Activate Dark Mode Twitter on PC and smartphones

Dark Mode Night Mode Twitter

Most of the popular App is integrating dark modes such as Twitter App and web. Most effective reason on a smartphone is to control the battery drain. There are a lot of other reasons Twitter might be your dark Mode (also called Night Mode) is a famous function. This feature is used mostly to reducing the strain on our eyes, to use social platforms, especially at night time. The feature of the dark mode is available on the Twitter website and Twitter app both.

However, most people just like to stay in dark mode. It’s is like a cinematic view and engage yourself with full concentration. You can reduce the UI area and focus just on the view part inside the dark themes. Furthermore, the dark theme also getting modern view fashion which adopting to most popular apps.

What is Dark Mode on Twitter?

Maybe you knowthis feature called Dark Mode or Night Mode of Twitter. This mod looks like theYouTube dark mode and changes the complete background look of the socialnetwork on the web or within an app.

When you activate the dark mode on Twitter it will not add any extra features nor change the user interface. The effect is only user interface background and text color. It is trending and most of the people like to enable night mode, however, this feature has some benefits like saving your battery life and comfortable to the eyes in low light conditions. Furthermore, it is also best suit when your lights are off. It will reduce direct bright light and feel good and comfortable to your eyes.

How to use Night Mode or Dark Mode Twitter

Dark Mode can be used on all devices including your PC and Smart Phone device. Let’s show below both ways one by one how to use the night mode on your mobile and PC or Laptop. So here are the ways to change the white to the dark mode of Twitter

How to Activate Dark Mode on Smart Phone

Dark Mode canbe used on both your Smartphone devices like Android and iOS. If you want tochange the night mode on your mobile phone then follow the steps

  1. Tap on the Twitter App on your Mobile Phone
  2. Next tap on your Profile Picture
  3. Select the Setting and Privacy option
  4. Then tap the Display and Sound option
  5. Next, tap on the Dark Mode off toggle to enable the white mode to night mode
  6. Then choose the among the two option once appear Dim and Lights out
  7. If you want the dark blue theme then tap the Dim or if you want purely black dark mod then tap on Lights out option
  8. If you want to disable the Dark Mode tap the Dark Mode toggle to switch Off the dark mode
  9. Finally, tap on the Home Menu to exit from the settings

tap on Twitter Profile PictureTap Settings and Privacy optionTap Display and Sound Tap Dark Mode Twitter OffDark Mode Twitter OnChoose Dark Mode Appearance Dim or Lights out

Enable Night Mode Twitter on PC

If you want to change your Twitter to dark mode while using your PC is easier than doing it on a Smartphone. Here are simple two steps to change Twitter to night mode

  1. Open your Twitter on your Browser
  2. Click on your Profile Picture (This function will be in the upper right corner on your computer)
  3. Click on the Night Mode option (Choose the option from the Drop-down menu)
  4. Finally, the Night Mode will enable on your Twitter

Enable Night Mode on Twitter for Web Interface and Windows 10

Dark Mode toactivate on the Twitter for the web interface and windows 10 app is found thesame because of similar coding. So to activate Twitter’s night mode is similarfor both Windows 10 app and the web. So here are the steps to enable Twitter’sDark Mode

  1. Open the on a Web browser or Twitter app on windows 10
  2. Click the More option or Three dots on the Home page
  3. Then click on the Display option
  4. Finally, choose to select among the two Dim or Lights out option
  5. If you want to enable a blue theme dark mode the select Dim option
  6. Or enable a black Twitter dark mode then select the Lights Out option
  7. If you want to change the Twitter icon on the web or window 10 then you need to select colored icons above the night mode options. So this will color of the links and Twitter icons

Open Twitter Home and Click More optionClick the Display optionChoose the Dark Mode Twitter Dark Mode customize view and done

Alternatives Ways to Turn on Twitter’s Night Mode

Some of thealternatives ways are shown below to enable Twitter’s dark mode or night modewhile using different devices. So here are just scroll down to know how to doit

How do you put Twitter in night mode on the iPhone?

Yes you canenable Twitter’s black, auto dark and blue modes on your iPhone or iOS devicesin the following steps

  1. Tap to open your Twitter for iOS
  2. Then tap on your Profile icon
  3. Next, select Settings & Privacy option
  4. Finally, tap to Turn on the toggle beside the Dark Mode and select one of them Dim or Lights out options

How do I make my twitter black on PC?

Here are somesteps to make your Twitter black or dark on your PC. So here are

  1. Open your on your web browsers like Safari, Chrome, Firefox or Microsoft Edge, etc
  2. Then simply click the on your Profile Picture or More option
  3. Then choose the Dark mode from the drop-down list
  4. That’s it!

How do I turn on night mode on twitter desktop?

Let’s show howto use Twitter’s night mode in a few steps below

  1. Tap on your profile picture
  2. Then tap Settings & Privacy option
  3. Next tap turn on the Toggle Night mode
  4. You can switch off back any time
  5. Choose the Night Mode
  6. Boom you are in Dark or Night Mode!

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