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Flagship smartphones denote that they are the best smartphone that has ever been created till date by the company. So, a flagship smartphone is equipped with the finest features and hardware. At the time of launch, these products are priced at a very high price, which makes it unaffordable to the masses. So, many users… Continue reading 5 Tips For Buying a Used Flagship Smartphone

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Designing an e-commerce store is quite different from the standard websites or any other branding asset like print or packaging. Its core strategy revolves around providing a pain-free shopping experience to visitors and customers. One has to carry out timely improvisations to stay ahead in the competitive world and to gleam brightly in the eyes… Continue reading Expert Tips to Build a Human Experience on Your E-Commerce Store

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Over the last 5 years, the use of smartphones has increased exponentially. Most couldn’t leave their house without their phone. They would check on their phones within 15 minutes upon waking up, use them while eating or even while having conversation. Some even keep them near us while we sleep. Smartphones are more than a… Continue reading Become an Android App Developer with Just 83 Hours of Training

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When we open Google Play or App Store to install an app, the first thing that we come across is the icon of the app, which we are going to install. Experts consider the mobile app icon design to be of an extreme significance because it not only denotes top-quality and extended usability but also… Continue reading Tips for an Exceptional Mobile App Icon Design

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Mobile app design is one of the major elements that go into developing a mobile app. Mobile application developers and designers play different yet important roles in the development of a mobile application. Developing a mobile app is a time-consuming process, and it starts from the time you have an idea until the time you… Continue reading Crucial Design Elements To Consider Before Developing A Mobile App

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Your Android smartphone is capable of being personalized and customized in ways that other simply devices don’t allow. For that reason alone, designers and free-thinkers are often drawn to phones that run this OS. Here are some of the coolest ways to customize these phones and change their look.

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While an expansive 27” high-definition monitor is the preferred work environment for many web and graphic designers today, it’s not a requirement for accomplishing many design tasks. Many designers leverage the combination of wireless Internet and Android applications to sketch out ideas and play with mockups on their mobile devices. Here are ten Android applications… Continue reading Android Apps Made for Designers

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Rotating my desktop wallpaper has always been something I have found to be very fun and fulfilling. If you browse Designrfix’s wallpaper section you will see that we have put together over 15+ posts on wallpaper design. We have showcased everything from Apple wallpaper all the way to outer space themed wallpapers for your desktop,… Continue reading Android Wallpaper: 40+ Free Designs For You To Download

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Although Android Market is not as popular as the iPhone App Store, Google is still giving Apple a run for their money. With the popularity of Android OS on the rise, and with all the new smart phones coming on the scene, developers are scrambling to come up with new and useful apps for Android Market.… Continue reading Free Android Apps: Download 40+ Cool Apps For Your Smart Phone

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