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Introduction to Web Development

Discover the Basics of Building Websites from Scratch

By 1337 Institute of Technology | in eLearning


Unravel the mystery of coding with the ultimate introduction to programming. This course is perfectly crafted for total beginners, bringing to light the basics of how websites are made and the skills required to pursue coding as a career or hobby.

  • Learn to build a website from the ground up
  • Understand the basics of HTML, CSS & JavaScript
  • Gain a foundation of coding knowledge to build upon
  • Understand the bone structure of a website
  • Explore the variety of coding languages

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jQuery for Beginners

Study JavaScript & jQuery–The Web’s Most Essential Language & Framework

By 1337 Institute of Technology | in eLearning


Most of the impressive websites you visit daily utilize the powerful jQuery framework, and now you can too. This course teaches you to create powerful, impressive visual effects, interface widgets, and more in order to build dynamic, pro-quality sites.

  • Code along side the instructor to get hands-on experience
  • Retain the material presented in the course w/ engaging lab exercises
  • Build dynamic effects & site features w/ jQuery
  • Guarantee that your site will perform the same on all browsers
  • Create a powerful interface

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iOS Development for Beginners

Bring Your Amazing iPhone & iPad App Ideas to Life

By 1337 Institute of Technology | in eLearning


Whether or not you’re an Apple user, iOS programming is a must-have skill in the modern tech ecosystem. Master the major Apple developer tools like Xcode and Swift, in order to develop amazing apps for iPhone and iPad—while also adding a highly in-demand skill to your toolset.

  • Observe over six hours of video instruction on iOS development
  • Participate in numerous lab exercises & receive dozens of code examples
  • Create your own iOS applications to run on iPhone, iPad, or both
  • Build user interfaces with the Xcode storyboard
  • Advance through topics like saving data on the device, gestures, geolocation & media

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HTML5 Mobile App Development with PhoneGap

Create HTML5-Based Apps That Run Smoothly on Every Platform!

By 1337 Institute of Technology | in eLearning


PhoneGap is a free, open source framework for creating mobile apps with just basic HTML,CSS, and JavaScript knowledge. Rather than dive into iOS or Android specific coding, build apps that seamlessly transfer to any user’s device.

  • Sell your mobile apps in the Apple App Store, the Google Play Store & more
  • Code alongside the instructor
  • Build apps that that control audio & video, and use remote data from a server
  • Make your app interact w/ the phone’s camera & microphone hardware
  • Create engaging mobile applications that you can distribute to all major phone platforms— without coding a line of Java or Objective C
  • Write your code once & then easily distribute to both iOS and Android

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C Programming for Beginners

Build a Versatile Skillset: Learn the Language Underlying Many Others!

By 1337 Institute of Technology | in eLearning


Your dream is to build an app resting atop the iTunes Store leaderboard—but where to begin? Start with C programming, a prerequisite for the Objective C language powering all iOS apps, and the foundation for countless other languages ranging from Java to PHP.

  • Master basic concepts crucial to general programming
  • Build a strong foundation for other languages, such as Objective C & PHP
  • Write programs that work on many devices: iPhone, iPad, Mac & more
  • Code in Objective-C & develop apps for iOS
  • Fully prepare to build many types of products: C powers financial apps, video games & more
  • Get comfortable programming in C by course’s end

Python For Beginners

Dip Your Toes into Programming with This Beginner-Friendly Language

By 1337 Institute of Technology | in eLearning


The Python programming language is simple, easy to learn, and widely used by developers at tech companies like Facebook and Dropbox. In this course, you’ll master both the basic and advanced concepts underlying Python, gaining the skills needed to quickly build elegant apps for web and mobile.

  • Dive into an easy-to-learn programming language
  • Build skills adaptable to small & large projects
  • Create custom modules & libraries
  • Learn to use database operations
  • Keep your code pristine by debugging your work
  • Write a full-fledged Python program by course’s end
  • Easily branch out into other languages

JavaScript for Beginners

Learn to Craft Dynamic & Interactive Browsing Experiences

By 1337 Institute of Technology | in eLearning


JavaScript is the language underlying countless web applications, and a big reason you can play games and watch videos in your browser. Easily boost your employability and dive into complex programming projects by adding JavaScript to your coding arsenal—and it all starts with this course.

  • Learn to write quality JavaScript code
  • Dive into the fundamental browser language of the web
  • Work through different elements like functions, objects & strings
  • Write programs that power animations, web page transitions & more
  • Learn side-by-side w/ the instructor
  • Dramatically increase your employability
  • Be ready to rock a wide variety of web projects

HTML & CSS for Beginners

Lay the Foundation for Building Amazing Web Pages

By 1337 Institute of Technology | in eLearning


Why are HTML and CSS indispensable parts of any programmer’s toolbox? HTML forms the basic structure that determines how all websites and many mobile apps are displayed. CSSbuilds upon the foundation laid by HTML, adding visual elements that bring these pages to life. Together they are the reason the Internet functions as it does today—and you’ll benefit greatly from learning them both.

  • Learn the 3 commonly-used versions of HTML
  • Use HTML5 to embed audio & video into web pages
  • Write CSS code to layer your pages w/ aesthetically pleasing elements
  • Format your HTML & CSS properly
  • Examine dozens of code examples to learn through observation
  • Complete lab exercises to consolidate your knowledge
  • Code side-by-side w/ the instructor
  • Be prepared to work w/ just about any digital media by course’s end

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