Ankita Lokhande give answer to Rhea Chakraborty lies on Instagram post: Ankita Lokhande has dismissed the claims of actress Riya Chakraborty in the death case of Sushant Singh Rajput. Ankita Lokhande share a post on Instagram and also Share that Statement in Twitter with Heading ” certain clarification “.

Ankita Lokhande Clarification on Rhea Chakraborty Lies

Ankita Lokhande, Ankita Lokhande reply to rhea Chakraborty Lies

Ankita Lonkhande Wrote, ” 1st of all from beginning till the end me and Sushant were together about 23rd February 2016. He never had any conditions of depression and had visited any psychiatrist. He was totally fine,”

“Neither in any platform I have ever said that me and Sushant were in touch with each other after our separation. Face is what I have said while shooting for Manikarnika, Sushant has commented on one of my posters on a friend’s Insta post, Mukesh Chabra, he just wished me luck for the project and in a courteous way I replied. So I deny Rhea’s claim that I have said we spoke on the phone, ” Ankita Said

Adding above Ankita Said, “In fact what I spoke about in the interviews till now, the time Sushant and me were together, he was never in any kind of depression. We saw dreams together for his success and I prayed and he succeeded. This is all I have said. I clearly mentioned if any of the questions were being asked to me about Rhea. My replies were honest that I really don’t know her and about their relationship as I was hardly bothered. I only got bothered when someone lost his life and if I was questioned about the time when we were together I will speak honestly and reveal the truth, “

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At last Ankita said in Clarification, ” About the flat I have already cleared and family has no different opinion opposite mine. So I still sticking on grounds of truth and accept that I have been standing on the family’s side, not Rhea. In family’s knowledge and understanding she is the one who persuaded him towards his end. And they have chats and proof which can’t be denied and overlooked too. So I heard the family’s side, stood by it, stick by it till the end, “

Ankita tweet with clarification statement images, ” Few Revelations on today.. Follows #ITWILLCONTINUETILLWEGETJUSTICE

Fans Reaction on Ankita Lonkhande Tweet

Sushant Singh Rajput fan’s reaction , ” Love your transparency!Tremendous love & respect for you which grows day by day @anky1912!Amazing how you clarify all doubts & remind us we’re all in this together fighting for justice for SSR! Stay blessed!You’re beautiful inside out! #ShameOnAajTak #JusticeForSushantSinghRajput

Sushant Sister Meetu Singh retweet Ankita Lokhande tweet and said, ” Truth is Always Win Ankita “

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