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If you have a WordPress website, then you are one among millions of users of this platform that have experienced both the good and the bad sides of it. WordPress is easy to navigate, which is the main reason why over a quarter of all websites on the World Wide Web come from WP. However, because the WP community is so big, it is very often a target of cybercriminal and brute force attacks and that is not a nice experience to go through.

There are some foolproof ways to keep out of harm’s way, like having strong passwords and usernames, as well as regularly updating to the latest version of WordPress, but more often than not, we need additional help in keeping our privacy in check. Here are some plugins that will make your life easier and protect every aspect of your website’s security.

1. Sucuri Security



Sucuri Security can be found on every list concerning indispensible plugins you need to have when managing your WP website, and for a very good reason. This is one of the all-encompassing tools in your arsenal, seeing that it helps you with every level of security.

Once you install it and configure it properly, Sucuri will let you know every time when there’s something fishy going on with your site. It will also log all the activity on your account and take a close watch on all files on the website, as well as the one you upload. The most important thing to remember is that you should install this plugin on the site that is clear from any form of security threat, because Sucuri will assume that everything that was a part of your site up until its installation is safe. This is a very thorough and useful plugin and it is best used by programmers and experienced WP admins.

2. Wordfence Security


Here’s a great plugin for all those who are just getting acquainted with WordPress, but still want to take good care of their security. It has an amazing rating of 4.9/5 and over one million installations, which speaks volumes about the quality and reliability of Wordfence.

As soon as you get this plugin, it will do a complete scan of your website and give you a detailed diagnosis of just how safe your site is. After that, the plugin will block and blacklist all suspicious IP addresses, it will perform scans to get rid of all suspicious files and you can opt out for two-factor authentication when logging in, which makes brute force attacks much harder to perform. This is one of the most complete security plugins that doesn’t have common weak points that others do.

3. iThemes Security



iThemes has nothing to do with Apple industry, though it is a very common misconception. Instead, this is another security plugin that has proven its worth through over thirty different ways of protecting your website and this is no joke.

iThemes is one of the best tools to pick for tracking down weak links in your site security, and it will get rid of them quickly and efficiently. It will keep the logs of all activities on the website, keep you safe from brute force attacks and don’t forget it will block users that fail to provide valid username and password. If you want to check just how well this plugin works, you can always test it – mask your computer address (IP address) and try to log in with false credentials. This is probably one of the best ways to check how iThemes (or any other plugin, for that matter) works and how diligent it is in protecting your WP website.

4. All In One WP Security And Firewall



The name of the plugin tool pretty much says it all, you’ve got all levels of protection neatly packed into one package. Its firewall will make sure that no viruses or any other form of malware gets rooted into the core files of your website and this plugin will also help you create stronger passwords, which are not easily brought down by experienced cybercriminals.

Any malicious script that tries to breach your website’s security will be immediately stopped and reported, and All In One WP Security is excellent in blocking fake bots crawling your site and stealing information. Finally, if someone tries to force its way into your WP website, the plugin will block the IP address so that it can’t harm you in any way.

5. Clef Two-Factor Authentication


Clef offers a different perspective on your website security and deals primarily with the way you can login into your website. The whole point is that you don’t have to have a password and username anymore, but you can sync up Clef on your PC and Clef app on your phone to have better protection.

The key is that once your devices are configured, whenever you want to login to your WP account all you need to is to open Clef app on your phone and put it in front of login screen on another device. Two patterns will show up on both devices, which need to sync as well and once they do, they create a singular key that will log you into your account. Clef is very simple and useful, particularly if you’re not a fan of long complicated passwords.

Protecting your website’s security is a marathon, not a sprint, which is why you should continuously spend time improving it. These plugins will help you in the game, all you need to do is choose what you believe is best for your website and stick to it.

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