Amazing Frontend Design Patterns using CSS3 and JQuery

Website layouts are the combination of design and development which are meshed together to enhance the whole user experience. UI or user interface can be created using any graphics software or code. In most of the cases, the developers usually combine the software and the code to develop a superb UI. To come up with an excellent layout it requires great skills and experience. The frontend inspiration can provide lots of ideas for anyone that desires to build a site.

In this post, you will come across a set of open-source CSS3 and Jquery based search forms or boxes that help in making the on-site search process hassle-free. Each search form mentioned in this post is free and can be used for any web development project. With the help of these search boxes the developer can quickly enhance the frontend experience. Take a peek at the below mentioned examples and see if any of these are suitable for your project.

Stunning Glowing Pulse Form


It is a simple and centrally aligned search form which consists of a text area that glows when clicked. The animated glowing search box border makes it more attractive and interactive. This small but highly stylized box is developed using CSS & HTML and is fully functional with jQuery.

Expandable Search Bar Deconstructed


This classy search form is unique and offers expandable features. Primarily, only the search icon appears on the screen but when you click that that icon, the expanding search bar pops out. Not just this, it automatically moves back to its usual magnifying glass icon whenever the search bar is not in use.

Google Powered Search Form with jQuery:


Every online visitor that lands on your web page helps in improving the ranking of your portal on the World Wide Web. So it’s now your duty to offer them a well-structured site-wide search option so that they can quickly search whatever they are looking for. With the help of this Google-powered Search Form, the visitors will be able to explore & navigate the site in fractions of time.

Stylish CSS3 Search Box


This plain and simple search box helps the users easily fetch what they are looking for on the site. Stylish CSS3 SearchBox will not only save the user’s time but will also create a lasting good impression of your business website.

Cool CSS3 SearchBox with On-focus SuggestionBox


This search box comes with inbuilt special effects like transitions, round corners and box-shadows which can be activated within a few simple steps. It also comes with an all new creative search box which has predictive text feature in the search fields. Moreover, it also displays the archived, suggested and most matching search results. It helps the users quickly search by just using the initials of keywords.

Clean Search Form, CSS3/jQuery + PSD


If you want your portal to stay ahead of other sites, then you need to add certain unique elements to it. The Clean Search Form is one of them. If you offer a customised search form to the user it will become easier for them to explore your site and there are great chances that they might end becoming the loyal customers. This search engine box comes with an inbuilt CSS3 and has a simplified jQuery validation. Along with that, it also comes loaded with an interesting feature, i.e. a pop-up will appear if the user misses to find and fill the search field.

Attractive Search Box


This search form comes with a unique look and display that enhances the look of the whole portal. The special layered effect down below the search box is sure to attract visitors on the first go. There are several tutorials available on the web which will help you create this form from scratch.


In this post, you will come across seven different search forms which will not only boost the frontend of your site but will also enhance the overall user-experience. It would also be good if you could hire the services of an experienced developer who has great command over CSS3, jQuery and various other web development languages.