Become a Master Web Designer

Web Design is one of the hottest careers at the moment. Due to the current high demand for digital marketing, but with clients and marketers still requiring assistance on the matter, this expertise is at the top of the list in terms of contracts. There are several ways to learn Web Design, from going for a degree to self-learning. You can become a successful web designer through a variety of methods.

But, what if you want more than that? What if you want to be better than successful – a master web designer?

Then you should be aware that there are several additional things that you need to have under your belt that will take your web design career to the next level.

# 1 – Basic coding skills: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

You know better than anyone that you can create fantastic and professional landing pages or websites without knowing a word about coding. Adobe Dreamweaver, Coffee Cup HTML, and Microsoft Expression Blend 4 are among the software that can get the job done this way.

But you also know that a master web designer doesn’t rely on this kind of tool. You probably have got yourself stuck many times just because you didn’t know how to fix a small thing due to your lack of coding knowledge.

So try to invest in learning some basic coding skills that can help you to up your work. HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are among the languages that you might find useful. And you just need to learn the fundamentals of it, so no big deal.

# 2 – Copywriting skills

Don’t worry, nobody is trying to force you to write anything here. As a designer, it probably isn’t one of your strengths. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t improve your writing skills somehow.

Because the vast majority of web designers don’t know a thing about copywriting, you will stand out from the crowd if you do. Needless to say, you will never be speechless during another meeting again when the talk moves to the website content.

In order to achieve this, just spend some time reading about the latest trends in content writing. Understand which formats and styles are more appealing to each audience, so you can relate it to the design that you will create later.

# 3 – Digital Marketing Skills

If you want to become a master web designer, you need to start seeing what you do as part of a much bigger marketing strategy. And to do it, you will need to improve your digital marketing skills.

Spend some time learning why a company needs a website or a landing page in the first place, which goals it can help them to achieve. Find out how the cost of designing it fits in the marketing budget of the company, and more.

And before going to any meeting with a client, always make sure that you have a look at their digital marketing strategy as a whole, not only their current website.

Check their social media networks and apps, as well. It will you provide you with vital information about their target audience and present marketing model, and improve your motivation at work when you notice that you are being called in for big decisions.

# 4 – Improve your customer service skills

Customer service skills are essential to any freelance web designer. Their clients are their most valuable asset of the company and delivering a great experience sometimes is more important than creating the best website that they have seen before.

But not only can self-employed web designers benefit from it. If you are an employee of an agency, you are bound to have to deal with their clients directly or indirectly. So customer service is still crucial for you.

Even if you never have to say a word to any customer, you should be able to relate to them and try to predict what they might be thinking about your work and what their expectations are.

# 5 – The latest trends in Web Design

You aren’t just a professional anymore. You are a master web designer. And you will prove it by thinking ahead and being able to talk about the latest trends in web design.

Be aware that you should not only repeat what you read online. You will be requested to give an opinion about it and advise if the trend should be followed or not. So take your time analyzing it carefully and forming your arguments about the topic.

The takeaway

A master web designer knows more than just how to build a website or a landing page.

They know some coding, copywriting, and understand enough about digital marketing so they can provide an outstanding work full of great insights.

They are also well informed about the latest trend in their area and can deliver an extraordinary customer service.

So make that you have all these tools in your portfolio along with the best websites, apps, and landing pages, you have created. This way you can truly be called a master web designer.