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ByUmar Ali – September 6, 2020Outlook Email add image or color

Do you know how to add a background image or color to emails in Outlook? The outlook is one of the best tools of Microsoft office. Microsoft Outlook and other modern emails clients have much more plain, white backgrounds. It does not have to that process, though. Whether you wish an eye-catching image, a soothing beige, or something else in-between, Microsoft Outlook lets you adjust or change your email backgrounds. Read: How to Restore the Lost Outlook’s Search Tab

Add a background picture to Outlook to spice up your emails and make them a different look than those with a white background. Not only you can make the background of your emails a texture, gradient, solid color, or pattern, but you can select a custom image so that recipients view a large picture behind the email text.

Personalizing your email background can be a perfect way to make advertising a personal brand or a message stand out. You might easily wish to save your receipt from an eye-burning white background. After all, that gets just a little overwhelming after getting starting at a monitor all day.

Note: The Instructions in this post apply to Outlook 2010, Outlook 2013, Outlook 2016, Outlook 2019, and Outlook for Microsoft 365.

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How to Add a Background Image or Color to a Message in Outlook

Before you can add an image or color to the background of an email message, enable HTML formatting. You can only add a background image to individual email messages. Reapply these settings for each email you wish to have a background image. Whatever the reason, adding an image or color to your email is simple.

  1. First, open your Microsoft Outlook desktop app
  2. Go to Home Tab then open a new email or Press the Ctrl+N keys
  3. Place the mouse cursor in the body, and then select Options>Page Color.
  4. Next, click a solid color if you wish something simple (we chose a shade of light blue)
  5. Click on the More Colors option if you do not like the defaults color
  6. Select the Custom tab and then use the controls to select any color you wish.
  7. In case you require some inspiration, here is a full-color palette with hex values and RGB for every color imaginable.
  8. If you want to add or insert a picture or the plain color background does not cut it for you then click Fill Effects.
  9. Here, you will locate four options to change the color texture, gradient, or pattern of your email background, or apply a picture as a background.
  10. Gradient: It will let you select one or more colors and apply shading and transparency, such as this calming pastel blue and yellow blend with a diagonal shading.
  11. Texture: This will you to choose, like papyrus, backgrounds, Woven Mat, White Marble, Purple Mesh, and Recycled Paper, (Shown below).
  12. Patterns: Provide many geometric designs with the option of 2 various colors. Sometime, you may just require to add a little pop, like the black motif and strident red shown below.
  13. Lastly, in the Picture tab, you can select a picture to use as your background. To get started to press the Select Picture option
  14. This will open a file selector, so you can open to the picture or image you wish to use
  15. Click the image you wish from your Bing, device, or a cloud storage area, and then select OK option
  16. The image or picture will now be your email’s background in Outlook

Open New Message in Outlook BackgroundSelect Options Tab, Page Color, Choose Color, or More OptionClick on the Custom tab and Choose a color option to add BackgroundClick on the Fill Effects optionGradient let you to choose one or more colors and apply transparencyTexture” allows you to choose backgrounds, like Papyrus, White Marble, Woven Mat, Recycled Paper, and Purple MeshPatterns offers a number of geometric designs with the optionPicture tab, you can choose an image to use as your backgroundClick the the Image from Bing, device, or a cloud storage & OKClick the OK ButtonThe image will now be your email’s background in Outlook

You can use the above instructions to apply these background effects every time you create a email in Microsoft Outlook. If you use one or more on a daily basis, you can create a template to save time and more effort later.

Tip: If you don’t like the background image, remove the image from the new message. Go to the Options tab, select the Page Color dropdown arrow, and choose No Color. Or, prevent the background image from scrolling.

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How to Insert an Outlook Background Image in macOS

Here are these instructions to follow to insert an Outlook background image on your macOS:

  1. Open a new email in Outlook on your macOS device
  2. Click in the body of the email
  3. Choose options
  4. Select the Background Picture or Image
  5. Choose the image you wish to use as the background picture
  6. Finally, click on the Open option

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