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What is Netflix? What are you need to know? Are you a cord cutter or streaming fan? Check out what Netflix has to offer or introduce. To know all about the Netflix online streaming service overview. Netflix is a famous online streaming service that offers a lot of TV shows and movies to view. The service that is available on a smart TV, using streaming devices, and even your tablets and smartphones. Here is what you required to know about Netflix, contain information, and pricing about the content Netflix offers.

Netflix is a subscription-based streaming service that lets its members view movies and TV shows without commercials on an internet-connected device. You can also download movies and TV shows to your Android, iOS, or Windows 10 devices and watch without an internet connection.

As of Dec 2, 2019, Netflix no longer available from 2010 to 2011 or earlier smart TVs from Samsung, 2012 to 14 Vizio Smart TVs running Internet Apps/Apps Plus, and many older Roku media streamers. It is possible 2010-2011 smart TVs and media streaming devices from other brands may also be affected. Contact tech support for your model and brand TV or Streaming devices for more details.

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What is Netflix Streaming Service?

Netflix was founded in 1997 as a company which introduced the idea of ‘renting DVDs by mail’ with the monthly concept of charging a flat monthly fee, in place of charging by each DVD ordered and, as a result, the trend of video rental stores in the corner starting to die, and by 2005, Netflix had a trusty 4.2 million DVD-by-mail rental base subscribers.

In the year of 2007, Netflix made a bold announcement that it was, in extra to its DVDs-by-mail rental program, going to insert the capability for subscribers to stream movies and TV shows directly to their computers.

After that, it did not take long for Netflix streaming to become available on the Apple, Xbox devices, and an increasing number of TVs, even tablets and smartphones.

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How Netflix Stream Service Works

Netflix content can be accessed and used on many devices with internet-connectable, including, Blu-ray Disc Players, Smart TVs, Game Consoles, Media Streaming Devices, Tablets, and Smartphones. However, Netflix has no free streaming service (Although a first-time free 30-day trial is available).

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Create and Sign Up for New Netflix Account

The first and most important thing you will need to sign up for a new Netflix account to create your Netflix account. You can sign up for a new Netflix account by visiting Netflix’s website. Through the Windows computer or Mac, mobile app Android or iOS, or choosing the Netflix on your Smart TV or streaming device(Samsung, Roku, Apple TV, & Xbox). You will need to create a Netflix account for Roku using a web browser and for others like Apple TV you will guide to sign up right on the TV. Read:

Subscription Based Streaming Plane Service

Basic Plan: $8.99 monthly fee for new subscribers that only wish to access SD resolution. Device limited to one.
Standard: $12.99 monthly fee. Up to viewing on two devices at one time and up to 1080p resolutions.
Premium Plan: $15.90 monthly fee. Allows up to 4 devices viewing gat the same time and Up to 4K UHD resolution.

PlanPriceNumber of devices at the same timeHD AvailableUltra HDBest ForBasic$8.991NoNoOne or two viewers with similar tastesStandard$12.992YesNoTwo or more viewers with differing tastesPremium$15.994YesYesOwners of Ultra HD devices

When you have access and to the Netflix streaming service, an onscreen menu shows on the TV screen that lets you open through 100 of movies and TV shows using clicking on icons (look like DVD covers) or using a search tool.

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What You Can Watch on Netflix

Netflix offers hundreds of movie titles and TV programs, new content is added and old content removed on a monthly basis. here are some examples of the titles available on Netflix:

CBS TV Shows:

Mash, The Orignal Series (Originally Aired on NBC, but now owned by CBC), Star Trek, Hawaii Five-0 (Classic Series), Hawaii Five-0 (Current Series), How I Met Your Mother

ANC TV Shows:

Once Upon A Time, Marvel’s Agents of Shield, Lost

NBC TV Shows:

Heroes, Cheers, Quantum Leap, Parks and Recreation, The Blacklist, 30 Rock, The Good Place

FOX TV Shows:

Bones, Bob’s Burgers, New Girl, Fringe, X-Files

AMC TV Shows:

Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, Mad Men, Comic Book Men

WB TV Shows:

Supergirl, The Flash, Supernatural, Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow

Other TV Shows:

Star Trek – The Next Generation, Sherlock, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Sons of Anarchy,

Netflix Original Shows

Warrior Nun, Million Dollar Beach House, I Am a Killer Released, Designated Survivor, Rus Valley Restorers, Cobra Kai, Virgin River, Message From the King


Start Trek Into Darkness, Hugo, The Hunger Games-Catching Fire, Marvel’s The Avengers, The Highwaymen, Twilight, The Wolf of Wall Street.

