Bolstering the Security of Your Wordpress Website


So you have launched a wordpress based website and you are feeling good about it. But are you aware of the fact that as much as 73% of the websites powered by wordpress are considered as vulnerable by experts? Now, there is no need to feel disillusioned with wordpress because wordpress does come loaded with a number of security features but the problem is most of the people are not aware of and this is what is creating the issue of wordpress security vulnerability.

SO, if you are really worries about the security of your wordpress based website, you need to check out the following tips to keep your website safe and secured from external and internal attacks –

Two Step Authentication

This is probably the most effective way to ensure that your wordpress website is not going get compromised by hackers easily. Make their job tough by enabling two-step authentication. What this feature does is that it forces users to use both wordpress password and a code sent to the registered phone no before being able to login to the website. This will make it virtually impossible for hackers to hack into your website.

Login Limit

You need to limit the number of times a user can try to login to your website. If you allow users to try to login users unlimited times, the chances are that they will able to crack the code at least one time. By blocking a user or an IP address if there have been multiple unsuccessful attempts to login to your wordpress website, you will be able to safeguard your website from malicious attacks.

Change Passwords

Have you been using the same password for the debit card? Of course not! The same rule is applicable for wordpress. You simply can’t keep using the same user name and password for months. The rule of thumb is to keep changing your wordpress password every now and then as it will help safeguard your wordpress website.

Also make sure that the password that you are going to use is very strong. Don’t use obvious password like 123456. That is silly. Use a combination of letter, words, upper case, lower case and special characters as this will help you keep your keep your wordpress website safe from the hackers.


Even after taking many precautions, things might go out of hand. So, it makes sense that you should be keeping a backup of your website. If you find it cumbersome to backup your website manually, you can do it by installing some wordpress plugins like BackupBuddy, BlogVault, WordPress Backup to Dropbox etc.


You should be using reliable VNP service if you wish to bolster the security of your wordpress website. However, if you have no idea what VPN service is the best for you, you can always check out to get a clear and comprehensive list of best VPN service providers.

Keep it Up to Date

Since WordPress rolls out new version every now and then with better security upgrade, you need to make sure that you are replacing the existing wordpress version with the latest one. Whenever you spot a banner like – ‘Update Available’, you need to make sure that you choose upgrade to the higher version.

Don’t Use too many Plugins

Since plugins are developed and maintained by third parties, there is no guarantee that they will continue to upgrade their plugins in the near future. Moreover, sometimes plugins contain some security loopholes that hackers utilize to hack into a website. So, it makes sense to cut back on the use of too many wordpress plugins.