap the Change password option
  6. Simply enter your New password information and then tap Save Changes option

After all the above process of the changing password, you need to try again t delete your account with the new password.

Before you Delete Facebook Account Permanently

Follow the checklist to ensure you don’t need anything after you permanently delete your Facebook account. After that, you can’t retrieve deleted account if 14 days time period is gone.

  1. Are messages and conversation have important information to you?
  2. Did you download your data to your local storage from the Facebook account?
  3. Did you create any page? Why not transfer or make someone else Admin to ensure community page is still alive.
  4. Any Business page, what and who will care about your business?
  5. Did you use the marketplace and still items on sale to ensure proper closure of all the deals.
  6. Running Facebook Ads? Do add money in your wallet to run the ads or any balance amount in your account.
  7. Check out what other products you use on a Facebook account.

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