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Do you know how to share an Instagram story to Facebook? Yes, you can Share Instagram Story with Facebook and FB Page. But you will need to link your Instagram with Facebook first. Facebook and Instagram are very important for promoting yourself as well as your business. You can share photos, videos, and stories with other followers, users, friends to gain more traffic for your business. That is why everyone wants to share their product posts on Instagram and as well as on Instagram. Most of the people are sharing their stories on Instagram and Facebook at a time.

In this article, we will teach how to share the Instagram story to Facebook. You will also learn how to share Instagram stories with Facebook in the future automatically. You can also use the highlight feature to view who view your story on Instagram. Let’s scroll down to learn how to share IG Story, and share this with the story to Facebook in the following ways.

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What is the difference between Instagram and FacebookStories?

While Facebook Stories has not enjoyed quite the samesuccess as IG Stories, it is still provided to be a large number of asses forbusinesses looking to increase their organic reach & stand out from theircompetitors.

Do Facebook and Instagram Stories work the same way? Do they have the same features and tools? Can your repost the same content to both channels?

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Difference between Instagram Stories & FacebookStories

Here is the difference between Instagram and Facebook Stories

User Interface of Instagram Vs Facebook Stories

There is only a minor difference between InstagramStories and Facebook Stories have a beautiful same user interface.

  1. Facebook Stories Camera has options for live video, Normal, Video, & Boomerang on Facebook Stories. But Super Zoom, Hands-Free, and Rewind are missing.
  2. You can add AR filters to your videos & photos, although Facebook actually edges IG out in this field.
  3. The Instagram Stories offers around fifty multiples filters and Facebook has over 100 filters. You can access the following accounts like Off-White and Kylie Cosmetics.
  4. Both of the channels allow you to upload videos and photos from your mobile’s gallery (Including older than 24 hrs). But the FB Stories do not let you upload different videos & photos at a time, which you can do on the IG Stories.
  5. You can share, leave a comment and DM both kinds of stories. IG Stories allow you to reply with a story and on the Facebook, Stories features a Follow call to action on the stories of accounts you do not follow yet

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Features & Creative Toolson Instagram Vs Facebook Stories

Once you come to the featureand tools to customize your stories, then Facebook Stories is a bit morelimited than IG Stories.

  1. At the time they only offer time stickers, Namestickers, GIF Stickers, time stickers, locations stickers, and poll stickers.
  2. Instagram Stories offer drawing tools likedifferent pen styles and Facebook Stories limits you to two.
  3. Both Facebook and Instagram Stories offer fivemultiples fonts. And despite having different names, they are actually quitesimilar.
  4. Once you come to backgrounds and filters, FBStories definitely ahead to take the prize. Facebook Stories offers dozens ofuser-created filters, backgrounds, and effects, While Instagram Stories offersonly 12 different filters that you can apply to your stories.

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Stories Insights on Instagram Stories Vs Facebook Stories

Here we will talk about the analytics. There is quite adifference between both Facebook and Instagram collect insights about yourstories, the quality and amount are quite different.

  1. Facebook Stories provide a limited number ofinsights about your story’s performance. You can only access them from thedesktop version of Facebook. These include unique forward taps, the storyopens, forward swipes, backward taps, and exits.
  2. On the other hand Instagram Insights, you canaccess metrics for impressions, exits, link clicks, profile visits, calls,replies, shares, & a whole lot more.

I think that will enough for your guidance the covered above difference between Facebook Stories & Instagram Stories.

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How to Share Your Story on Instagram

If you are new to Instagram then you will need to knowhow to share your story on Instagram. Here are the following steps:

  1. Tap to Open the Instagram App on your Mobile
  2. Log in to your Instagram Account
  3. Tap on the Your Story with your picture at the top your IG home screen
  4. Now tap on the Camera icon or select Gallery option to choose photos, & video
  5. Now you can choose different styles, backgrounds, & filters for your story
  6. Select the Send option from the left-hand side
  7. After that tap on the Share option

Open IG App, Your Story, Send To & Share option

How to Share Instagram Story to Facebook StoryAutomatically

Now let’s show you how to share your Instagram Story toFacebook Story. But you will need to link an Instagram account with yourFacebook account and enable the story control to share with the Facebook optionturn on. Here are the following steps for your guidance:

  1. Open your Instagram Account
  2. Log in to your IG Account
  3. Select Human or Profile icon from the bottom to open your profile
  4. Press the Main menu option from the top
  5. From the bottom select Settings option
  6. Select the Account Linked option
  7. Tap on the Facebook option
  8. Then select the Facebook Page in the Share to section & Toggle on beside the Share Your Story to Facebook option Facebook from the preference section (If you want to share IG Story on FB Profile & Page
  9. Go back to Home Screen
  10. Tap on Your Story option from the top left side
  11. Create your story from the Camera option or Gallery option once you did then
  12. Then tap on the Send option
  13. Now tap on Sharing Options under drop-down under Your Story
  14. Choose Share to Facebook Every Time or select Share Once
  15. Finally, tap on the Share option from the right side

