Android System Apps that are Safe to Disable and uninstall

ByUmar Ali – June 11, 2020safe to disable uninstall Android System Apps

Do you know how to uninstall or disable the Android System are safe to turn off or disable? It is not important that the entire system app must be installed on your Android device and you can disable or even uninstall many of them. The laundry list of android system applications spinning their wheels in the background is taking up battery life and valuable system resources. You can keep the power save and resources by disabling or uninstalling them completely from your Android device.

Unluckily, some to the system apps unable to completely uninstall and it can only be disabled. These apps will still exist on your mobile device but have been stripped to their reason to function. Their processes will finish, the version of their software will be returned back to what it was when the Android mobile phone was manufactured, and they will no longer create problems in your way.

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Android System Apps Safe to disable 2020

There are a lot number of pre-installed junk that also running in the background of your device, applications considered “bloatware”. These applications, just like unnecessary system apps, and these apps will eat your devices system’s resources, especially when you require it most. These often come in the shape of applications that offers a similar function as another application, usually stock applications. Do your really required twice applications in your Android phone device?

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How to Disable or Uninstall System Apps List That are Safe

Your Android Smartphone is full of applications than can be deleted or removed due their services are duplicated, not required, or just pointless. You can easily disable or uninstall system apps that are safe. Here is the following give list of the Android system apps that are safe to uninstall or disable:

  1. 1Weather
  2. AAA
  3. AccuweatherPhone2013_J_LMR
  4. AirMotionTryActually
  5. AllShareCastPlayer
  6. AntHalService
  7. ANTPlusPlugins
  8. ANTPlusTest
  9. ANTRadioService
  10. Amazon
  11. Amazon Kindle
  12. Amazon Music
  13. Amazon Prime Photos
  14. Amazon Prime Video
  15. App Spotlight
  16. AT&T Device Help
  17. AT&T Usage Manager
  18. myAT&T
  19. AT&T Hot Spots
  20. AT&T Locker
  21. AT&T Remote Support
  22. AT&T DriveMode
  23. AT&T Direct TV
  24. AT&T Smart Limits
  25. AT&T Protect Plus
  26. AT&T Caller Name ID
  27. BeamService
  28. Blurb
  29. Bridge
  30. Books
  31. Caller ID
  32. Caller Name ID
  33. ChatON_MARKET
  34. Chrome
  35. Cloud
  36. CloudAgent
  37. ColorBlind
  39. DigitalClock21
  40. DioDict3Service
  41. DIRECTV Remote
  42. DraftKings
  43. Drive
  44. Dropbox
  45. DropboxOOBE
  46. DualClockDigital
  47. DSMLawmo
  48. EasyFavoritesContactsWidget
  49. EasyLauncher
  50. EasySettings
  51. ELMAgent
  52. Flipboard
  53. FmmDM
  54. FmmDS
  55. GearManagerStub
  56. Gmail2
  57. Go90
  58. GoogleEarth
  59. GoogleFeedback
  60. GoogleSearchWidget
  61. GroupPlay_25
  62. Hangouts
  63. HealthService
  64. hrs_and_samDePhone12_keysource
  65. InteractiveTutorial
  66. Kies
  67. KLMSAgent
  68. KnoxAttestationAgent
  69. KnoxMigrationAgent
  70. KnoxSetupWizardClient
  71. KnoxSetupWizardStub
  72. KNOXStore
  73. Lookout
  74. Loot
  75. Message+
  76. MobilePrintSvc_Samsung
  77. Mobile Wallet
  78. Music2
  79. MusikLiveShare2
  80. My Sprint Mobile
  81. My Verizon Mobile
  82. Newsstand
  83. NextRadio
  84. NFL Mobile
  85. NoiseField
  86. PageBuddyNotiSvcK
  87. PCWClientS18
  88. Peel_L
  89. PhaseBeam
  90. PhotoTable
  91. PickUpTutorial
  92. PlayGames
  93. Playphone
  94. Plenti
  95. PlusOne
  96. PolarisViewer5
  97. PreloadInstaller
  98. QuickConnect
  99. RCPComponents
  100. S_Translator_CSLi
  101. samsung_preinstall_03_10
  102. SamsungApps
  103. SamsungAppsWidget
  104. SamsungBilling
  105. SamsungBooks_EOS
  106. SamsungContentsAgent
  107. SamsungGames1.3_EOS
  108. SamsungHub
  109. SamsungHubUpdater
  110. SamsungLink20
  111. SamsungLinkPlatform
  112. SamsungMusic_20
  113. Samsungservice2_xxhdpi
  114. SamsungVideo
  115. SamsungWallet_Stub
  116. SamsungWidget_ActiveApplication
  117. SBrowser
  118. SBrowserTry
  119. sCloudBackupApp
  120. sCloudDataRelay
  121. sCloudDataSync
  122. sCloudQuotaApp
  123. sCloudSyncCalendar
  124. sCloudSyncContacts
  125. sCloudSyncSBrowser
  126. sCloudSyncSNote
  127. sCloudSyncSNote3
  128. SecKidsModeInstaller
  129. SecVideo
  130. SecVideoPlayer
  131. Secure Wi-Fi
  132. SFinder
  133. ShareVideo
  134. SHealth3_5
  135. Slacker
  136. SmartBriefing4x2
  137. SMemo2
  138. SNoteProvider
  139. SNoteProvider
  140. SNS
  141. SPDClient
  142. SPenSdk3
  143. SPlannerWidget_OS_UPG_EasyWidget
  144. SPPPushClient_Prod
  145. Sprint Family Locator
  146. Sprint Fun & Games
  147. Sprint Music Plus
  148. Sprint TV & Movies
  149. SPrintSpooler
  150. StoryAlbum2013_L
  151. StoryAlbumWidget
  152. Talkback
  153. Tech Expert
  154. T-Mobile Device Unlock
  155. T-Mobile Mobile Hotspot
  156. T-Mobile My Account
  157. T-Mobile Name ID
  158. T-Mobile Visual Voicemail
  159. T-MobileTV
  160. TravelService_K
  161. TravelWidget
  162. TripAdvisor
  163. Uber
  164. Videos
  165. Voicemail
  166. VoiceRecorder
  167. VZ Protect
  168. VZ Navigator
  169. Walmart
  170. WeatherDaemon2013_LMR
  171. WebManual
  172. Wi-Fi Calling
  173. Words
  174. YahooNewsPhone2013_LMR
  175. YahooStocksPhone2013_LMR

