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A few years ago, building an app for your product would’ve meant relentless research to find the right software development company, hefty down payments, months spent in specification and wireframes, and another lifetime till you finally got the ready app in your hand. This process would be so overwhelming for businesses that in a majority of cases, the project would stall mid-way. That means that if you had set out to get an iOS app built for your product then, chances are that you would run out of either money or patience halfway through the project and pull the plug. But, times have changed since and there are better options available in the market now.

Why create an iOS app for your product?

In this increasingly digital age, where an average person spends over 3 hours on their mobile phones each day, true business potential lies on digital media. Customers now prefer to communicate with businesses via online and digital channels – whether it’s through an app or a website. However, while businesses recognise this, traditionally a lack of funds, skills or technical knowledge is still a barrier, which is understandable.

The solution

In order to tackle this challenge, there are several platforms that enable individuals and enterprises alike to create iOS apps without any coding knowledge. For example, Buildfire helps users build apps without knowing how to code and offers a 14-day free trial. Another platform, iBuildApp, provides 1000+ design templates, powerful features, 24/5 full support and costs about $395 per month.

But, our eyes have caught this human-assisted AI platform that can build an idea at 2x the speed and almost a fraction of the price and time called, all thanks to artificial intelligence. AI applications, including machine learning, have been known to significantly accelerate the development cycle, primarily by alleviating the burden of labour-intensive human coding.

Let’s understand what platform has to offer

They’ve a full suite of products for all app builders, including Builder Studio, Builder Cloud and Builder Care. Its human-assisted-AI platform lets people create on-demand, tailor-made software using a library of reusable features and a network of verified expert talent from around the world. Their aftercare product, Builder Care, keeps this software up-to-date, and for businesses in need of an infrastructure to support growth, their cloud solution, Builder Cloud, combines all the big providers into one platform at a much lower price.

Here’s how to create an iOS app for your product in just five easy steps:

STEP 1 – Begin with an idea.

STEP 2 – Choose from hundreds of templates and recommended features or add your own. Then, based on your idea, works to give you a maximum price and estimated delivery date within minutes.

STEP 3 –’s development process leverages AI to tap a library of existing components and manage a crowd-sourced global team for everything that’s unique.

STEP 4 – delivers a custom product by deadline and on budget – guaranteed.

STEP 5 – The platform can host and upgrade your product to ensure ongoing functionality. uses AI to generate an estimated timeline and budget for each project. They also give you weekly payment options, making it a comfortable choice for start-ups. They promise money back if your project is done sooner and they don’t charge any extra if you need to delay your project. All in all, it sounds like an excellent option worth considering.

Digital transformation has meant budgetary and logistical nightmares for smaller businesses in the past, but it is certainly a relief to see that revolutionary technologies are making the journey easier, faster, and cheaper for businesses worldwide – being just one of such good options out there.

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