Open IG Account, Tap Profile icon, Menu, Settings, & Account optionSelect Linked Accounts, Facebook Account, FB Page, & Share Your Story to FacebookTap Your Story, Create Your Story, & Send optionTap on Sharing Options, Share to Facebook Every Time or Share Once & Share option

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How to Manually Re-Share Instagram Stories to FacebookStories

Let’s show another way to Share your IG Stories toFacebook by saving them to your device and then manually publish from device toFacebook Stories. This way is a little bit more consuming your time but is bestan alternative way If you do not want to automatically all of your InstagramStories to Facebook Stories.

  1. Open your Instagram account on the mobile app
  2. Now tap on the Your Story icon at the top
  3. Create your Story to ready for send or sharing
  4. Then tap on the Download icon from the top
  5. After that, your Story will download to your Device’s Camera roll
  6. Now tap on the Facebook to open
  7. Swipe up to open your Saved videos and photos
  8. Select the Story you just shared
  9. Share it on Facebook Stories

Tap Your Story, Create Your Story, & Download icon optionTap to Open Facebook, Story, Create Story, and Share to Story

Share Instagram Story to Your Facebook Page

If you want to share your Instagram Story to a Facebookbusiness or Personal page it does not matter. Then follow the given steps:

  1. You will need to Download Page Manager first from your Play Store or App Store
  2. Tap on the Story of from your Instagram Home page
  3. Create your Story first
  4. Now tap on the Share option from the bottom
  5. Select the Page Manager option from the pop-up
  6. Tap on the Next option from the top
  7. Then tap on the Publish
  8. The IG Story will publish a post on your Facebook Page

Open You Story, Tap on Share icon, Pages Manager, & FB PageTap Next, & Publish option

How to Enable Automatically Share IG Story to Facebook

You will need to enable the option from the settings toshare photos, videos, or cross-post from IG to FB Note and the stories will bethere available on Facebook for 24 hrs. They will disappear after 24 hrs. Butyou will find these stories in Facebook stories archive if you enabled thestories archive option on FB.

You can always change the option from privacy settings toallow IG to share stories on Facebook automatically.

  1. Open IG Account with your Mobile App
  2. Tap on the Profile icon
  3. Then tap on the menu from the top
  4. Select the Settings option from the bottom
  5. Now select the Privacy option from settings
  6. Then tap on the Story option
  7. Go to the Sharing Section
  8. Tap to Toggle on beside the Share Your Story to Facebook option
  9. You can Turn off the Toggle to stop automatic sharing option of Share Your Story to Facebook

Open IG Account, Tap Profile icon, Menu, Settings, & Privacy optionSelect Story Control, Tap to Turn On or Off Share Your Story to Facebook

When you enable this option then it will share your posts,photos, stories, and videos on IG. It will be automatically posted or re-sharedon FB too. This is one of the great features of the Instagram app.

How to Share Instagram Story to FB after Posting

If you already shared your story on IG and now afterposting it you want to share it on Facebook too. Yes, you can do it and share ashared IG Story on Facebook in the following below steps:

  1. Open Instagram Account
  2. Tap on the Story you have shared on Instagram
  3. Then tap on the Facebook icon at the bottom between share & Highlight options
  4. Now tap on the share to Facebook option once a pop-up
  5. You will see a notification your story shared with FB on your screen

Navigate IG Story, Tap on Facebook, & Share to Facebook

How to Easily Repurpose IG Stories for FB Stories UsingStories Templates

Most of the business and brands are using an application like Canva to create IG Stories templates. These templates are fundamentally pre-made layouts with text, graphics, or animations that you can edit to fit each new story.

Using of IG Stories template is the best way to build a more unified and consistent brand aesthetic to going after a particular look with your stories.

Another big advantage of using IG Stories templates isthat you can easily repurpose the content you create for FB Stories as will!

You will need to download your story for the designapplication that you use like Adobe Photoshop and Canva are both famousoptions.

How to Easily Re-purpose IG Stories for FB Stories Using Stories Templates

  1. Now Open your photo in the Facebook Stories like normally would
  2. Share your post on a Facebook story

This is like cross-posting your IG Stories to FB is the easiest way to do. And it is a super-easy way to increase the audience on FB Stories while you are still learning the ropes.

Are you repurposing Instagram Stories for Facebook Stories? Let us know in the comments!

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