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How to Disable or Uninstall System Apps or Bloatware

Let’s show how to disable or uninstall system apps. But disabling or uninstalling any old app. First, you will need to know which system applications are safe to uninstall or disable. You can do it in by walking on the following given-below steps:

  1. Go to your Android phone Settings
  2. The find on the Apps and Notifications option (Apps)
  3. Scroll down and tap on the See All Apps or Apps option
  4. In the Apps menu, you will view your recently installs apps in alphabetical order, but this is not all of them.
  5. Select the Three-dots or More icon from the top right corner
  6. Choose the Show System option from the drop-down menu and you will redirect to see your system apps
  7. Find the System app from the apps list and tap on it that you want to disable
  8. Tap on the Force Stop from the app’s info page. You will see the warned popup “If you force stop an app, it may misbehave then tap on OK
  9. Now tap the Disable then you will see warned notification again that “If you disable these applications, other apps may no longer function as intended. Your all data will also be removed to continue and tap the Disable App option
  10. Finally, you will see the last warning notification that states “ Do you want to replace this app with factory version?”
  11. Tap on the OK option. This is mean that it will roll back the version of the application to what it was the Android was manufactured. It is still disabled.

Go to Android Device Settings, Apps & Notifications, Sell All Apps, Three-dots or More option, & Show System AppGo to App Info, Select Force Stop and OKNow Tap on Disable option and then select OK option

Important Note: This is where it is necessary to keep in mind that your Android smartphone is affected-it should not be-re-enable that application that is causing issues.

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Top Five Performance-killing Apps For Android You need to Delete Now

Here are the top 5 apps you should delete immediately from your Smartphone to save battery drainage and performance. Applications that claim to Save RAM, Cleaning Apps or Clean Master App, Facebook App, Unable to Delete Manufacturer Bloatware, and Battery Savers Apps.

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What apps should I delete?

Here are the following seven apps you should delete or remove from your phone right now.

  1. Angry Birds App: Image courtesy of Rovio Entertainment
  2. GasBuddy App: Boston GlobeGetty Images
  3. IPVanish VPN App: Image courtesy of IPVanish VPN
  4. Facebook App: Iain MastertonGetty Images
  5. Every of These Android Applications Affected with a New Form of Malware. SOPA ImagesGetty Images
  6. YouVersion Bible
  7. CamScanner app: Screenshot

What Google Apps can I delete?

You will need to delete some of the Google Apps from your Android device without Google:microG. You can deactivate that application like Google Play, Google hangouts, G drive, play games, email, play music, play movies. These stock apps can usage your data and more memory space. There is no harmful effect on your mobile device after removing this.

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What apps can I safely remove from my Android phone?

Due to safety and privacy reasons as well as to save battery life and mobile data you should remove any apps that user devices location navigation applications like gaming apps like Pokémon, Google Maps some social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat may be using your phone location.

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