However, as much as Netflix introduced, there are some restrictions. Not only are movies and programs added every month but after a time (or a decrease in popularity), titles are also “deleted” from the service as well. Unluckily, Netflix does not post that information on their service menu, but it is available through third-party sources. Also, Netflix does post a listing of upcoming additions to its original content.

Netflix also introduces hundreds of episodes and TV shows. If they are a current, multi-season shows, you only have access to previous seasons, not the recently running season. TV shows usually run one season behind on Netflix.

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List of the 4K HDR Atmos Movies & TV Shows on Netflix

There are several things that required to be done before you can find 4K HDR movies TV Series & Specials comedy. First of all, a 4K capable device and /or a 4K TV that support Netflix is needed. For the best image quality, these devices require to be compatible with Dolby Vision and HDR10. Netflix has created much of its current content in 4K HDR in Dolby Vision, so you will need this to view your favorite shows/movies at their best.

What is Netflix Party?

Netflix Party is a Google Chrome extension that lets you watch the same film as your friends at exactly the same time and messages chat onscreen while you do so. Account or access to one.

When you start Netflix Party, then a chat window opens to the side of the video in your browser. Allow you and your friend to chat while the video plays. It is the best way to both keep in touch and watch anything together when situations keep you from doing so in person.

Netflix Hidden Genre Categories

Another amazing thing about Netflix is its extensive hidden genre category list system. As you access and use Netflix, the Movie/TV selection menus that are displayed start to conform to what it things your genre preferences are. This title has introduced a system that has to trend to box you in with limited choices, and as a result, you use the Search tool to find what you are looking for.

However, you can approach many additional categories directly by typing special URL codes into the browser address bar that can redirect you to extra niche categories, ranging from categories such as “Movies fro ages eight to ten” to ” New Zealand Movies” and much more.

The Netflix Download Option

Netflix has a download option along with its streaming service at no extra cost. Upon updating the Netflix Application on a compatible device (such as media streamer, Android, or iOS phone with added storage), you can download selected Netflix titles for later watching at home or on the go.

Also, if you take benefit of the Smart Downloads feature you can download select title for offline watching on Android or iOS devices that automatically delete after watching. This not only saves storage but if you are following a series when the episode you have viewed is deleted, the next episode download automatically.

Remember that you require adequate storage space for downloads, either high or standard quality(4K is not included).

Netflix Stream in 4K

In addition to streaming traditional movie and TV content, Netflix also introduced to an increasing number of TV and movies program fro streaming online available in 4K (mostly Netflix in-house produced programming). The 4K listings only appear is Netflix finds that you are watching on a 4K compatible video display.

Also, for those that do not have 4K access, many Netflix movies and TV shows are introduced in 720p and 1080p resolution, as well as Dolby Digital Surround Sound.

Netflix auto-scan your internet connection and if your broadband speed can handle the 1080p signal, the resolution will automatically be downscaled.

Netflix Recommended TVs

Now on many devices, Netflix is available, contains Blu-ray disc players, media streamers, and TVs. However, while entire compatible devices have an approach to the Netflix streaming library, not all those devices have access 4K or 3D content, nor always incorporate the most recently available onscreen interface, and other navigation or operational features.

As a result, Netflix provides a list of Suggested TVs’ that should meet at least 5 of the following qualifications to earn the Netflix Recommended TV label:

Netflix Latest Version:

You TV by prompt or automatic updates to the most current version of the Netflix interface.

TV Instant On:

Once you Turn on the TV, the Netflix application is ready to use.

TV Resume:

Your TV keep remembers where you were left or when you last had it on -whether that be watching another service, or TV channel or Netflix service, and takes you right back when you turn the TV on back.

Fast App Launch:

Once you select the Netflix App, it takes you to Netflix quickly.

Fast App Resume:

In case you are viewing Netflix, but need to leave and use another TV function or view a non-Netflix service or program when you return, Netflix will keep remembering where you left off.

Netflix Button:

The Television has a dedicated Netflix direct-access button on the remote control

Easy Netflix Icon Access:

In case you are using the TV’s on-screen menu to access Netflix service, the Netflix icon must be prominently shown as one for the content access choices.

Here you can check out the time to time updated Official Netflix recommended TV’s list:

  1. Recommended TV’s List 2015
  2. Recommended TV’s List 2016
  3. Recommended TV’s List 2017
  4. Recommended TV’s List 2018
  5. Recommended TV’s List 2019

For a periodically updated list of entire devices that provide Netflix access (but may not require to contain all of the above criteria that TVs are evaluated under, check out the Official Netflix Device List.)

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