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More than 300 million photographs are being uploaded on social media on a daily basis – many of which are not even taken by professional photographers. Rather, they are captured by casual snappers. These posts usually include bored teenagers taking selfies, people travelling in different parts of the world, moms sharing photos of their little ones and even small businesses trying to capture the attention of their target audience. With this statistic, we can safely say that the photography bug got hold of everyone.

The ability of photography to capture memories as it happens makes it an influential hobby. It allows you to capture what you want to remember right then and there. Sure, professional photographers can capture the scene in a more artistic manner, but the key point is that it immortalizes the things you care about. This, I believe is the biggest reason why photography is such a great hobby.

Photography requires skills and talent


Photography is a form of art. Unlike painting and other forms of art, photography doesn’t usually get that much attention. After all, anyone who owns a camera can take good pictures, right? Not necessarily. Sure, owning a better camera helps you produce better results. It allows you to take decent photos every now and then, but the quality of photos doesn’t really compare to those that were taken by professional photographers. Remember, capturing artistic and amazing shots does require skills, talent and dedication.

If you want to become a professional photographer, then you need to practice, practice and practice some more. Shoot an image every single day. This will not only help improve your skils, it will also help you build a portfolio. Start by making copies of pictures you’ve taken and compile them in a CD or an album. This is important in order to gain the trust of future clients. You need to provide proof that you can do the work well.

How to become a professional photographer

A lot of photographers wish to turn their passion for photography into a career. It’s like living the dream. You get to take photos of interesting subjects, travel to luxury locations and get paid for doing it. But the truth is that being a professional photographer is not easy.

To succeed in this career, you should have the ability to capture images in a visually exciting way. Also, you need to innovate and improve the way you work. It’s easy to get stuck doing the same shots over and over again. A professional photographer who becomes lazy is a broke photographer. Creativity plays a huge role in producing great shots. Try to shoot different angles of light and perspectives.

Separate yourself from the others. If you want to transition from being an amateur to a pro photographer, then look at what everyone is doing and do the opposite. You’ll never be able to stand out from the competition if you keep on following what everybody else is doing. Stop looking at somebody else’s work and wish you could do shots like that. Find your personal photographic style.

The Ultimate Photography and Photoshop Bundle


Photography is a tough industry. So if you ever thought of making a living from professional photography, you’ll need tenacity and talent in order to thrive. Aside from investing on a good quality camera, you also need to invest time in yourself and develop your craft. You need to take time to improve your photography and post production skills.

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