A Mobile App or Mobile Web? Go for the Dominating One –

A mobile app or a mobile website, which digital platform you will consider? Unarguably, this question deserves your importance as people are rapidly shifting towards mobile app platform for certain tasks, information, entertainment, and daily necessities. No doubt, responsive websites are favorable for online visibility as they are majorly accessed by visitors who love to explore the online world.

First, you need to understand that both digital platforms are equally popular and powerful to interact with the users and engage them. It simply means that the comparison of mobile app and responsive website becomes quite tough as far as their capabilities are concerned. Let’s examine some facts to interpret which one dominates over the other, a mobile app or a responsive website:

  • Many types of research indicate that mobile phone users spend 86% of their mobile time on mobile apps. While 68% of mobile users access feature-rich applications to choose their favorite brand.
  • Almost 31% of online shoppers use retailer’s responsive website to check out the product lists & read their reviews while only of 45% buyers perform the similar activity via mobile apps.

At this point, no one can conclude which digital platform wins this race as both the mobile app and mobile website share equal user base. User behavior consistently transforms with the ever-changing technology and you must ensure to make the fruitful investment either in responsive web designing or mobile app development.

Both responsive websites and mobile apps have certain advantages as well as few disadvantages. You must know each and every aspect to analyze which one dominates over the other. Here is a descriptive comparison regarding the benefits of responsive websites vs mobile apps:

Mobile Apps

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Incredible Interface– Mobile apps are customized with an interactive user interface to deliver an exceptional user experience to the customers. The UI/UX designs are made to support multiple platforms and you can access them as per your needs or usability. In this way, a mobile app becomes a part of users’ interest and they enjoy using it to fulfill their digital necessities.

Browser Independent- A user never needs to search a mobile app via browsers. A custom-built mobile app doesn’t depend on a browser and you can access its high-quality content uninterruptedly. It simply means that a high-performing mobile app will load faster as compared to mobile websites.
Offline Accessibility- Don’t worry if you are facing network issues while using mobile apps as users can easily switch to the offline mode to continue with your task.

Multiple Options For Advanced Accessibility- Users can enjoy the enhanced features of a mobile app as per their device’s functionalities like GPS, fingerprint and barcode scanners, and more.

Set and Send Reminders- Many people forget using installed apps on their devices specifically when they are among the new users. In this case, mobile apps are integrated with distinctive features to remind users via push notifications or instant messages. In this way, users will receive notifications of existing apps along with interesting offers and discounts that may excite them.

Mobile Websites

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Development in a budget- When you hire a responsive web designing company, it will cost you less than a mobile app. If you are planning for a start-up or a small-scale business, you can go for a mobile website to make affordable investments.

One-step Access- Users can visit a responsive website via web browsers without any installation process. Just enter the web address to access a mobile website on your device.

No Restrictions- A fully-functional website remains active always and online visitors may come back-and-forth to access them unlike the required re-installation process of a mobile app.

Cross-platform Support- A mobile website is customized to deliver impeccable user experience & you can access them across multiple platforms including iOS and Android.

Effortless Updates- You can easily update your mobile website as this process is quite simple and faster. Every change done on a responsive website gets automatically accessible to the visitors.

Now you can decide which digital platform is more advantageous as far as the above comparison is concerned.

Final Thoughts

On one hand, business owners favor mobile apps in futuristic perspective while many of them go for mobile website development to raise the rates of revenue generation. With the head to head competition of mobile websites & mobile apps, you cannot decide which one will win the race as both have certain negative points. Mobile app development is quite expensive while responsive web designing is a cluster of compatibility issues. So, you need to go through the above points and choose a suitable digital platform.