Can AI Design a Better Logo Than You ?

AI is a hot topic nowadays, and it’s even hotter for small businesses. Since AI is accessible in some form to small businesses, it’s helping to level the playing field between the small guys and big corporations. This article discusses how AI can help give you a competitive advantage on the scale with the big guys.

One area you want to get right when you’re setting up your small business is your branding, and the core component is your company’s logo. In the past, you would need to find and hire a graphic designer or a firm that provides logo design. Not only expensive, working with designers can tack on weeks to the delivery date.

Logo design isn’t something recommended for small business owners to try on their own, but now you have options beyond hiring an expensive designer. AI is bringing logo creation into your own hands, saving you time and, more importantly, precious dollars that are better spent growing your business. And, yes, AI can design a better logo than you can.

How does it work?


AI logo creation uses a genetic algorithm to help you create an astounding logo that rivals some of the best designers. A genetic algorithm is a type of computer program that uses the process of natural selection to help you narrow down a wide field of designs into a few favorites. You can see this algorithm in action with companies like Logojoy.

Essentially, you’re faced with what feels like an endless selection of designs, and you pick out your 5 favorites. From there, you choose your colors, fonts, and images, and then the magic happens. The AI program generates fully rendered logos for you to scroll through. You click on the ones you like as you scroll, and the program will continue to generate logos until you’re either tired or you’ve found several you like.

As you continue to narrow your selection down, the logo creation algorithm uses your preferences to continually offer new designs until you’ve found the one that speaks to you. And even then, you can tweak the colors, fonts, and images to get just the right look.

Compare AI logo design to a human designer


Imagine working with a graphic designer. You schedule a face-to-face meeting to go over your ideas, your colors, your preferences on fonts and images, and other particulars to help the designer get a feel for what you want. Then you wait a week or two for the first draft.

If you like the first draft, the process is much shorter. But if there are changes, you’ll wait another week or so for the next proof. This back and forth takes time, but eventually, you’ll get a logo that meets or exceeds your expectations.

Then there’s the final bill—hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Compare that to an AI program like Logojoy where in a matter of minutes, you can create a beautifully rendered logo customized with your preferences. All for a fraction of the cost.

The end result is the same. With both a human designer and an AI program, you get a professional logo that’s print-ready and in a variety of formats like vector EPS and SVG files and a transparent PNG. You also get fully copyright ownership and, more often than not, you’ll receive an email signature ready for use.

Final thoughts

Most AI apps are engineered with a very narrow focus to help small businesses manage complex tasks at a fraction of the cost and time usually needed. What would take a graphic designer up to 40 hours to create can be accomplished with the same final output by AI in minutes?

The goal of software programs using AI—like logo design creation—isn’t so much to make your business run easier. It’s to offer you ways to make your business better with less effort and for less money. Another amazing benefit of AI is that it’s breaking the barriers of where, when, and how. Instead of the time and effort put in by business owners to work with a human designer, new AI technologies are simple to use regardless of who you are and what your budget is or even what type of business you own.

Many service providers are leveraging AI to bring cost-effective, premiere services to small business owners that are democratizing the playing field. Now the small business owner can keep pace with the large corporation in terms of consuming professional services like logo design that once were cost-prohibitive.

Yes, AI is hot, but it’s not daunting, especially for small businesses.