Adsense: I didn’t receive PIN Code Mail

Request AdSense new PIN Post Mail

New users to AdSense are usually going through different verification to make sure you are a verified publisher. For instance, once you reach earning to the region define a threshold, you are supposed to verify your identity. After that, verification of your account to request PIN code. The PIN code usually sending to the publisher via ordinary post and depend on your country post office to reach you on time. AdSense allowing you to 2 to 3 week to receive the Mail via address.

A publisher needs to verify the identity first. However, to verify it, you need to provide a government issue identity card. Any card that issuing by the government officials including your name and address. Therefore, you need your input in AdSense publisher account similar to the document you are providing.

What is Verify address in AdSense

Verify address in AdSense is to verify the physical address and your location. To ensure you are available physically and can receive your payment in a similar country and city. Verify address process including PIN code sent via postal mail. When received via post, the document including verification code to enter and verify that you receive a letter via post from Google AdSense.

Prior to request a letter, you need to insert your address. It is recommending to add similarly address as in your bank account, utility bills or other official address. If you don’t know how to add your address, you can visit here to add your address now in AdSense account. Until you verify the address, all the payment and incomes are on hold. It will issue to you after you verify the address.

How to Request new PIN code again from AdSense

If you didn’t receive the post mail up to 3 weeks, then try to request another mail including a PIN code number. A publisher can request 3 max three times. Remember that once you reach the threshold, you have 4 months you verify the address. And don’t worry about requesting another Mail since it is including a similar number in all the postal mails. Whichever you receive first, it will work for you to verify AdSense account.

To request a new PIN code, open your AdSense account, and click on Settings. Go to Account information then click Verify Address.

Verify Address AdSense

Scroll down under Submit PIN box to click on Request new PIN button.

Request new PIN

The Request new PIN mailer window pops up to show your current address. The publisher has the option to choose No, change my address first in case you need to change your previous address. Click on Yes, generate and Mail PIN to submit your request.

Generate and Mail PIN

Usually, the new PIN is getting ready to post in 3 to 5 business days. Depending on the postal services in the country, it is taking from 1 week to 6 weeks to reach you.

Tips adding your address

There are tips and precaution to follow while adding your address to verify. Remember, the address you are entering is getting to process for verification. And the process is to get post mail with a code number to enter in the AdSense account online. Therefore, there are the following points to consider while entering your personal or business address.

  1. Make sure your name is correct and as per National Identity documents.
  2. Provide a similar address you are getting post usually.
  3. Check out your local post postal address and zip code. The post mail for some countries coming is an international post.
  4. It is great when you enter your phone number to receive a call from the postal office if they can’t deliver to your home.
  5. For business address, include your name and business name. So the HR, Admin, reception know the letter is for you.
  6. Add your house number carefully, and street number too. (In case your address include it) and avoid any mistake.
  7. Carefully check the address after you enter to ensure there is no spelling mistake. People avoid double checking and it’s not taking too long to check it again and twice.

If you are aware of any recent tip and tricks, post in the comments below to share your experience with others. It would help people to troubleshoot their problem receiving postal mail.

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