8 Magento 2 Extensions that are a ‘Must Have’ for Your Store

Having a reliable online platform to sell merchandise is every store owner’s dream. Now with Magento 2 setting its benchmarks in the eCommerce industry, shop owners must decide which Magento 2 extensions to add in their stores. Since Magento 2 already comes packed with so many other features to help manage products and marketing for the website, it can be difficult for new store owners to find the necessary gear for starting their website. In this article, we have compiled a list of 8 other Magento 2 extensions that can help boost traffic and conversions on every Magento 2 store.

Magento 2 Testimonials

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Now who doesn’t like getting advice while shopping? On my honest assessment, I always find it extremely helpful and engaging. Imagine yourself browsing the internet in search for good vacuum cleaner when you stumble upon a piece of feedback about the product, commending its functionality and features. It not only relieves the insecurities you might have about the product, but also helps you understand the product better. But what makes it more effective is when it comes from a fellow shopper himself. Adding Magento 2 Testimonial extension by Slowininfotech for you store can help customers make informed decisions about your products and boost conversions and sales of your store during the process.

FAQ Extension

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There is a fine line that separates online stores from brick and mortar shops. Unlike brick and mortar shops, online shoppers must interact with the store if they have a query about the product or store policy. In other circumstances a small chat with the salesman could suffice. But online shoppers are often seen searching answers to the simplest of questions while shopping for products. Questions like, “can I complete checkout without making an account”, “how to add products to my wishlist” and “what is the return policy of the Store” etc. Such questions do not require an entire exchange of emails with the customer. You can use Magento 2 FAQ extension. All you need to do is assign answers to the most frequently asked questions and the extension will display it, rank it and create a dedicated page for all the other FAQs.

Magento Pricing Calculator

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Ever had the trouble of buying a piece of fence for your backyard? Varied sized products such as fences, fabrics, liquids, blinds, wires and frames are often sold in full quantities. However, in most cases the customer only needs a specific amount so they don’t have to pay extra for the rest that won’t be used. Magento 2 Pricing Calculator by FME uses highly developed algorithms to calculate the price of product based on the measurements or dimension of the required amount by the customer. You can add this extension to your store and it will calculate the prices of products according to their required size. This will not only increase conversion on your store, but also allow you to sell your variable sized products to their last inch.

Image Gallery Extension

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Having visual content on your website is one thing, but exhibiting appropriately that reflects the caliber of your store is another. Images contribute tremendously in getting traffic to its mark. They increase engagement, improve website aesthetics and produce and inviting appeal. However, without an organized show of your visual content your Magento 2 website is as good as any other. Magento 2 Image Galleries extension by Land of coder organizes you content into albums, creates categories, helps you add custom titles, descriptions and creates a separate page to display them all. Having this extension is a must for any Magento 2 store.

Banner SliderC

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Often, the simplest of things are used to attain great leverages. The Magento 2 Banner Slider by Magestore might seem like a trivial bit of nothing, but on the contrary this free extension holds the key to your first glance engagement as soon as the visitor lands on your website. It allows you to feature HD images of your products and services right on the home page, product page, categories page and CMS page of your store so it doesn’t get missed by any potential customer. It also comes with slider interval, pagination and banner description settings which you can easily customize from the back end.

Custom Registration Fields

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Custom Registration fields is the answer to your daily cart abandonments. It allows you to create your own custom checkout fields so the customers don’t have to go through the default fields that can be unsettling especially for new leads. It allows you to add several other field formats aside from text fields such as check box, radio, drop down and numbers etc. It not only reduces your cart abandonments, but also helps you acquire other useful information by adding custom field in the checkout. For instance, if you need to find the demographics of your customer base you can add radio fields for gender, age and set priority to it.

Magento 2 Store Switcher

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GEO IP store switcher for Magento 2 by FME uses Maxmind database to identify the customer’s IP address and redirect them to the appropriate store front. It’s a highly resourceful piece of software that helps your regional customers to buy your products according to their regional preferences. Instead of creating separate websites for each specified region, you can create store fronts and assign IP restrictions to them so only the customers from the specific can visit it based on their IP Geolocation. Other features include auto and manual redirection, IP exceptions for customers and pop up settings.

Shop by Brands

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It’s always good to see variety in products on an online store. Different manufacturers offer their products with different prices and features, but without proper navigation and filters such products cannot be brought into the limelight. Magento 2 shop by Brands extension by Magestore gives you the ability to sort your products according to their manufacturers and show them in menus, sidebars and brand pages etc. You can also set brand filters by category, alphabet, search box or featured etc. and import more products and attach them with brands by importing CSV file instead of adding them one by one.

Final Thoughts

We have compiled this list based on popularity and performance of these extensions in achieving better exposure and revenues for Magento 2 Stores. You add them to your stores and get better results in rankings and conversions without breaking a sweat.