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No doubt branding is crucial for every business nonstop growth. More and more giant companies are focusing on rebranding to catch up new trends. Rebranding not only enhance sales graph but also increases brand loyalty.

And this is why entrepreneurs hire professionals in order to constantly improve their brand face. Unfortunately despite having a professional marketing team, companies fail to build a brand image that works to capture the attention. Here is a list of list of 12 worst examples of rebranding that can impact any business growth.


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We all know that Gap is a popular garments manufacturer and seller. Still it is using the same logo because of their loyal customer’s choice. You will be surprised to know that GAP was forced to replace their new logo a few days after its public launch. The response to their new logo was so bad on Facebook and twitter that they had to make an immediate U-turn to the previous version in just one week. According to a report more than 2000 Facebook users and 5000 twitter users have criticized the step of Gaps rebranding.


Master card is a global use reliable payment partner that issues a credit card. After 20 years when Master Card changes their logo design people react too badly that they are forced to use old the design again. This is because the new logo design fails to capture the attention of the public as well as designers.

MasterCard holders use social media platforms to record their negative views on the new logo design. Although many feedbacks were positive, but MasterCard chooses the majority decision and reused their old logo identity.

3.Best Buy

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Best buy is a big retailer chain which offers reasonable price stuff. This big retailer firm launches their new logo at the opening of a new outlet in the mall of America to check the consumer response. Sadly the new logo strategy doesn’t work well to capture the attention of the best buy customers.

Therefore best buy creative marketing team ultimately drops the ideas of amendment of their double story yellow price tag. Thus, the new single story flat design logo is no longer available in any Best buy store around the world.


Majority of people give negative view when coke redesigned their tin and bottles packaging with a new logo. Additionally, many people react so badly that they said they didn’t want to have the New Coke. For years people were admiring the classic design of coke and a rapid change in its deign disappointed them.

However the company withdraws the idea of rebranding and is still using its classic logo design to entertain their consumers.


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Yahoo upgraded its logo with the only change in font style and shade of purple in 2013. Many people are disappointed with the launch of the new Yahoo logo design and called it more traditional and an adult design. The new logo design fails to impress users, but it brings more business to the company and people start talking about yahoo again.


It is true to say that Pepsi Corporation has modified its logo many times but its red, blue white circle still remained the same. In 2009 Pepsi launches a new design of their logo which was thumbed down by a large audience. That’s because People feel the new design is too simple and lacks the energy that youngster’s desire.


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The Pepsi corporations famous drink Tropicana came into news when it change its brand identity in 2009. The new design was rejected and criticized by the majority of consumers and forced the designers to reuse the old version of packaging.

When the new packaging launched competitors take advantage of the crisis as Tropicana lost a great proportion of it sales. From a market survey statistic Pepsi lost more than 50 million in the rebranding phase of Tropicana.

8.Olympic London

In 2012 Olympics have launched a new logo in London which fails to please its audience. According to ABC news the logo which has cost around $800000 was criticized by most as it doesn’t represent London or the game. And the surprising fact is that in a public poll by BBC 80% of people dislike the new logo design and judged it childish.


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AOL launched six new versions of their brand identity at once in 2009. It includes a golden fish, pink brain, rock star hand, blue circle, green sketch and a colorful tree. The wide range of logo versions confuses the audience and provided a negative impression. Many people find unmatched because new logo characters doesn’t suit with their original business which is “internet access.”


It is another worst example of rebranding that makes NBC colorless. Actually in the previous version of the logo there is a colorful logo in the center while the new version is a large purple box with the title only. People dislike the new amendment because colorful element is all they notice in the NBC logo. The new logo not only costs too much but also declines the brand popularity around the world.

11.Kraft foods

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Kraft food is a well known brand and it’s a fact that people remember it because of its brand identity. A few years ago, craft has modified its simple logo by adding text and an explosion of colors. It was a disastrous branding step for Kraft foods that forces them to turn back to old version of their logo. This is because people don’t appreciate the way Kraft foods adds an unwanted color explosion and tag line.

12.Animal Planet

Animal planet is ranked among one of the most popular channels and the worst examples of rebranding. The original logo contains both an animal (elephant) and a planet (ball) but the new logo design contains only text. Viewers find the new logo design uninteresting because the original brand was the good example of branding.

Final Thoughts

In the end, it could be said now that the information provided in his post is best for marketers that want to bring change in their brand identity.

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