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ByUmar Ali – February 14, 2020Connect Facebook Page to WhatsApp Business

Do you know how to connect your Facebook Page to WhatsApp Business account? WhatsApp is one of the famous and commonly used apps all over the world. Now WhatsApp brought in a new layer of communication and accessibility among Mobile users. Facebook is a big social media platform for promoting yourself and Business. You can share your photos and videos with your public audience by creating a Facebook page for business and community purposes. You will need to create a Facebook page and connect to your WhatsApp business account to run ads that click to WhatsApp. Through this, you will get more traffic to your app and help you connect with your customers for communication.

If you don’t know how to create your Facebook page read myprevious post related to Create Facebook page for Business or Communitypurpose.

Why is WhatsApp important for your brand?

There are several reasons for the WhatsApp importance foryour brand and some of the following are below:

  1. Due to the digital marketing has convenient, bigand powerful tool through which you can reach to any brand, wherever you areand at any time, because of rapid growth, multiple touchpoints through whichyou can connect with your customers.
  2. Because of the above factors, the WhatsApp willget more importance due to the present all business touchpoints to make it easyfor your followers to communicate and connect with you.
  3. If you set up a Business WhatsApp for your brandwill not help you do this but it will enable you to make a business profilethrough which your friends or contacts can get your brand all details in oneplace.
  4. It will create better communication and bringcloser your customers to your brand without the need for any separateapplication like the Facebook Messenger app.
  5. Once you add your WhatsApp number to your pageand use it as CTA in your ads or on your profile.

What is Required before you begin?

If you want to connect the Facebook page with WhatsApp businessaccount then you will need the following two things.

  1. Create a WhatsApp Business Account
  2. You will need to create a Facebook Page

Download and Install WhatsApp Business Account

How to Setup WhatsApp for Business

You will need to create a Business profile on WhatsApp android Smartphone with help to their business application. It will be done through an android device only because of this application available for this specific operating system for the time being. This is why a separate app because it will able to add a WhatsApp CTA option button on your page and the application gives valuable insight about the message received, sent, responded, and read to help you check and reassess your communication strategy with your with the audience, customers through this application.

How to Create a Facebook Page

Here you will learn about how to create a Facebook page from your FB account. Open your Facebook account and create a Facebook page for your business or community.

Add your WhatsApp number to your Facebook page

Let’s show here how to add your WhatsApp number to your FB page in the following steps:

  1. Open your Facebook Page
  2. Go to the Settings
  3. Click on the WhatsApp tab
  4. Enter your Number you want and confirm the process
  5. After that, your Number will be added to your FB page

If you did not see the WhatsApp tab in the settings, thenyou will need to contact the FB page admin to check if the tab is not availableto you due to page permission. After that, it still did not work then continueto read the below post that how to connect WhatsApp to your FB page and createWhatsApp ads if you do not use the Business application.

Tips to Connect your WhatsApp business account with your Facebook Page Using Ads Manager

Let’s scroll down the below steps to connect yourFacebook page with your WhatsApp business account.

  1. You will need to open the Ads Manager
  2. Next click on the Create option
  3. To create an Ad that clicks to WhatsApp campaign by pressing the Conversions, Messages, or Traffic objective
  4. It will be depending on the objective you chose, select WhatsApp icon among the below options:For Messages, objectively choose the WhatsApp Business in the Message Destinations section Select the WhatsApp in the Conversions section for the Conversions objective Go to the Traffic section select the WhatsApp for the Traffic objective
  5. Then click the Business page you want to use for the advertising
  6. Select to WhatsApp business Account to connectIf your Business account has already been connected, confirm the mobile number listed is correct
  7. Now type your Mobile number associated with your WhatsApp business account and select the Next optionIf your Facebook Page and WhatsApp business account fall under the same Business Manage, so your WhatsApp business account will be connected automatically to your page.If you are connected with a (Business Solution Provider) SBP and the FB business page under the Business Manager that they have set to send messages on behalf of and automatically your WhatsApp account will be connected to your page.If the above option is not applied to you then we will send a one-time code to the contact number specified, Enter the code and click the Submit option to receive the Verification code
  8. Click on the Done option to return to ads creation
  9. Finally, click on the Confirm to publish once you finish creating your ad

How to Connect Your Facebook Page to WhatsApp Business Account

Don’t have WhatsApp for Business?

Most of the people of using their contact number as your brand’s WhatsApp, or don’t want to create a different business profile on this application. You can still bring your customers on your route to begin a WhatsApp chatting with you.

How to Add Website URL?

For the Ad Manager, you must know about them to Learn More button option which lets you add a website URL in your ads.

Let’s add your WhatsApp chat URL in your add and let customer connect to your either on WhatsApp App or WhatsApp web on the Smartphone. Here you can create your chat link, using the following URL: where the is a complete mobile number in the international format, omitting any zeroes, dashes, or brackets, for example, https: //

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This can work on website click ads or even canvas based creative, and can help you experiment on whether or not entering a separate WhatsApp number is worth it or not.

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