Creating A Startup with Digital Marketing Tactics –

When a text message arrives on your phone about the upcoming sale at your favorite store or an e-mail about a contest with a raffle of your favorite product pops up in your inbox, and when you buy a product in a store because your favorite blogger advertised it, the excitement you feel isn’t accidental. You received these messages and responded to the advertisements all because of one thing: digital marketing.

If it happens that you decide to create your own startup, be aware that you cannot do it without digital marketing. What is digital marketing, and how do you use it to create and promote your startup? Let’s find out more with ourPro-Papersexpert team.

Often, a startup creation process can’t be conducted by standard marketing methods adopted in traditional business tactics. All this is explained by the need to generate interest of audience to your product, and to do many other important things before starting selling it. Usually using standard marketing services is impossible because of a small startup budget.

Moreover, digital marketing is usually trying to find customers offline, not just on their website.

How will using digital marketing help your startup? If you need to introduce your product to a wide audience, then you need to use it. There are at least 6 advantages of this tool for your startup:

  • A wider target audience will know about you. These are your buyers, ready to pay money for your goods. Communicate with them, make contact and let the profits come with you.
  • Clients will find out all the information about your wonderful product/service in a very short time. And the sooner they learn, the faster they will buy. That is your goal.
  • You can have a heavy presence on your customers’ feeds, helping you stick in the memory of the audience. This means that the chances of choosing exactly your products during the purchase increase.
  • Digital marketing will cost less than regular advertising.
  • Your product begins to demonstrate strong name recognition, it is examined more closely.
  • You can measure, analyze, draw conclusions and correct further actions for the results of a marketing campaign.

Digital marketing has its drawbacks. Although, let’s call them features. For example:

  • It isn’t quick. Be prepared for the fact that success will not come to you in a few days, have patience!
  • Prepare to try out many digital marketing tools. If you thought that it was enough just to set up several tools and they would work stably – start to get upset.
  • Most importantly, digital marketing is either forever or not at all. The method of raids and one-time settings does not work here.

So, what digital marketing tools can benefit your startup?

Of course, social networks, messengers. Using social networks to advertise and promote your product makes it possible to contact potential customers directly. You can easily find out the interests of your potential customers, whether they like your product, what shortcomings they see in your work, just by arranging a survey among them. You can easily interest and attract customers by arranging a contest. Most importantly, thanks to the popularity of social networks, a wide range of potential customers will quickly learn about your product.

Mobile devices and applications. Today, most of the information we learn as well as most purchases are made through gadgets. This is proved by the latest research data, according to which, 50 billion search queries are sent from mobile devices. Obviously, to promote your product through advertising in mobile applications is an opportunity that can’t be missed. App stores have their own promotional mechanisms: ratings, reviews, popularity, features. Advertising text, screenshots, videos, work with ratings and reviews – all this affects the success of your product.

Email. Why not send a commercial offer to your regular and potential customers? Many treat such e-mail newsletters as spam, but if you correctly configure and correctly determine the distribution recipients, this tool can become a rather effective way of sales.

Contextual advertising. An option that requires a separate position in the budget, but it brings an instant result. You will see how the number of customers, as well as the recognition of your product, grow.

Mass media. Working with the press has a lot to do with creating content, but here you cannot fully control the information about your product. You should interest an editor in your product and then he/she will write about you. If people write about you on popular and reputable information platforms, then people will learn more about you and will trust you more.

Blogging. People love to read other people’s thoughts and advice. But the information should be really interesting and useful. Start collaborating with popular bloggers. A big plus of this channel is that there is no direct advertising. Information about your product will be taken as helpful advice.

The main mistake of startuppers is often when searching for tips on introducing digital marketing, they stumble upon the tips of the so-called “startup marketing guide”, start to follow them thoughtlessly and make fatal mistakes. Therefore, consider learning digital marketing tools consciously and listen to the bloggers’ advices wisely. The best thing is to find a specialist who will help your startup or take an online digital marketing course.

Thus, you see that when creating a startup, digital marketing becomes an indispensable tool. Test and try, choose the best way to promote your product, because, clearly, the use of only one tool will not bring you a serious result.