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Important points in sounddesign

Sounds surround useverywhere: everyday business, film, television or radio broadcasting. Sound isone of the most important parts of our perception of the environment, ourpicture of the world.

Sound is an integral partof any movie, promotional video, presentation or clip. Dialogues, speciallyselected music background, sound effects, and other techniques create anattitude towards a particular product and its further understanding andperception. The whole process in a professional environment is called sounddesign.

What is sound design

Many sounds (sounds ofnature, car traffic, household sounds) are recorded naturally. This is donewith different types ofmicrophonesand processed in the post-production process. But most sound special effects invideo clips are already recorded sounds that can mimic a forest, water, impact,movement or use of objects.

Sound design refers to atype of creative activity, the object of which is sound.

Sound design is importantand necessary. After all, sound can influence the mood, attract attention, or,conversely, repel. Sound design is used in the film, video, animation,multimedia, television and radio advertisements, theatre and contemporary musicgenres.

Sound design is one of themain trends in sound production. Various video clips about the company’sproducts, presentations, and training videos need high-quality sound design. Itis important that the picture is fully consistent with the soundtrack.Therefore, sound design cannot be taken as a process of simply superimposingsounds and sound special effects on the picture. Sound design is a complexcreative process.

Who’s a sound designer?

An interior designercreates the surrounding object space in accordance with certain requirements offashion, style, customer’s wishes. In the same way, the sound designer modelsthe sound environment, the sound space, and saturates it with various soundelements. The sound designer must comply with the specific features of theproject and its genre, the specificity of the on-screen narrative featurescharacters, art and imagery, etc.

In his work, the sounddesigner relies on the psychology of the target audience of the video clip, thefeatures of acoustics and other aspects. To create a high-quality product, itis desirable to use original music that is recorded “under the image”and shows all the subtleties of the plot. This approach helps viewersunderstand the plot or gives them a reason to think about its furtherdevelopment. The announcer reads the text for overlay, then music is recordedfor the video or pre-purchased music is added and mounted. Sound effects aremixed.

A sound designer inadvertising is a kind of man-orchestra. This is not just someone who puts thenotorious sound effects on the video sequence.

The main thing that shouldguide the sound designer of an advertising project when working on soundaccompaniment, it is on the video sequence of the commercial. Each actioninside the video should have its own sound, which will be fully consistent withreality. For example, if the script of the video involves action in nature,then the viewer must definitely hear the noise of the crowns of trees, thecrackle of branches that break under their feet and the birds singing. Theviewer must believe what is happening.

In his work, the sounddesigner does the following:

  • directs various projects (movies, games, commercials, etc.) with the help of sound;
  • collects the final mix from the audio files;
  • interacts with the director and the director of the sound project;
  • works in audio editor programs such as Reaper, Pro-Tools, Cubase, Ableton Live, Sound Forge and Audition;
  • makes studio audio recordings as needed;
  • creates sound design for animations and videos;
  • develops the sound design for different characters;
  • uses color, psychoacoustics and associative thinking in his work;
  • works with a variety of acoustic sources;
  • records and processes voice sounds.

In addition, the sounddesigner is engaged in the musical design of parties, various events, andinteractive installations.

How do you define a goodsound design?

The audience simply doesn’tnotice the high-quality sound design in the video. Music and sounds,announcements, voices of children and people, etc. should be perfectlycombined.

Together, these soundsshould create a single dynamic picture of life. The sound design in the videoshould be so organic that it creates the effect that everything is meant to be.

Sound design is anextremely interesting and creative process of working on the sound of screenaction. It requires special skills and comprehensive knowledge from aspecialist. High-quality and thoughtful sound has a significant impact on theattractiveness of the screen product for the viewer. The success of each newscreen project in the market depends on the successful sound design!

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