Can I Install My WhatsApp on the Kindle Fire

If you want to turn your Kindle Fire into the best communication tool to install WhatsApp or any other chat app. But this includes a lot of actions than you think as the Fire prevents downloads and installations of the third-party app. So there is a way to get stop the lock feature of Kindle Fire and you will able to download and install a third-party app. In this post, you will learn about the installation and setting process step by step.

How to Enable Unknown Sources

First of all, enable unknown sources to start downloading and installation. So the process has been tested for the Kindle Fire version of HD 7, 8, and 10. Some of the users test it and it also works for older Fires running the update software. Anyway, here’s how to turn on the feature in two steps.

Step 1 #

In the first step you need to do these steps:

  1. First, tap the Menu and enter Fire’s Settings
  2. Tap the Security Menu (If using newer Fire OS iterations 4.0 or later)
  3. Select the Applications Menu (If someone using older versions software)

Step 2#

In the second step, you have to follow the giveninstructions

  1. First Swipe down the menu and tap on the Unknown Sources option
  2. When you turn on the Unknown Sources then all third-party apps will ready for installation
  3. But this option does not appear on the Amazon Store

Note: Keep in mind that the Unknown sources installation block appears on the most devices tablets and Smartphones iOS and Android. This will allow the manufacturers to keep protect the native software from spam malware.

How to Install WhatsApp on the Kindle Fire

You need to visit the WhatsApp Apk file for the installation of WhatsApp on the Kindle Fire. This better to get the WhatsApp from their Official App Website, not from the other sources. Therefore, you need to follow the steps below to download and install the file. You can also download the WhatsApp Apk Here.

Steps of Installation of WhatsApp

  1. Open and go to WhatsApp Website download section
  2. Then search for Download the updated version for the Android App
  3. Press the Download Now option and wait for the completion of the action
  4. Tap on the Download option again to confirm from the pop-up window
  5. It will ask you to navigate the Download file
  6. Choose to Open the corresponding window
  7. When you open the File then you will redirect to the WhatsApp Installation window
  8. Next, tap on Install option and wait for the Fire to process its magic
  9. Once the Installation is done and taps on Open to proceed the set up the app

Some of the Important Notes

Keep in mind that the WhatsApp can works on Android version 2.3.3 and later, it will make compatible with almost all Fire OS iterations. To be accurate for the Android 2.3 and the latest versions are used as the initial for Fire OS. This will make you able to install your WhatsApp on the Kindle Fire, Fire HDX, as well as Amazon without any problems.

How to Set Up WhatsApp

Afterthat you need to set up WhatsApp then you need to use your mobile number forthe verification. Otherwise, the setup process is very easy straightforward.Here are some of the instructions to follow one by one:

  1. Launch your WhatsApp and tap on the Agree & Continue
  2. Then tap on Continue option to confirm in the pop-up window
  3. Next pop-up windows will appear to grant access to your Kindle Fire
  4. After that, tap on Allow so WhatsApp will access your Contacts, Files, Media, and Photos.
  5. If you Deny access to files, media, and photos than after the fact you need to back to these settings and tap Allow to access
  6. After that, you need to enter your Phone number and press the OK to make sure your choice
  7. You will receive SMS with Verification code and enter the code into the designated field
  8. Tap Next option
  9. Finally, you will successfully login to the App and use your application

How to Add Contact to WhatsApp

Whenyou allowed your WhatsApp access to your contacts, then you can chat with allyour friends who are using WhatsApp on their devices. Those friends are notusing WhatsApp on their devices then you can invite then via the link.

  1. Tap on the Green Circle on your chats window of the WhatsApp
  2. Next, scroll down the menu and select the Invite Friends option
  3. Search your Contacts and select the one you want to send them an Invitation
  4. Choose the New Contact option if the person is not in your Contacts list
  5. Again look for the Green Circle and it will look like a Small person icon inside
  6. Finally, type your Contact information in the Window and you are doing well

How to Install Other Apps on Kindle Fire

Like WhatsApp, you can also download and install some other apps on the Kindle Fire. Similarly, the installation process is the same unless the apps are available on the Amazon Store. Maybe you know the most famous option is Tablet Talk, with Viber following close behind.

Most of the people are using Skype, Text plus or TextNow. Some of the other social media messengers like Facebook and the Snapchat version are also available. You can block or limit the use of these apps if you are afraid that it might be abusing your child or other people.

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