A Superb Combination of Layouts – Page Building Tools and Support


Even when you have an idea of how you want your website design to look, starting with a blank page can sometimes be a challenge. One approach would be to use a template as your starting point, but a template has its limitations. It can tell you what should go where and not much more. A far better approach is to use a pre-made layout as a basis for your design. A pre-made layout is not simply an illustrated template. It is a design concept.


A design concept can be a powerful guide. Since it is editable, you can do what you want with it. With a design concept as your starting point, and one that is quick and easy to edit, your project can get off to a fast start, and if you have the right tools at your disposal and quality support to back you up, you can maintain your momentum up until you are ready to publish.

Taking a Closer Look at Pre-made Layouts

A pre-made layout is a source of ideas. It can be a great time saver, especially when the one selected relates to your website’s theme. The more of them you have, the better off you are; which is especially true if you have several clients, each of which has his or her special website niche. Whether the topic is finances, food, sports or safaris, or almost anything else, having a large inventory of different layouts at your fingertips keeps you covered.

Browse the samples shown below. See if they spark a few ideas, and give some thought about how you might be able put one or two of them to use. Having done that, imagine what it would be like to have a collection of more than 100 at your fingertips!






Pick One, Install It and begin Editing

The initial steps you take when using a pre-built layout as a basis for your design are the easiest. None of the tasks you need to perform are particularly difficult however if your chosen theme is Be Theme. This best-selling WordPress theme is noted for its quality features, its speed and ease of use, and its more than 100 pre-made layouts.

Installing a pre-made layout takes but a click, and the same is true for the editing function. Take a minute and 40 seconds to watch this video. It not only demonstrates the install and edit processes, but it also demonstrates how quickly you can build a page – which doesn’t take long at all.

Here is what a few of Be’s users have to say:





You Deserve World Class Support, and Be Provides It!

Be features the best page-building tools and resources you will find anywhere, and when you take in the fact that this theme is ridiculously easy and intuitive to use, you might be forgiven for thinking that its support team only plays a minor role in the scheme of things.

If you hit a roadblock however, or something isn’t working quite the way you think it should and the support isn’t there, your project could slow down significantly, or even come to a halt. Even premium themes like Be require a robust support function, and the Be team provides nothing short of world class support. If you have a problem or a question, you can count on a prompt response from the technical support staff 24/7. Be also features a support forum; a place for sharing information, and where you can go to find out what other users are thinking and doing.




Core Features Aplenty

Be Version 8+ is the biggest theme ever, with its 100+ topical pre-made layouts, 24 core features, and its 30,000+ strong user base. Of all of the premium themes on the market, Be is by far the largest. It is a bestselling theme, and it is more than worth its competitive and very affordable price.

  • Start with one of the 5 Base Grids, choose your Layout, and pick one of 17 Header Styles. Layouts and headers are completely editable by the way, so you are not a constrained to what you choose.
  • It takes but 1 click to import your layout, and the Muffin Options Panel allows you to customize the layout any way you want – without the need to code anything. The Options Panel (admin panel) maintains control over the page building process, so you can proceed at lightning speed without losing track of where you are.
  • The combination of the Muffin Page Builder and the Options Panel allows you to make the look and feel of each website you create unique while the Shortcode Generator allows you to cut and paste demo design element onto the page you are building. Coding is not required, but it is an option.
  • This theme is built for speed. The code is clean and fully optimized, as have been the images. Be is compatible with all of the standard browsers, and it is cross-platform compatible as well
  • Be is Responsive and Retina Ready. It has a built in translator that enables you to translate your website into another language, or you can use the WPML plugin. This theme fully supports right to left (RTL), WooCommerce can be installed in one minute, and uploading products in a shopping site is a snap.
  • Other core features of note include Unlimited Sidebar options, a Visual Icon Selector that enables you to quickly pick out an icon you need, a 1 click Skin Generator, and an unlimited selection of colors.
  • The Be Support Team is worth mentioning one more time. This world-class support team certainly deserves a place in a listing of world class core features.

Once you have purchase this theme, you will receive timely notifications of important happenings, plus lifetime updates. Be is constantly working to improve and keep up to date, and Be takes care of its customers.

Look, Learn, and be Impressed

While the highlights of what Be Theme has to offer has been outlined here, you will do yourself a service by visiting the website and taking a few minutes to browse through this theme’s many valuable features. All 100+ layouts are there for you to see as well, and there are several demos and tutorials you will find well worth looking into. You can also see that Be is compatible with virtually anything of importance to your website creating efforts. The support team is there as well, although they keep a low profile – until you need them.